Sunday, March 1, 2009

Temp Job

Page 1
Panel 1. Jack, tough but smiling, leather jacket, black hair combed back, tight jeans and black boots. He's flicking a cigarette as he walks alongside Melissa, a dyed hair, pierced, alterna-chick. She looks annoyed as he checks his cellphone.

Panel 2. Jack tucks his phone into his jacket as he raises his other hand into the air behind Melissa. She looks away, lips pouted as he rolls his eyes.

Panel 3. She stops and turns, standing in front of him. She eyes him suspiciously.

Page 2
Panel 1. Jack sitting on a beanbag chair, hands gripping a video game controller, as his legs shoot out in the air, a smoking bong and empty fast food bags litter the area around him. Melissa is yelling at him from the doorway.

Panel 2. Smaller panel of Jack, eyes closed, as he explains to Melissa, who seems like she is annoyed.

Page 3
Panel 1. Melissa looking the opposite way,

Panel 2. Secret Agent style, Steranko Shield style montage, sitting back to back with a female agent in sunglasses, Jack is glancing over his shoulder, eyes looking just over his sunglasses. They have phones and are texting. She's moving a suitcase back towards Jack with her feet.

Panel 3. Subset within panel 2, Jack leaping through a plate glass window, suitcase in hand, fire explodes behind him.

Girl's number

Page 5
Panel 1. Jack explaining to Melissa. Her arms are crossed and he's sort of looking off a bit embarrassed.

Panel 2. Jack, done up as a glam Rockstar, guitar in hand as he's swarmed with groupies rushing the stage, the band all rocking out and chicks just swarming everywhere.


Page 6
Panel 1.

Panel 2. Jack, in a full superhero costume, small domino mask, brightly colored spandex, he's punching a skull bearing supervillain with deathrays, who's also punching Jack with his free fist. It's a finishing blow for both, blood shooting forth. Robots are rising up in the background.

Panel 3.

Page 7
Panel 1.

Panel 2. Jack is driving intently, a ski mask pulled back up just over his face, bank robbers hanging out the windows shooting at police who are firing towards us. Money is flying all over.

Panel 3. Shot

Page 8
Panel 1. Melissa looks up at Jack concerned.

Panel 2. Jack looks down at Melissa, he has a sweet smile, and looks like he earnestly feels bad.

Panel 3. Jack runs off from Melissa.

Panel 4. Melissa glares at us, an arcane energy in her eyes.

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