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Cult Junkie

70's Exploitation & Asian Films

Thriller: A Cruel Picture aka They Call Her One Eye

Slo-mo scenes, Tarantino, Kill Bill Jr.

42nd Street Fantasy - Movie Trailers

Unintentional Experimental Innovation

Anything cult.

Randomness Late Thursday Night Status Report

Just read all 146 pages of Chibi Cheerleaders From Outer Space which gets me up to date on Doug Hills awesome webcomic.

I def recommend this and it's got me jazzed about reading webcomics on my phone here. I'll do a proper review and pimp it out on the podcast I do with Tim Mucci, Write Club!

Parts 1 & 2 of Write Club! are now up at

And until we get a site up and everything I'll be setting up a section of the forum for discussions, suggestions, critiques and comments.

Expanded on my Flash pitch which builds the foundation for my ultimate plans for the Flash family, and the tests and trials Bart Allen must undergo before he truly becomes the Flash.

Still stuck on Mike Manchester: Mall Security. The intro script feels disjointed and off somehow. Probably shouldn't have done the dialogue and action seperately as it's making it hard to keep the beats on time and it just doesn't flow right. Hmm.

But developing the idea as a comic with backup features including an interdimensional battle of the bands with the All-Ska Squadron, a suspicious Temp Agency that hires for odd jobs ranging from hitman to rockstar to superhero, and the sad tale of 80's fashion and teenage timewarp displacement with Toby Tyler: Teen Out of Time.

Bob Awesome is coming together nicely in my head as I prepare the second script. I think the first episode will be four 8 page scripts which I will either do as a webcomic or prep for a live action tv pilot I'll be shooting over the summer. I'm really happy with how the first script came out and it's helped refined my ideas.

Tweaking ideas for a Marvel pitch with an awesome artist whom many know and love. Don't want to say too much about it yet, still in the earliest of early stages. But it'll def be fun and hopefully lead to other projects if I can make it really good. Talk with the artist tomorrow to lay down my ideas, will start the script this weekend.

I love that research means reading comics now.

Going to see Watchmen tomorrow night. Not sure how I feel about it. I know it'll be good, and although I loved the comics when I was 13, I think I can let go enough to enjoy the film version. Anything that spreads the word and helps the evolution of superheroes is okay in my book.

That being said, Heroes the TV show pretty much sucks. The last episode with Sylar uncovering his past was the only really interesting part. They need to do something to make this show stop sucking so bad. Everyone's switched sides so many times that you lose track of who feels what about whom.

Whatever, at least people will have a better idea of superpowers and we'll get better special effect capabilities from this whole fiasco.

I have a possible gig doing the whole paparazzi photo editing thing again, I'll find out more next week.

Still going to record a new Write Club on Tuesday, this time a shorter length, and more focused delivery of audio goodness.

I'll be in the studio lettering this weekend, and possibly checking out this guy's band/cd release party on Sat night. If anyone wants to come for cupcakes, whiskey and rock'n'roll just lemme know.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Flash Notes

First On Scene.
The Flash speeding towards us. Com-link to Martian Manhunter. Enters blast range. Levels to an energy blast from space. Identifying the origin as he slides in. Ring of energy, force blast, air, dust, debris, casualties.

The Flash's costume is torn up as he pushes through the blast trying to save who he can as he uses his scientific mind to determine the origin of the attack. The singed bodies move him as he tries to move faster, somehow save them.

This leads to the blob of Quicksilver that he had in hand when he came back to life.

Quicksilver. Exploring the uses of this material, Barry is able to use it to process information and scan data at incredible speeds, even working on a biological level. The more he uses it the more he feels a pull inside.

While fighting the top he ponders fighting the other rogues, the battles increasing the skill and manipulation of their elements. He sees himself divided like a prism into. Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, and Rainbow Raider.

Space & Time.
Barry's enlightenment. He sees beyond the Speed Force. It is more than that. It is everything, the force is just the boundary of it. While he was one with everything he became powerful enough, and with the Quicksilver key he was able to escape it's hold. He sees the universe as structured by the flight patterns of Green Lanterns. Guided by Hal's will.

Snippets of Barry's life as he draws upon his life to sustain his existence out in the nothingness. Reverse Flash, Professor Zoom, Thawnes & Allens, Cobalt Blue. Everyone wants to be Barry. Barry knows he must form Mercury University in order to properly train the runners of reality. Inadvertantly creating the quicksilver that brings him there by uniting the elements of the Rogues.

Speed Force Central.
Barry and Wally and Jay. The men of the Flash coming together to build the foundations of what will become Mercury University. Structured through time and with a clear plan, a vision for what will be needed to be done. This puts Barry on the run towards the Tornado Twins, Iris, The Thawnes and Eobard Thawne himself. Wally runs and entertains his mind by day dreaming/re-creating his glory days in the Justice League. Animated style hallucination, a rogue universe, grows out of control and starts to take over.

who watches the watchmen?

who watches the watchmen?

latte heart

latte heart

barbed wire bird

barbed wire bird

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The superheroes are all mad

We are lost. We deny our powers, our selves, the essence of the universe that allows us to transcend realities at our leisure.

Battling our cool, building our rep, an identity beyond the confines of flesh. Avatars of fantasy, larger than we could ever be, personas of awesomeness.

I fought some baddies, skimming across the city like it was a roller rink karate wrestling match, struck along the concrete jungle gym that it is.

A body hitting the side of a building and rebounding in a metathropic wave pulse sounds kind of like thwakkk! So, the comics guys have got that right.

Or maybe it's like that because of the comics. Who knows and really who cares. Kicking ass sideways over the heads of mere mortals is where it's at.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mike Manchester Notes

Scientists. Time warriors. Sentient machines. Explosion of Quantum Engine.

Aliens that are electrical energy come down and take possession of electrical devices. All to take control of the Quantum Engine. When it explodes it alters reality around it. Making all of the surrounding area distort. Mike struggles to find a way to fix it while keeping the peace. The mall is the center of flux.

Spin-offs: battle of the bands. Temp Job.

Battle of the Bands: the All-Ska Squadron battle through the myraid realities defending order from the chaos of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, a rival rapcore band, composed of demons, aliens and monsters.

Temp Job: Jack Jenkins needed a job. So a temp agency hired him for a few odd gigs here and there. No one told him he'd be shot at, beaten up, and attacked by groupies. He's got zero experience, and no references, but when you need a replacement getaway driver, superhero, or lead guitarist, then he's your guy.

If he wasn't out robbing banks, saving the world, or rocking out the coliseum, he'd be at home playing Xbox in his underwear. His girl shouldn't be upset about the bullet wounds, bloody noses, or lipstick on his collar. She's the one who wanted him to get a job in the first place.

Anthology type book. Mike Manchester main feature, two backups.

Toby Tyler: Teen Out of Time.
Time displaced "older" cousin of Mike Manchester, he's from 20 years back and his style has never been more popular. Well, when people catch on to it that is. Any day now. Or maybe his style has just come back into fashion and then passed. So he's cool in his era but now just another loser with last year's fashion. Fish out of water as he adapts to the future!

Maybe do a feature on ancillary characters in each one and a short of Temp Job. 48 page book. 22 page lead, two 12 page shorts. 2 pages for words and info.

Battle of the Band Notes

All-Ska Squadron.
Dexter on trumpet. Works at Nacho Horn. Swaps quantum placement with Viking King.

Hal on guitar. Works at music shop. The brains behind the band.

Bobby on trombone. Short, video game obsessed, odd and violent.

Rick on drums. Quiet and stealthy. No one knows where he comes from or what he can do.

Abe lead vocals. Ska hardcore, leader of the band. Gung ho, mike in hand, checkered vans, fedora and sunglasses.

Sal on bass. Works in the bookstore. Knows everything about anything. He always has an answer.

They play against the other mall band.

Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hardcore/metal/rap band.

Mutants and aliens, led by Rodney, who works at Record Store and MCs with his silent DJ accomplice. Supervillain and ninja.

Displaced bands as reality polarization makes it so the college is shifted among the stars, and the bars buried deep in the darklands. Travelling along Morrison County is to cross levels of hyperreality. A meta-shift making time and space alternate.

The band must battle endlessly against the sinister plans of the WOMD and continue to play to keep the universe moving. Order vs Chaos.

Different towns as different realities.

Mutant School Notes

To bridge the gap between humans and mutants, Xavier's School for the Gifted begins taking human enrollment.

We follow Max Stuart as he starts school with the mutants. Seeing X-Men from Freshman, "sapian" eyes. Bigotry against humans. Exploring the fear of humanity and the anger and resentment towards being hated/hunted.

Bobby Drake brings him out to the city to a dance club with the X-Ladies. Drinks in a dive bar with Logan. Helping Hank McCoy in the lab at Colombia University. Danger Room. Cerebro. Dazzler. Colossus. Strong Guy. Multiple Man.

Re-exploring how mutant powers would feel. Cyclops emotional distance, never seeing his eyes. Wolverine's sloppiness and disregard due to his healing factor. Iceman's warmth despite his cold power. Duality of forms, duality of mind. Colossus' armor protecting him from emotional pain, sensitive artist.

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the studio

the studio

odin boat

odin boat

wrought iron

wrought iron and door

snow mexico

snow mexico


snow car

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Write Club Notes

Ookla the Mok

Hulk Vs


Bob Awesome


Mike Manchester: Mall Security

Page 1
Panel 1. Establishing Mall Shot. A typical mall, a giant block of buildings all interconnected. This is not one of the symmetrical newer ones, but rather a mix and match of different, opposing styles and shapes. There's a section that looks like the Monolith on the far side of the roof. There's an obelisk sculpture out front by the parking. Some vehicles parked there are in mid-transformation from giant robots.

Narration: Morrison County Mall. 

Narration: My mall.

Panel 2. Headshot, head and shoulders. Mike just peering up from under his widebrimmed security hat. Young Clint Eastwood glint in his eyes, with an action hero jaw. Clean cut but a hint of stubble. It's been a manly day and it's nearly 5 o' clock shadow time.

Narration: My name is Mike Manchester, Mall Security.

Panel 3. Half length. Shoplifter, CDs spilling out from the pocket of his hoodie. The hood is up and he's just turned away from us, looking back over his shoulder. He looks like he might pee his pants.

Narration: And this punk should know better than to shoplift here.

Page 2
Panel 1. Side shot, half length. Mike running, heroic and stoic as he charges forward. The interior of the Mall is just seen in the background; a glance of a front window display.

Narration: The retailers here depend on me to keep their goods safe.

Panel 2. The Shoplifter is on the right side of the panel, throwing himself almost off the page, more spoils falling from his pockets.

Narration: I can't afford to let even one lawbreaker get away.

Panel 3. Wide panel, straight on shot of The Shoplifter, eyes popped open, legs shooting forward, Mike just behind him soaring towards us, upright and uniform clean and tight.

Narration: Every single time, they run. Do they think they can get away?

Page 3
Panel 1. The shoplifter tugs a kiosk, making the person on the stool beside it fall backwards, the kisok is pushed backwards as he shoots forward. The kiosk should have a small space right in the center. Jewelry, fake ponytails, beeper cases in neon colors.

Narration: These punks endanger the shoppers, the employees...

Panel 2. The kiosk slides right in front of Mike as we see him from behind as he doesn't break stride. The Shoplifter is getting away as we see through the hole in the kiosk.

Narration: All in an effort to slow me down, throw me off their trail.

Panel 3. Mike smashes through the hole, knocking stuff loose, the employee is on the floor staring up, as he dives straight through. His hat is being knocked off.

Narration: Most everyone here knows me by now. They know my methods.

Panel 4. The Shoplifter skids around a column, a hint of an escalator in the bottom right. Mike is tucking into a roll, the kisok still standing but a bit of a mess.

Narration: Maybe one day they'll learn and I can take it easy for once.

Page 4
Panel 1. The Shoplifter is pushing his way down the escalator. Mike is leaping to the middle area between the up and down. The customers look shocked.

Narration: Some accuse me of taking myself too seriously.

Panel 2. Jack is making fun of Mike as he runs by. Jack is leaning back on the up side, looking up at Mike, who's head is just out of frame, like he's a dumbass. He's wearing a cheesy leather jacket and has his black hair combed back. He's also got his arm around a young punky chick that works in Hot Topic, streaks of blue and a piercing or two.

Narration: Jack and Melissa. Two of my oldest friends. Well, Melissa is a dear friend. We grew up together.

Jack: Dude, you're so lame, just let the kid go. You're just a rent-a-cop. Get a real job.

Melissa: Jack, give it a rest already. Why don't you get a job while we're on the topic.

Narration: Jack, well, if I could, I'd throw him out and ban him for life. I'll never know what she sees in him.

Panel 3. Daryl, a heavier set, shirt slightly untucked, security guard has his hands out wide trying to stop the Shoplifter. His eyes are wide, hat back on his head, maybe a hint of the Shoplifter's hood as he heads for him.

Narration: At least I've got Daryl to help me keep the peace.

Panel 4. Mike on the left leaping over Daryl from the escalator midsection, Daryl on the ground, wind knocked out of him, with the Shoplifter's legs just in the right side of the panel.

Narration: Not that he's much help, but his heart's in the right place.

Daryl: Sorry Mike.

Mike: I got him D.

Page 5
Panel 1. Professor Loomis, a tall, frazzled looking scientist stands like a deer in headlights as he drags a glowing square engine behind him. The engine looks a bit fragile, shaking or vibrating oddly.

Narration: Professor Loomis and his Quantum Field Engine. Great timing doc.

Loomis: eep!

Panel 2. The Shoplifter smiles as he looks back at Mike, and shoves Loomis out of the way, Loomis off balance and now glowing as he bumps into the Engine.

Narration: This isn't just any ordinary mall. Strange things happen here.

Panel 3. Mike is seen running towards us as the bottom of the panel flashes brightly, maybe an arm extended through the energy. Loomis is changing.

Narration: Any small disturbance could have disastrous consequences.

Panel 4. A huge, hulking, ax-wielding barbarian has his arm back, dazed but ready to swing. If the arm from panel 3 could connect to the barbarian to connect Loomis' transformation.

Narration: Loomis is trying to help me figure out how to stop these incidents.

Narration: When he's not transforming into an axe-wielding barbarian that is.

Page 6
Panel 1. Mike ducks under the Barbarian's swing of the axe, he looks stern and ready to handle this. Like he's done it time and again.

Narration: I've experienced first hand what happens when things go bad here.

Panel 2. Mike snags the lid off a round garbage can as he continues to run. He's looking back over his shoulder.

Narration: By now, dealing with the extraordinary is second nature.

Panel 3. Mike turns and whips the lid like a discus towards us.

Panel 4. The lid smacks the engine, the barbarian explodes with energy, half transforming back to Loomis.

Narration: Oddly enough, a little force and violence tends to quell the bizarre.

Page 7
Panel 1. Mike turns back towards us, large in the foreground, as Loomis on the ground behind him. Dr. Means, a baroness like, black hair bound up, woman in a skirtsuit, and Dr. Ward, a balding heavy set guy, both wearing labcoats, sneak into the background from either side as they grab Loomis and the engine dragging them off.

Narration: As if that weren't enough to keep me busy, it's the little things that are becoming a problem.

Panel 2. Mike looks off distracted as he passes a trendy girls clothing store. A redhead, Megan, waves from the sideline. She's thin, wearing a tiny dress, and smiles flirtingly.

Narration: Megan has been flirting with me lately.

Megan: Get 'em Mike!

Narration: In high school she didn't even acknowledge my existence.

Panel 3. Mike looks off to the other direction where Michelle is sitting at a Starbucks table, coffee in front of her, nose buried in textbooks and notebooks. She doesn't notice.

Narration: Michelle and I have been dating since senior year.

Narration: Even though I dropped out of college, we were always good.

Narration: But now that's she's prepping for grad school...

Panel 4. Over Mike's shoulder we see the Shoplifter as he runs towards the light of the outside. He's made it to the aisle that leads to the parking lot.

Narration: Well, my focus has been off lately.

Page 8
Panel 1. Mike is still a distance behind the Shoplifter as he glances back towards Mike laughing. There is a figure in the background backlit by the sunlight. The Shoplifter doesn't see this figure but he's headed right for it.

Narration: Thankfully, I have other allies in my fight against crime and disorder.

Panel 2. The Shoplifter stumbles forward as he passes the figure, which we can just make out the midsection of, robes of a karate uniform. The figure appears to have not even moved.

Narration: And a teacher to guide the way. To remind me what I'm fighting for.

Panel 3. Over the shoulder of the figure, the light casting a shadow of power over Mike. Mike stands before the figure, as he slows to a walk, bows his head and puts his palms together in honor.

Mike: Thanks for the assist sensei.

Sensei: No problem Michael.

Panel 4. Mike lifts the Shoplifter up by the hood as he peels his face off the door to the mall.

Narration: No one escapes from Mike Manchester...

Mike: C'mon you. Back to lockdown with you.

Panel 5. We zoom out a bit and see the doors to the mall, MORRISON COUNTY MALL, written on the glass, as Mike drags the Shoplifter off. There is an ominous glow about the panel.

Narration: And Mike Manchester can't escape the Mall.

Mike Manchester: Mall Security First Day (original script)

Panel 1- A large heavyset man (AL) in a messy security guard uniform is escorting a young man in a perfectly neat security guard uniform (MIKE). AL, who’s about 40-ish, is medium height, with messy black hair (or what’s left of it) sticking out from a wide-brim security hat that sits off to one side slightly. He also has a stain here and there on his uniform. MIKE, who’s in his early twenties, is wearing the same uniform but it is freshly pressed, and neatly tucked, and he has short brown hair with a buzz hair cut (not military but short) hidden under his perfectly straight hat. MIKE has a heroic look about him, tall with a heroic jaw (not over exaggerated though) and a medium-muscular build. They are walking along the sidewalk just outside doors to the mall.




Panel 2- Close-up of MIKE’S face. He looks slightly overwhelmed as he looks over at the mall entrance.


Panel 3- Faraway shot of the entire mall and the parking lot. The parking lot is fairly full and bustling. The sun is shining and in the distance surrounding the mall are tons of suburban homes and lots of green trees. MIKE and AL are just dots.



Panel 1- MIKE is talking into a payphone just off to the side of the food court. Tons of people are in the background sitting, eating, and waiting on line.




Panel 2- MIKE is walking away from the payphone and food court, about to get back to work. MIKE is whistling.


Panel 3- JACK walks up next to MIKE. JACK, who looks to be the same age as MIKE, and almost as tall as him, but nowhere near as neat. He’s wearing a black T-shirt, jeans and mid-length black leather jacket and has black messy/spiky hair. He’s checking out MIKE’S new uniform.




Panel 4- JACK is trying to hug MIKE but MIKE is fending him off. JACK is making kissy face at MIKE.



Panel 5- MIKE is walking away as JACK is left behind laughing. He suddenly notices a girl passing by.




Panel 1- MIKE is walking along moping/kicking the dirt (figuratively speaking).

MIKE(grumbling): What a friggin’…jerk…shoulda…

Panel 2- Close up shot of MIKE’S walkie-talkie on his belt.

AL(Through the walkie-talkie): MIKE? YOU THERE?

Panel 3- MIKE grabs the walkie-talkie.



Panel 4- From around the corner a muscular guy, who looks to be in his mid-to-late-twenties, comes running towards MIKE at full speed. He has longish hair, a partial beard, and is wearing a cutoff black T-shirt showing off his tattoos. In the background he passes the centerpiece of the mall, a large art deco sculpture in a fountain. The sculpture looks like a large atomic symbol with different rings that rotate around. (This is important in future stories, not so much in this one) The large man is carrying a plastic bag full of something. He hasn’t noticed MIKE yet.

Panel 5- Close up of MIKE as his eyes narrow. He has his game face on. He holds up the walkie-talkie.


Panel 1- Big panel shot from just a few feet above and behind MIKE. The shoplifter has stopped dead in his tracks seeing MIKE. Miscellaneous shoppers run off to either side of the mall, leaving the center empty. The shoplifter should be at the far end and MIKE in the foreground, like an old West shootout. MIKE is putting his walkie-talkie on his belt.


Panel 2- Small panel on the left side of Panel 1. A close up of MIKE’S face. His eyes are narrowed, and his hat casts a small shadow over them. A look of grim determination.

Panel 3- Small panel on the right side of Panel 1. Close up of the shoplifter’s face. He’s smirking.


Panel 4- The shoplifter turns and runs off in the other direction, looking over his shoulder, taunting MIKE.


Panel 5- MIKE tears off after the shoplifter. Mall shoppers all look like frightened villagers, keeping to the sides.

Panel 1- The shoplifter charges between DARYL and STEVE and knocks them to the ground. DARYL is a heavyset guy of average height, and STEVE is shorter but more muscular. A rectangular fountain and a huge department store are seen ahead of him.

Panel 2- MIKE whips around the corner charging at full speed. He flies past DARYL and STEVE as they are rubbing bruised body parts.


Panel 3- A forward shot of the shoplifter as he laughs to himself while looking over his shoulder. Not too far behind him on the other side of the fountain is MIKE.

Panel 4- Dramatic side shot of MIKE in mid leap over the fountain.

Panel 5- MIKE is about 50 feet or so behind the shoplifter down a side hallway. The shoplifter is about to go out a set of glass doors leading outside. The sunlight pours in.

Panel 1- MIKE bursts out of the mall doors, temporarily blinded by the bright sun. He raises his arm to help block the sun.


Panel 2- MIKE walks out to the edge of the sidewalk, searching the parking lot for any sign of the shoplifter. This should be the same set of doors and parking lot from the first page. Shot from behind MIKE so we can see the busy parking lot. Just about twenty feet in front of MIKE is a small car with the blinker on waiting for the people to get in their car from the first or second parking spot.


Panel 3- From MIKE’S left a huge beat up black pickup truck comes flying towards him. It’s the shoplifter.


Panel 4- Tight shot of the shoplifter behind the wheel, grimacing like a madman as he slams on the gas.


Panel 5- Shot from behind MIKE as he stands frozen in front of the huge truck as it barrels down on him.

Panel 1- JACK tackles MIKE as the truck shoots up the curb and just nearly runs them both down.


Panel 2- JACK and MIKE lie on the sidewalk. In the far background the truck is driving off, turning down a parking lot aisle.



Panel 3- MIKE and JACK get to their feet. Shoppers stand gathered by the mall doors watching the event.




Panel 4- Flip the scene and now we’re looking from where the shoppers are. We can see MIKE and JACK turned sideways, standing face to face. In the background/parking lot, we can see that the small car is still standing there with its blinker on. Behind it is just the faint image of the black pickup truck speeding towards us.



Panel 5- Close up of their faces, but with enough background for placement of word balloons. They’re getting quite mad at each other now. In between their faces we can see fairly clearly now the black pickup is speeding towards the small car with its blinker on.






Panel 1- The black pickup slams into the back of the small car. The small car flies forward, it’s blinker still on. The driver is some doofy looking guy. He looks scared/shocked out of his mind.


Panel 2- The small car is literally flying towards MIKE and JACK and the mall doors. MIKE pushes JACK back and starts to run towards the doors.


Panel 3- MIKE is pushing people out of the way, the car hits the curb and flies up a couple of feet behind MIKE.


Panel 4- Large panel. MIKE grabs a small girl and dives to the side, turning in mid-air to take the brunt of the force. The car, flipping through the air, smashes through the doors missing MIKE by mere inches. Shards of glass go flying.


Panel 1- AL comes walking up, standing inside the mall, next to the smashed up car embedded in the wall. The driver is hanging onto the door, dazed but unhurt. JACK is in the background getting up. MIKE, standing just outside the demolished doors, is brushing the glass off of himself as the little girl he saved runs to her mom. The black pickup can be seen in the far background speeding away.


Mike Manchester: Mall Security Issue #2 (original script)

Page 1
CAPTION: This is Bobby.

BOBBY is playing video games. We see him from the back close up.

CAPTION: He’s beaten every game here…

BOBBY: Oh yeah, eat fireball suckers! And now to finish you off…

CAPTION: At least twice.

Pull back more and see people running back and forth screaming outside the arcade.

CAPTION: He takes his video games very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he is oblivious to life outside of his arcade.

BOBBY: The piece de resistance! FLAMING HEAD PUNCHY!

All the power suddenly goes out. The emergency lights kick on. Back up some more and BOBBY falls to his knees.


Overhead shot of BOBBY arms stretched to the Heavens, head back and screaming…


Page 2
Full splash page of MIKE, JACK, DARYL, MEGAN, and DR. LOOMIS looking out in the mall with time-lost warriors going berserk. TITLE.

Page 3
The plan.
MIKE: Daryl, I want you to take Megan and run down to O.B.Ellis’. Grab as many people as you can and hide them in there. You know how to work the security gates right?

DARYL: Yeah.

MIKE: Good. There’s a backup generator for the big stores so the gates should be fine. Jack, you and me are gonna hold off as many of these guys as we can until uh…I’m sorry I don’t even know your name.

DR.LOOMIS: It’s Loomis, Dr. Ernesto Loomis.

MIKE: Ok, while we hold these guys off you get that machine of yours fixed and get these guys outta here.

DR.LOOMIS: I…just want to apologize for the mess…I didn’t do enough to protest this inane idea…I should have…

MIKE: Look, no one’s seriously hurt…yet. You want to set this right, you shut that thing off. Alright everyone…get going.

MEGAN: Mike…

MIKE looks over at her.

MEGAN: Mike…be careful.

She grabs his hand and squeezes.

MIKE(Smiles): You too. Daryl, keep her safe.

DARYL: Will do Mike.

DARYL AND MEGAN run off taking the sides skirting the battle.

SHANG TZE watches MEGAN intently as she goes.

MIKE: Ok Loomis, you take cover, we’ll clear a path to your machine.

LOOMIS nods. MIKE and JACK plan an attack.

MIKE: Ok I think we should…

JACK: I’ll take the cowboy.

JACK charges.

Page 4
JACK charges, grabs a gunslinger’s gun and hits him with a right cross and knocks him out. JACK turns as a Viking horde charges. He whips the gun around in his hands and fires. With each shot a sword or axe goes flying from one of the Vikings’ hands. MIKE shakes his head and charges out and dodges scimitars and daggers, and lands a few kung fu kicks and punches.

JACK: Yo, check it out.

JACK nods towards another battle, as he stands back to back with MIKE exchanging blows with pirates.

Page 5
The VIKING KING, and SHANG TZE THE PIRATE CAPTAIN are fighting an epic battle. The VIKING KING is a gigantic monster of a man, with a huge broadsword. SHANG TZE isn’t as big as the VIKING KING but he is huge nonetheless. And what he lacks in muscle he makes up in agility. Their swords are clanging against each other in a graceful dance of death. LOOMIS is inspecting his damaged machine in the background. Zoom in on him.

LOOMIS: This is not good…this energy signature is highly unstable. The slightest rupture to the casing…

Suddenly the VIKING KING’S sword comes flying in and the pommel smacks LOOMIS in the head knocking him out cold.
DEXTER comes to, and stares in slack jaw wonder.

DEXTER: Hello? Mike?

Page 6
Over DEXTER’S head we see JACK, MIKE, and SHANG TZE as well as the hundred or so vikings, pirates, and knights are engaged in a major league rumble. A flaming arrow hits Nacho Horn, setting it ablaze, and DEXTER stumbles over the counter and bumps into the Quantum Field Engine as the VIKING KING gets slashed by SHANG TZE and is sent crashing into the QFE. The VIKING KING and DEXTER both glow and then disappear. The SHANG TZE sees this and skulks over, and stands over the QFE.

Page 7
MIKE and JACK are battle-weary. MIKE, holding a sword fending off attacks, and JACK is blocking with a battle-axe.

MIKE: We can’t hold this pace up. Sooner or later we’re gonna…

A viking takes advantage of MIKE’S diverted attention and slashes him with his sword. MIKE drops to a knee.

JACK: MIKE! Son of a…

JACK dodges the viking’s second slash and JACK stomps on his sword ripping it free from his grip. JACK then pummels the viking with a series of punches. The viking hits the floor, and JACK picks up his sword and is just about to drive it into the viking’s chest as MIKE grabs his arm.

MIKE: Jack…don’t…I’m alright. C’mon…we have to check on Loomis see if he figured a way to stop this.

JACK: Right.

JACK stabs the sword next to the viking.

Page 8
MIKE and JACK look around for LOOMIS and the QFE.

MIKE: Where the hell is he?

JACK: There.

MIKE and JACK move some flipped tables and LOOMIS is lying there, knocked unconscious.

MIKE: Dammit!

JACK: Whoever snagged it couldn’t have gotten too far.

MIKE looks around and sees only the Vikings, Gunslingers, and Knights. No pirates are left.

MIKE: Where are the pirates? They must have taken Loomis’ machine.

MIKE’S walkie-talkie screeches to life.

DARYL: Mike! It’s Daryl! They’re coming in before the gate’s all the way down! Mike!

A loud squealing noise erupts from the walkie-talkie before it falls silent.

MIKE: Oh God, Megan…Daryl, no…

MIKE tears off towards O.B.Elllis’ Department store, with JACK in tow. MIKE is leaping over warriors in mid-battle.

Page 9
MIKE runs up as the security gates slam down.

MIKE: NO! Open these gates!
MIKE begins to bang on the gate. SHANG TZE sneers at MIKE. He says something in Chinese and then turns. His underlings turn and walk away. One is carrying the QFE; one of the others is carrying MEGAN. She is bound and gagged.


JACK runs up.

JACK: What’s up?

MIKE: They took Megan. And Loomis’ machine. Who knows what they did with Daryl. Dammit. We need to get in there! C’mon!

MIKE takes off with JACK following again.

MIKE: We have to get to the stock doors before they seal those too.

JACK stops MIKE short as a massive pirate jumps down in front of them.
The Pirate growls at them.

Page 10
BOBBY runs in and punches the pirate in the head.


MIKE and JACK look down in amazement.

MIKE: Bobby?

BOBBY is in a fury attacking the pirate. MIKE AND JACK run into the service doors. They make their way down the bare internal mall hallway, then turn and pass through a back door and through a stock room with people and employees cowering.

Page 11
MIKE and JACK burst through the swinging doors out of the stock room to the sales floor. SHANG TZE’S men have cleared the Men’s Department, tossing all the racks of clothes aside. The Pirates have set the QFE on a display next to SHANG TZE, and MEGAN on his other side.

Page 12
MIKE points to MEGAN.

MIKE: Let her go.

MIKE takes a few steps closer.

MIKE: Now.

The Pirates all look at SHANG TZE. SHANG TZE bursts out laughing. His crew follows his lead. SHANG TZE motions to one of the Pirates. The Pirate reaches behind him and drops DARYL to the floor. DARYL is knocked out and bleeding from the head. Not too severe, but he’s out cold.

MIKE: This is your final warning. Turn the girl and the machine over to me.

SHANG TZE’S face becomes a scowl. JACK charges right for SHANG TZE who throws a boot right to his jaw knocking him back. MIKE stares SHANG TZE down and two Pirates grab and restrain JACK.
Page 13
SHANG TZE motions and a Pirate steps forth from the back. He has a huge scimitar, and is more than twice the size of MIKE. SHANG TZE commands him in Chinese.

The Pirate runs forward sword raised and slams the sword down. MIKE stands perfectly still until at the last moment he sidesteps, the blade just barely missing him. The Pirate, with his sword buried in the ground, looks up at MIKE inches from his face, and MIKE smashes his nose in with his elbow. The Pirate hits the floor, bleeding. MIKE rips the sword out of the ground and points at SHANG TZE.

MIKE: You.

SHANG TZE whips his sword out of it’s scabbard and steps into the circle of Pirates. The Pirates begin chanting ‘SHANG TZE’.

SHANG TZE: You will die.

Page 14
SHANG TZE lunges forward, MIKE parries. MEGAN looks on terrified. JACK watches, struggling to free himself from the Pirates’ grip. It looks like MIKE is losing. A few slashes on MIKE’S arms and cheek. MIKE ducks and SHANG TZE slices a head of a mannequin. MIKE spins and kicks him in the midsection.

Page 15
SHANG TZE and MIKE exchange blows and their swords clang together. Both men push against their swords to trhow the other off balance. Their faces are less than a foot apart.

SHANG TZE: I must thank you. Thank you for bringing me to your world and handing me this magic. Already it has imbued me with the power to learn your speech. Once I kill you…I will use the magic in that box to destroy and conquer this world, and others if I wish.

SHANG TZE: And while I lay waste to all that I see, and take what I will from the grip of a million dead men, your wench will be my personal entertainment. Till I grow bored of her and leave what’s left for my crew.

The Pirates cheer.

Close up of MIKE’S face; he’s obviously been brought to a breaking point and pushed way past it.

MIKE: Over…my…dead…

MIKE pushes SHANG TZE back and leaps in the air, sword in both hands, raised way above his head.


Page 16
MIKE slams the sword down, SHANG TZE blocking awkwardly, obviously not expecting such a fight. MIKE continues to assault him with a barrage of powerful blows. It seems MIKE has the advantage, but then SHANG TZE sees his opening and backhands him. MIKE is sent crashing to the floor. MEGAN and JACK both flinch. SHANG TZE is standing above MIKE. MIKE lies dazed on his side holding his jaw.

SHANG TZE: I give you this, pup. You have more fight in you than I expected.

Page 17
SHANG TZE turns and begins to walk back to the QFE. He places his hand upon it. Energy glows around him.

SHANG TZE: Perhaps I may spare your life, and merely cut off a limb or two if you were to tell me how to operate your Sorcerer’s Box. Its raw power surges through my bones.

SHANG TZE looks back over his shoulder at MIKE.

SHANG TZE: No? Oh well. I wasn’t going to spare you anyhow. I will just have to handle this myself.

SHANG TZE motions to two Pirates and they lift the QFE and bring it in the center of the circle. The two Pirates run back to their place. SHANG TZE raises both hands above his head. MIKE looks up, very surprised.

Page 18
Full splash page of SHANG TZE slamming his hands against the QFE. THE Quantum energy courses through his body.

Page 19
SHANG TZE removes his hands and stares down at them. The QFE is pumping a stream of pure Quantum energy into him.

SHANG TZE: The power! I never imagined.

A wave of his hand and the celing is decimated. Another wave and a portal opens and spouts a hellish flame. SHANG TZE smiles a twisted and evil grin. He points at one of his crew and the energy unmakes him into swirling energy. SHANG TZE laughs. Shot of SHANG TZE coursing with energy, and MIKE pushing himself up to his feet.

SHANG TZE: And now, pup, I shall send you to a thousand Hells.

SHANG TZE turns to face MIKE who is now standing there defiantly.

SHANG TZE: So, the pup faces his death as a man.

Page 20
MIKE kicks the scimitar up into his hand and hurls it through the Q.F.E. A large panel in the center of this page shows the Q.F.E. as it explodes with Quantum energy and it dissipates in a large circle. The energy dissipates throughout the mall. A shot of the time strewn warriors as they fade from existence as the energy passes through them.

Page 21
SHANG TZE looks around, enraged by his defeat and lunges for MIKE and his hands are mere inches from MIKE’S neck as he fades away and passes through MIKE harmless as a ghost.


Page 22
The field goes down and people rush in. Police, fire department, etc. MIKE unties MEGAN and they hug each other, then look at each other as the hug becomes an embrace. JACK looking at MIKE is smiling, then looks towards the doors and the rushing people. His face goes slack.

Page 23
Enter: MICHELLE. A splash page of MIKE & MEGAN in the foreground, silhouetted, and MICHELLE. She looks very surprised, but not angry.


Mike Manchester: Mall Security Intro & Issue #1 (original script)

Mike Manchester is a high-octane, action packed, adventure comic that incorporates all aspects of popular fiction, including but not limited to: kung fu movies, comic books, pulp novels, sci-fi TV shows, as well as historical references. The true goal of this comic is to present wild and outrageous stories where absolutely anything can possibly happen with the turn of a page. And these insane situations are based around a small town where the only excitement is the local mall. Specifically based around one mall security guard, MIKE MANCHESTER. A security guard who loves his job and his life. A life that revolves around an odd cast of characters. But there are two cast members that are the most important pieces of this puzzle. Michelle, who comes in a little later in the series, and Megan. Michelle is Mike’s girlfriend from high school. Megan was Mike’s fantasy girl, the one who got away. This love triangle is the ongoing main plot thread. MIKE MANCHESTER: MALL SECURITY is all about relationships, friendship, morality, monsters, kung fu action, aliens, sentient machines, and the madness that is the one-day sale.

Mike Manchester - Marc Blucas. Tall (6’2”), very neat uniform, short hair, not a muscleman, but in shape.
Megan Meadows - Above avg. (5’9”), should length red hair, full figured, fashionable and trendy clothes.
Jack Jenkins - Tall (6’), messy, mid-length leather jacket, crazy t-shirts, hair a little long on top, and spiky.
Daryl - Average height (5’8”), a little heavy, out of shape, uniform a little messy.
Dr Loomis (Doctor Trapezoid) - Average (5’7’), wild hair, thin.
Dr Means (Rocket Queen) - Above average height (5’9”), Lara Means from Millenium.
Dr Ward (Master Blaster) - Jason Alexander. Short (5’3”), balding, a little pudgy.
Dexter – Average (5’7”), skinny, and slightly dorky. Charlie Kosmo.
Al - Average height (5’8”), very, very heavy, very messy, stains on his uniform.
Shoplifter – The kid from Can’t Hardly Wait that steals everything. Red hair, black hooded sweatshirt.

Upcoming characters:
Michelle Matthews - Average (5’4”), brown short hair, glasses (trendy, not dorky), khakis and sweaters.
Jennifer Jacobs – Alterna-chick. Hot topic kinda girl.
Sifu - Short (5’3”), old Chinese man, with a long white beard.
Bobby – George. Video Game Guru.
Tobey Tyler – Teen Out of Time. Corey Haim.
Frank Ford – The Most Famous Man Alive.
Rose Petals – Karaoke Diva
The All-Ska Squadron – Superhero ska band
Samuel Shepherd: Store Detective – A young Samuel L Jackson. (Omar Epps?)


Mike Manchester: Mall Security

Page 1-
CAPTION: Meet three scientists on their way to the West Coast in search of greener pastures (and greener bank accounts)…

We see a stretch of road that goes on for miles, either side complemented with endless rows of corn. The sun is huge in the sky. There is a beat up old car smoking on the side of the road. The hood is up and there are three people at the scene. DR LOOMIS, a thin dorky guy with wild hair and glasses, DR MEANS, an all-business woman with a suit-skirt and her hair tied back, and DR WARD, slightly overweight, balding and short. DR LOOMIS has his head tucked under the hood, DR MEANS is sitting on the back of the car (almost like she’s suntanning) looking bored, and DR WARD is pacing and yelling.

CAPTION: Dr. Ward…


CAPTION: Dr. Loomis…

DR LOOMIS-You said this would be safer. That the Company would trace the plane tickets.

DR WARD starts furiously wailing his fists around.


DR LOOMIS-Actually it’s a radiator.

DR WARD-ARGH! WHATEVER IT’S CALLED! (To DR MEANS) How much cash do we have left?

CAPTION: And Dr. Means.

DR MEANS(bored)-After your Rutti-Tutti-Fresh-n-Fruity breakfast…eight dollars. Oh, and the Company credit cards have been cancelled.

DR WARD starts to wail his fists furiously again.

DR WARD- And how much farther to California?

DR MEANS(not paying much attention)- About four hundred miles.

DR WARD agains wails his fists around in fury, this time til he runs out of breath. DR.WARD spots a sign that reads ‘Morrison County Mega-Mall 3 Mi.’.

DR.WARD-Grab the gear. I have a plan.

Page 2
Exterior shot of a fairly grand mall. Not the mall of the future but it’s still a nice place to shop. The parking lot is congested. Zoom inside to see MIKE MANCHESTER in his full security guard gear walking along by the railing.


Page 3
Mike stops in front of GIRLFRENZY, a trendy girls clothes store. Mike watches a girl with red hair; MEGAN. She is working in GIRLFRENZY and not noticing MIKE as he watches her. JACK walks up, punches MIKE, leans against the railing and looks in at MEGAN too. MIKE and JACK talk.

JACK: Hey Mikey ya loser, how’s Michelle?

MIKE: Wha? Oh, Jack, it’s you. How’s Jennifer?

JACK: (Looking over at MEGAN.) She’s fine. So you and Michelle getting along these days?

MIKE: I know what you’re trying to say, so stop being retarded.

JACK: Who me? I’m just asking about the well being of my good friend Michelle. Oh hey is that Megan, the girl of your dreams? Wowzers…

MIKE: You’re not funny. And for the record she’s not the girl of my dreams.

JACK: That’s not what you wrote in your diary in 5th grade. “Oh Megan my love, my red-haired angel, my…”

MIKE: I can’t believe you’re still quoting my diary. That used to embarrass me up until the end of High School but c’mon we’re twenty-three years old. Hasn’t it gotten old by now?

JACK clasps his hands together and bats his eyes.

JACK: “Oh Megan, if you’d only notice me, then we could be together forever!”

Page 4
MIKE’S not looking at JACK or acknowledging his taunts.

MIKE: Why don’t you go get a real job and stop hanging out at the mall all day?

JACK: You mean a real job like a mall security guard? I can wear a funny hat and pretend I’m important? Ooh, where do I sign up?

MEGAN sees MIKE and JACK and starts heading towards them. JACK looks at MEGAN, then MIKE.

JACK: (singing) Oh loverboy! And if he doesn’t answer? I say ‘Oh looverboyyyy!’ And if he still doesn’t answer? I simply say…’Bayyyyybee, my sweet bayyyybee’.

MIKE pushes JACK away. JACK is laughing as he walks away. MEGAN walks up to MIKE and is staring oddly at JACK.


MEGAN waves and looks slightly confused.


MIKE: Hey. Sorry about that. You know how he is.

MEGAN: It’s ok. I always see him hanging around the mall being dumb. It’s good to see that you guys are still friends, though.

MIKE: We’re not friends. Jack is about as far from my friend as possible. Bane of my existence, yes. Friend, no. How are you doing though?

Page 5
A SHOPLIFTER runs between MIKE and MEGAN. The SHOPLIFTER knocks MEGAN to the ground as he rushes past. MIKE stunned helps MEGAN to her feet. DARYL calls over the walkie-talkie.

DARYL: (walkie-talkie) Mike! We got a shoplifter out of CD Barn!

MIKE glances over his shoulder and sees the SHOPLIFTER heading for the escalator.

MIKE: I got him Daryl. He’s going for the escalator.

MIKE looks up at MEGAN.

MEGAN: Go get him.

MIKE smiles and takes off after the SHOPLIFTER.

Page 6
The escalator. The SHOPLIFTER pushes his way down and MIKE slides down the center right behind him. MEGAN watches MIKE as he chases the SHOPLIFTER over and through many obstacles. Big shot of MIKE and SHOPLIFTER racing neck and neck from either sides of the mall. MIKE is in the foreground.

Page 7
The SHOPLIFTER flings a CD at MIKE and it’s just about to hit a lady in the head, when MIKE dives forward taking the hit. MIKE takes off after the SHOPLIFTER as he makes his way to the center of the mall. The SHOPLIFTER is heading right towards O.B. Ellis’ Dept Store, where there’s a big crowd and a sign that reads ‘One Day Sale’. MIKE spots the center fountain piece; a large art deco sculpture with revolving rings. Almost like an atom design.

Page 8
Big splash. MIKE leaps into the air, grabs a ring and swings around over the customers’ heads and flying tackles the SHOPLIFTER in front of O.B. Ellis’ Dept Store.

Page 9
DARYL runs over, huffing and puffing.

DARYL: Woohoo! That was awesome! What’s the score now, 38 for 38?

MIKE: 37 out of 38. Remember my first day?

DARYL: Oooooh yeah. How could I forget? That section is still being fixed up.

They bring the SHOPLIFTER on the elevator, and back to the Security HQ on the bottom level. There are hardly any people or stores on this level. Just a Post Office, and other misc stores. They bring him in to AL. AL is a large, jolly man sitting in front of rows of tv screens monitoring parts of the mall and parking lot.


AL: Another bust for the Terminator!

DARYL and AL high-five. MIKE doesn’t seem to notice.

Page 10
MIKE begins filling out paperwork as AL puts the SHOPLIFTER in the corner seat they save for these occasions. MIKE notices MEGAN on one of the video monitors. DARYL sees where MIKE’S attention is.

DARYL: Hey, go for it. I’ll take care of this.

MIKE: No. I…

MIKE: You sure?

DARYL nods.

MIKE: Thanks D.

MIKE pats him on the shoulder and runs out to the elevator. As he does he passes the three scientists, DR LOOMIS, DR MEANS, and DR WARD all carrying big metal cases. They head into the men and women’s bathroom respectively. They’re looking around very suspiciously.

Page 11
MIKE darts out of the elevator and runs up to MEGAN outside of GIRLFRENZY.

MIKE: Phew…

MEGAN: You ok?

MIKE: Yeah, I’m just…uh…well…

MEGAN: Out of breath?

MIKE: (Smiling) Yeah.

MEGAN: That was pretty crazy. A whole lot of effort for a few stolen CDs.

MIKE: Well, it’s my job to protect the people in the mall, and their merchandise. That includes the owners of CD Barn.

MEGAN: I meant him. That was a lot of effort just to escape with the new Snoop Doggy Dogg CD.

MIKE: Oh…uhh…well…
Suddenly, a loud noise rumbles out. MIKE grabs the walkie-talkie.

MIKE: Daryl?! AL?! What’s going on?

DARYL: (V.O.) Mike? You won’t believe this. There are supervillians at the foodcourt.

MIKE: Daryl, stop screwing around…

Shot of DARYL yelling into walkie-talkie.

DARYL: Mike! There are supervillians at the foodcourt!!!

Page 12
Big shot of the former scientists at the food-court, DR LOOMIS, DR MEANS, and DR WARD. Now the three are dressed in makeshift supervillain costumes made from labcoats, goggles, loud shirts, and strange gadgets. DR LOOMIS is standing passively in the back next to a medium-sized, trapezoid-shaped engine. DR MEANS is floating in the air with a rocketpack on her back, thick mechanical gloves, and a similar designed helmet. DR WARD has a large laser connected to the back of his wrist with small cables running to a slim mechanical backpack. DR WARD is blasting tables and chairs with the laser on his arm. The shoppers are running for the exit.

DR WARD: Everyone be still! My name is Master Blaster! These are my associates Rocket Queen, and Dr.Trapezoid. There is no escape! Dr. Trapezoid has taken care of that! (Aside to LOOMIS) You did take care of that right?

DR LOOMIS: My Quantum Field Engine is working fine, it’s got the entire building encased in a Isolated Quantum Field that no one will be able to penetrate. (Patting his trapezoid-shaped machine) But I’m not sure we should be doing this…

Shot of the people as they stop short of the door. There is a yellow energy covering blocking their path. Outside shot of Mall covered by a massive yellow trapezoid made of energy. DR LOOMIS is nervous and protests very meekly.

Page 13
Back to MIKE and MEGAN.

MIKE: Sorry to do this again…

MEGAN politely nods and watches as MIKE runs off to the food-court. He meets DARYL by Nacho Horn. DEXTER the Nacho Horn employee is hiding behind the counter. People are fleeing in terror.

DEXTER: Mike? Daryl? What’s going on? I can’t possibly serve yummy crunchy Nachos under these conditions!

MIKE: Dexter, just lay low. We’ll handle this.

MIKE and DARYL stand crouched with the villains in the background. DR MEANS flies off with a bag.

MIKE: Daryl, you head back to the elevator and back to the security office. Call the police. While you do that I’ll provide a distraction.

DARYL: Mike are you sure? I mean, that thing that guy’s got looks pretty nasty.

MIKE: Don’t worry, I’m just gonna distract him for a few seconds so you can get downstairs. On three. 1,2,3! Go for it!

DARYL runs off, and MIKE gets up.

Page 14
MIKE stands in front of DR WARD.

DR WARD: Put all your valuables in the bag people!

MIKE: Sir, I’m going to have to escort you out of the mall.

DR WARD: What? A security guard? HAH! Escort this chump!

DR WARD takes a few shots at MIKE, which he nimbly dodges, leaping over tables, chairs, etc.

DEXTER: (from his hiding spot behind counter) Eeep! (faints)

Page 15
DR WARD gets furious that he can’t hit MIKE, and starts blasting everything in sight. MIKE runs along the tables and DR WARD blasts them as MIKE’S feet leave each one. DR LOOMIS looks very nervous.

DR MEANS: I’ll get him!

Page 16
DR MEANS flies by MIKE and tries to knock him off the tables. Instead MIKE ducks and grabs DR MEANS’ feet, just as DR WARD blasts the table MIKE was standing on.

MIKE: Going up!

After whipping around the foodcourt trying to shake him loose, she tries to pry him free by flying fast down the mall.

Page 17
Shot of DR MEANS and MIKE as they shoot up to the second level and almost into the railing. When that fails she attempts to kick him off. They go soaring coming very close to hitting people, signs, and stores.

MIKE: Ma’am, flying is prohibited in the mall!

Page 18
MIKE damages the pack, she loses control crashing into the fountain. MIKE leaps off at the last moment. DARYL comes out of the elevator and runs up.

DARYL: Mike! You ok? I called the cops and they’re on their way.

MIKE: Ok, let’s go help people find cover away from the food court.

Page 19
Jack is hiding behind some tables while DR WARD is yelling at DR LOOMIS.

DR WARD: Go get the bag of money!

DR LOOMIS: No, this isn’t right.


JACK runs in from seemingly nowhere and tackles DR WARD. In the struggle DR WARD fires a few stray blasts. One blast blows up the soda dispenser at Nacho Horn just as DEXTER comes to, then he faints again.


Another blast just misses DR LOOMIS as he dives clear. The blast instead hits his Quantum-Field-Engine, sending it flying past Nacho Horn (and DEXTER) in the back towards the doors to the inside of the mall. The Q-F-E starts to glow ominously.
JACK and DR WARD look at each other, still grappling.


JACK: No, what?

DR WARD: (to DR LOOMIS) What did he do?

DR LOOMIS: I don’t know, but it’s not good.

Shot of the Q-F-E glowing even brighter.

Page 20
JACK, distracted for a moment, loosens his grip and DR WARD pushes him off. JACK falls back and smacks his head. They both get up to their feet, although JACK is a little bit disoriented. MIKE runs up as DR WARD readies a blast.

MIKE: JACK, get down!

MIKE runs and pushes JACK out of the way. The blast grazes MIKE’S arm.

Page 21
JACK, rubbing the back of his head, looks down at MIKE holding his wounded arm.

JACK: What the Hell did you do that for? I had in under control. Gotta always run in and save the day huh?

MIKE: Just shut up and help me up.

DR WARD: (coming closer) Hey.

JACK: No. Help your damn self up. I didn’t need your help, or ask for it. This is my mall and I’ll…

MIKE pushes himself up to his feet, then gets in JACK’S face.

MIKE: Your mall?! Just because you waste more time here than anyone doesn’t make it your mall! I’m so sick and tired of your macho tough guy bullcrap!

DR WARD: (closer) Hey!

JACK: Look who’s talking Mr. Hero-of-the-mall! You’re a security guard Mike! Not a cop, or some secret agent, or a superhero! A security guard! That’s it!

MIKE: And what are you? A lowlife waste of space, who makes fun of other people so his own pathetic existence doesn’t look so GOD DAMN PATHETIC for a few minutes!


Page 22
MIKE and JACK both look over at him. There is fury in their eyes.


JACK kicks him in the stomach and when he bends over MIKE uppercuts him, knocking him out flat.

MIKE and JACK stare each other down. DARYL runs up.

DARYL: That was awesome! What a plan! Make him think you were fighting then take him out when he least expected it.

MIKE and JACK still staring each other down.

JACK: Yeah…

MIKE: Great plan.

Page 23
MEGAN runs up and MIKE’S anger is gone.

MEGAN: Mike, the police are stuck outside the energy covering the mall. No one can get in or out.

MIKE turns to LOOMIS.

MIKE: How do we shut it off?

DR LOOMIS: We might not be able to. And we might have a bigger problem. Look.

The Q-F-E is generating a large portal of energy.

Page 24
Out of the portal of energy step an Asian pirate, a Viking, a gunslinger, and a knight in partial chainmail. Small horizontal frame of MIKE and JACK’S heads looking ahead with LOOMIS, DARYL, MEGAN, and a fainting DEXTER in the background.

MIKE: This’ll be interesting. You ready for this?

JACK: Come get some.

Temp Job

Page 1
Panel 1. Jack, tough but smiling, leather jacket, black hair combed back, tight jeans and black boots. He's flicking a cigarette as he walks alongside Melissa, a dyed hair, pierced, alterna-chick. She looks annoyed as he checks his cellphone.

Panel 2. Jack tucks his phone into his jacket as he raises his other hand into the air behind Melissa. She looks away, lips pouted as he rolls his eyes.

Panel 3. She stops and turns, standing in front of him. She eyes him suspiciously.

Page 2
Panel 1. Jack sitting on a beanbag chair, hands gripping a video game controller, as his legs shoot out in the air, a smoking bong and empty fast food bags litter the area around him. Melissa is yelling at him from the doorway.

Panel 2. Smaller panel of Jack, eyes closed, as he explains to Melissa, who seems like she is annoyed.

Page 3
Panel 1. Melissa looking the opposite way,

Panel 2. Secret Agent style, Steranko Shield style montage, sitting back to back with a female agent in sunglasses, Jack is glancing over his shoulder, eyes looking just over his sunglasses. They have phones and are texting. She's moving a suitcase back towards Jack with her feet.

Panel 3. Subset within panel 2, Jack leaping through a plate glass window, suitcase in hand, fire explodes behind him.

Girl's number

Page 5
Panel 1. Jack explaining to Melissa. Her arms are crossed and he's sort of looking off a bit embarrassed.

Panel 2. Jack, done up as a glam Rockstar, guitar in hand as he's swarmed with groupies rushing the stage, the band all rocking out and chicks just swarming everywhere.


Page 6
Panel 1.

Panel 2. Jack, in a full superhero costume, small domino mask, brightly colored spandex, he's punching a skull bearing supervillain with deathrays, who's also punching Jack with his free fist. It's a finishing blow for both, blood shooting forth. Robots are rising up in the background.

Panel 3.

Page 7
Panel 1.

Panel 2. Jack is driving intently, a ski mask pulled back up just over his face, bank robbers hanging out the windows shooting at police who are firing towards us. Money is flying all over.

Panel 3. Shot

Page 8
Panel 1. Melissa looks up at Jack concerned.

Panel 2. Jack looks down at Melissa, he has a sweet smile, and looks like he earnestly feels bad.

Panel 3. Jack runs off from Melissa.

Panel 4. Melissa glares at us, an arcane energy in her eyes.