Thursday, February 19, 2009

TwentySix: 7 - the Ballad of Joy Random - Act 2: Ignition

"I love you.", she said.

I hated her. She was my jailer and it seemed as if I was the villain. Perhaps it was my fate after all. I wasn't quite the hero I imagined myself to be.

Confined to her room, out of sync with reality, bound to her bed, I was imprisoned within an inverted tower of darkness with the sparkling princess of the Void. I paced and fumed as she looked adoringly up at me.

"I love you.", she said.

When first I found myself here, I thought it to be paradise; A slice of emptiness in which to be and act as I wished. I romanced the princess for weeks, then ravished her as it turned to months, and finally I found myself hovering above her, malice on my mind.

It reflected back at me from the darkness of her obsidian eyes. I saw the snarl upon my face, the anger surging from my body, the spite seeping from my pores. My hand was around her neck with her innocence beaming back at me.

I spun from her, launching myself from the bed. I hit the floor and dragged myself across the floor. Leaning up against the far wall, I calmed my breathing until I could regain my cool.

As I lifted my head, I stared in horror at my reflection. In the mirror before me I looked upon my shoulders and neck sparking blue fire. It erupted from the top of my head and bursted into a brilliant blaze.

From over my shoulder I saw shadows rise up from the bed. Dark, horrible shapes drifted upwards like a fog of nothingness. A sultry form lifted itself up and onto the floor, sliding its way towards me. A chill crept up from my tailbone, raced up my spine, and dampened my now fiery face.

Shadows as hard as cold stone grabbed me, whipped me around, and slammed me into the mirror. The glass clattered to the ground, my fire shining bits of light up to the ceiling as the room grew dark. The princess' twisted grimace materialized out of the shadows; her eyes appearing from formlessness. A pretty face coming from the void.

"You will love me!", she commanded.

I felt the flames around me snuff out as I crashed into the other wall and hit the bed. The pillows and sheets came alive at her command and began to wrap themselves around my body, strapping me down. Panic was rising in my body as I strained against the supernatural snare.

The darkness spun around the room, flickering wildly. She was drawing closer. Pausing for a moment, I held my breath. My heart pounded, but my muscles relaxed. Blood pumped, adrenaline built up, and my body froze stiff just for a few seconds before the sparking of my mind.

Like flint and metal striking and scraping across each other, a strange power lit my spine up like a fuse. It hit my third vertebrae and my eyes shot open as a screaming fury of white hot flame flared about me. It exploded from my chest, and ran down the length of my arms. The bed ignited and the darkness retreated a bit as I leapt towards it.

"You will love only me! Forever!", she screeched.

I howled in retaliation as I pounced in the heart of the void that was now the princess. She had been a trap, to contain this fire, this power I had inside me. And now, here I was illuminating her darkness only to find more dark than I could concieve.

It was endless, formless, and eternal. I blazed in the nothing for days, weeks, months. There was no escape, no salvation, no ending. All there was here in the void was me, my fire and her emptiness filling in everything else. I fought, I raged, and I cried, yet she would show no mercy.

One day I came across the shards of the mirror she had smashed with my body. I looked down at them and saw my flame was weak, barely covering my face. Soon, I would be snuffed out forever, slumbering in this infinite alone.

The dying light of my facial fire reflected off the splintered mirror shooting straight up into the swirling night. I followed the rays as they drove their way to the far end of everything. I suddenly had an idea.

I whirled around the light, the wind whipping up my flame. I concentrated on a sliver of glass as I began stoking the embers of my mind. I dipped my head in as I spiralled around and around the light letting it elevate my conciousness. I lifted my legs from the ground and surrendered to the beam.

The flame consumed my flesh and my spirit floated inverted, held aloft by the base of my blazing brain. Instantly I rode the spiral of light right up into eternity; A fraction of a second spent over the course of infinite lifetimes.

The towering darkness boomed in a young girl's voice, "You will not escape me!"

I hit the end and knew what I had to do. My knees flexed as they found soft ground upon which to land. It held strong but yet gave way just enough to build tension. Tension enough to propel me backwards towards the exit of this inescapable entrapment.

I sprinted into the center of the fire. The light blinding my corneas, I lifted the lid of my third eye and let it guide me home. Running at the ground, the chunk of mirror directly below me, I was ready to become transformed.

The beam of light was swallowed up behind me, although I dared not to look back. I felt the princess consume the flickering light, my trail of flame. In a last attempt to prevent my escape, she became a whirlpool sucking the very existence from me.

Her shadow reached deep into the light, mere inches from my soul. But it was too late, my hand pressed against the glass and became non-existant. My entire being dove into the mirror becoming nothing more than mortal flesh once more.

I was on the floor coughing and gasping for air. I felt dehydrated and dry heaved uncontrollably, although I had nothing to regurgitate. I was looking down at my blood running across tiles and a broken reflection of myself. A shattered mirror stared up at me and told me everything.

I got to my feet, crimson evidence dripping from my knuckles. She was cowering beneath her blanket, peering from her safe place under the covers out at me; at my heaving naked chest and rippling arms. My breaths were hard and rough. This girl was afraid of me.

Realization steamed off my body in waves. It choked me like the blackest smoke. Now that I had escaped the Void, it all made sense. I looked into the princess' eyes and it reflected the truth.

I would never escape.

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