Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Flash Notes

First On Scene.
The Flash speeding towards us. Com-link to Martian Manhunter. Enters blast range. Levels to an energy blast from space. Identifying the origin as he slides in. Ring of energy, force blast, air, dust, debris, casualties.

The Flash's costume is torn up as he pushes through the blast trying to save who he can as he uses his scientific mind to determine the origin of the attack. The singed bodies move him as he tries to move faster, somehow save them.

This leads to the blob of Quicksilver that he had in hand when he came back to life.

Quicksilver. Exploring the uses of this material, Barry is able to use it to process information and scan data at incredible speeds, even working on a biological level. The more he uses it the more he feels a pull inside.

While fighting the top he ponders fighting the other rogues, the battles increasing the skill and manipulation of their elements. He sees himself divided like a prism into. Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, and Rainbow Raider.

Space & Time.
Barry's enlightenment. He sees beyond the Speed Force. It is more than that. It is everything, the force is just the boundary of it. While he was one with everything he became powerful enough, and with the Quicksilver key he was able to escape it's hold. He sees the universe as structured by the flight patterns of Green Lanterns. Guided by Hal's will.

Snippets of Barry's life as he draws upon his life to sustain his existence out in the nothingness. Reverse Flash, Professor Zoom, Thawnes & Allens, Cobalt Blue. Everyone wants to be Barry. Barry knows he must form Mercury University in order to properly train the runners of reality. Inadvertantly creating the quicksilver that brings him there by uniting the elements of the Rogues.

Speed Force Central.
Barry and Wally and Jay. The men of the Flash coming together to build the foundations of what will become Mercury University. Structured through time and with a clear plan, a vision for what will be needed to be done. This puts Barry on the run towards the Tornado Twins, Iris, The Thawnes and Eobard Thawne himself. Wally runs and entertains his mind by day dreaming/re-creating his glory days in the Justice League. Animated style hallucination, a rogue universe, grows out of control and starts to take over.

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