Thursday, February 19, 2009

Untouchable: Run!

The air screams as you tear backwards, though the sound won't hit your ear drums until the fight is over. The fist that impossibly rockets towards you is getting closer as everything else around you slips into a shiny molecular blur. Time parts as you slide from its grasp and seemingly float backwards in a daydream sonic burn. The inertia of the attacking fist sends ripples of power echoing through your bones. Surging pulses of divine energies resonate and renew your muscles. The moment is an orgasm of power as years of mental blocks come crumbling down. This delicate moment is eternal. Lost in the moment, the fist grazes the tip of your chin. Your feet have just found the ground again and you've pushed back off. Riding the wave of force your advesary is radiating, you turn to run. Your senses, unable to handle the stress of hyper-perception, begin to slip. Time rushes in and fills the gaps between movements. Your vision stretches and bends and snaps into place. Your boots scrape against the gravel and your center is sent soaring ahead.

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