Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shang Chi Notes

Healing Hands of Shang-Chi
Midnight Sun
Alien Menace
Mandarin, Maklu
Fin Fang Foom
Five Rings

Superhuman kung fu.
Controlling emotions.
Fu Manchu was Makluan.
Part Dragon.
The Mandarin, part Makulan.
Five rings vs Five rings
Midnight Sun. Communicates through fighting.
Elemental superfighting.
Mandarin destroys M'Nai.
Throws him to Earth.
Shang-Chi fights him to learn what happened to him.
KillRaven. Disciple. Teaching. Peace.
An Invasion is coming. The Mandarin bringing a planetfull of Makulans. A fleet of giant space dragons.
Shang-Chi prepares himself. Finds the five rings. Iron Man. (Or War Machine, or Stark Tech guard. NinjaBot. StarkFujikawa.)
Power Cosmic.
KillRaven. DragonSlayer.
Black Knight.
KillRaven goes to train with another warrior. Brooklyn, Iron Fist. White Tiger. Daughters of the Dragon. Daredevil. The Hand. Elektra. Urban Ninja.

Wendigo. Sasquatch. Wolverine. Hulk. The woods, the wild. Hitchhiking. X-Mansion. Man-Thing. Monsters. Pegasus. DarkHawk. Nova. Cosmic.

Guardians of the Galaxy. StarFox. Space opera.
Kree. S.W.O.R.D. Captain Marvel.


Marvel Two-In-One

Two C-list superheroes.
Dr. Strange & Shang-Chi.
Mysticism & Kung Fu.
Intern & Disciple.
Hell & Space.

Strange Tales.
Healing Hands of Shang-Chi.


Strange Tales focusing on Dean Walker & KillRaven.

The Cosmic Death of ZomboT

Space. Ufo. Metal. Unfazed.
Robot. Driven mad. Unable to process humanity.
Hates its emotions from frustration. Bitterness. Distance.

Grave. Death. Rest. Awake.
Zombie. Screaming pain. Endless hunger for brains.
Hates itself and struggles against the beast. Wants to consume.

Couples on dates, picnics, drive ins, make out point.
Robot creaking horror. Stomping through nature. Tearing out their hearts. Crushing their bodies.
Destruction. Feelings.

Anyone, everyone, random attacks in swift succession, turning all he kills into the undead, who consume all in their path. Plague. The mind.

The woods razed, the cities devoured, their paths cross. Zombie runs, Robot stomps on. Hellfire guitar solo breakdown. Napalm tearing of their bodies, melting tin & searing rotten flesh. A fist of flame rises upwards from the crack in the earth, and crushes both halves together.

Stars aligned and the Underworld shined, a burst of light bounced between, an instant connection with the center of the world. A true monster is born.


Wolf Gods & Feral Priests
The last boy alive.
Savage Fenris, chosen vessel for ancient power.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Silver Surfer
Dr. Strange

Redefine. 3 page pitch.

Dumb superhero
New age intellectual
Occult teacher
Mythological prince

Son of Satan. Valkyrie. Hellcat.
Gargoyle. Moondragon.

Betty Ross
Shala Bal

Undying Ones.

Red Hulk
Baron Mordo
Tiger Shark

Marvel Cosmos
Skaar, Daken, Franklin Richards, Bucky
Spider-Girl, Baby Cage, Henry

Zombies, Apes

Ghost Rider
Black Widow

West Coast Avengers
Drama, reality show, celebrity

Los Angeles

Public do-gooders

Invisible. Sue Storm. Dr. Doom. Namor. Silver Surfer. Mephisto.

Dr. Doom foiled. Watches Sue.
Mole Man, kids, business.
Negative Zone Day Alone.
Storm & She-Hulk. Emma Frost.
Haiti relief. Namor. Humanity. Air Water. Silver Surfer calls Sue to
cosmic level. Galactus.
Avengers Picnic.


Strange Tales
Dr. Strange, Hellcat, Son of Satan
Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Namor

Mephisto, Satannish, Celestials, Watcher

Howard the Duck
Spidey & DD

Civil War

Squirrel Girlfddddf

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