Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mike Manchester Notes

Scientists. Time warriors. Sentient machines. Explosion of Quantum Engine.

Aliens that are electrical energy come down and take possession of electrical devices. All to take control of the Quantum Engine. When it explodes it alters reality around it. Making all of the surrounding area distort. Mike struggles to find a way to fix it while keeping the peace. The mall is the center of flux.

Spin-offs: battle of the bands. Temp Job.

Battle of the Bands: the All-Ska Squadron battle through the myraid realities defending order from the chaos of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, a rival rapcore band, composed of demons, aliens and monsters.

Temp Job: Jack Jenkins needed a job. So a temp agency hired him for a few odd gigs here and there. No one told him he'd be shot at, beaten up, and attacked by groupies. He's got zero experience, and no references, but when you need a replacement getaway driver, superhero, or lead guitarist, then he's your guy.

If he wasn't out robbing banks, saving the world, or rocking out the coliseum, he'd be at home playing Xbox in his underwear. His girl shouldn't be upset about the bullet wounds, bloody noses, or lipstick on his collar. She's the one who wanted him to get a job in the first place.

Anthology type book. Mike Manchester main feature, two backups.

Toby Tyler: Teen Out of Time.
Time displaced "older" cousin of Mike Manchester, he's from 20 years back and his style has never been more popular. Well, when people catch on to it that is. Any day now. Or maybe his style has just come back into fashion and then passed. So he's cool in his era but now just another loser with last year's fashion. Fish out of water as he adapts to the future!

Maybe do a feature on ancillary characters in each one and a short of Temp Job. 48 page book. 22 page lead, two 12 page shorts. 2 pages for words and info.

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