Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mutant School Notes

To bridge the gap between humans and mutants, Xavier's School for the Gifted begins taking human enrollment.

We follow Max Stuart as he starts school with the mutants. Seeing X-Men from Freshman, "sapian" eyes. Bigotry against humans. Exploring the fear of humanity and the anger and resentment towards being hated/hunted.

Bobby Drake brings him out to the city to a dance club with the X-Ladies. Drinks in a dive bar with Logan. Helping Hank McCoy in the lab at Colombia University. Danger Room. Cerebro. Dazzler. Colossus. Strong Guy. Multiple Man.

Re-exploring how mutant powers would feel. Cyclops emotional distance, never seeing his eyes. Wolverine's sloppiness and disregard due to his healing factor. Iceman's warmth despite his cold power. Duality of forms, duality of mind. Colossus' armor protecting him from emotional pain, sensitive artist.

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