Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Cash Bros.

Cole had a plan. A hold up. Old school style. Hotrod getaway car and all. Midwest crime caper. Chicago to Seattle. Max killed them all.

They go on the run, everything against them. Cole learns to grift. Max sees his murderous hands. They're both doomed but Cole takes the fall. Max continues on the road. Learning to be like Grifter.

Grifter on TV. Pre-Condition Red. Lynch. IO. Army guys. Military vs Crime. Grifter vs Max. Cole easily defeats him. Brings him into IO (without letting him know he set it up).

Condition Red.

EX: Zombie / KidNap / CrossWalk

Horror spoof.

Couple driving along after a party. Perfect rainy night, twisted road horror scenerio. They crash, she dies. Comes back as a zombie. Chases him through the woods. Girlfriend violence porn.

We could go over the top and do it Versus (Ryuhei Kitamura) and Evil Dead 2, insane camera angles and wrestling like violence.

But something about the straight forward horror is cool. Just have to find an angle so it's not just a guy smashing his undead ex.


Voyeur still camera on a couple on a date. Drinks, dinner, walking home, a kiss, he walks off with a spring in his step.

Three guys in ski-masks throw a hood over his head, throw him in a van. All POV camera.

Tied to a chair, hood whipped off, hot bulb in a damp basement. Three guys, all his friends, beating him out of his senses, as he told them to do if he ever said he was in love again.



Slow-mo music video, low rez camera, melodic to jazzy to metal transition.

Guy walking towards us, crosses the street, spies his ex walking towards him, holding hand with another guy. Close up and speeding up camera shots, her face, his face, their hands, up her body, her face, her eyes. She doesn't even make eye contact. He's smiling, smug, sunglasses hipster punk fuck. They pass in slo-motion, he might just do something, say something, but he stops himself and keeps walking.

He comes in close to the camera on the other side of the street. Over his shoulder in the background, they walk off and away. He looks off a moment, the music shifts, he whips his glasses off, turns and charges at them.

Far shot down the block. We see the guy running right side of the screen to left, real time, far off, comical.

POV as he comes up on the dude, his fist cocked. The guy turns and throws his fist at him.

Worm's eye view, our guys spits blood towards the camera on the ground as his head whips towards us, the other douche following through with his punch. She looks on without any pity. Shake of the head. Slight frown.

They walk off. His arm around her. She barely looks back. Same shot, just as they disappear, the guy picks his head up, blood streaming from his nose. He turns around to look at them. Over his shoulder we watch as she pushes herself away, the guy's arm falling to his side.

Close up of our guy bleeding and smiling.

I'm thinking we can shoot those as shorts and then fill in the other scenes when we get funding and make it like one long night of seeing his ex's across the city, talking with friends and getting their ex stories.

I really feel like this could be a project that'd find funding easy and be viral.

Def check out Four Eyed Monsters.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project Notes

TenTon Anthology
the Bomb

Legend of Liquid Fury
Weekly blog.
Fix image sizes.
Asian Cinema.


Marvel Two-In-One
Strange Tales
Backups of upcoming characters
Reprint material
Paper Magazine style
Interview newsstands of NYC and what comics they carry
Price point: $1 weekly, $5 monthly

Anthology film.
Oliver Stone.
Music Vids.
Bromance Torture Porn
Cross the Street

Write Club
Ken & Tom.
Kenny & Tommy.

Comic Club.
Jon & Brien.

Write Club.
Tim & Kurt.

Indie Club. Emily Wernet. Ray is Dead.
Nathan Schreiber Spotlight.
Comics & Beer.
Rocket Science.
Craig Blair. Film.

Dinner. Dancing. Drinking.

MoCCA. Bar crawl.

indie club.
MoCCA review.
Comics & Beer.

Rocket Science.


Craig Blair

Christian/Long Island

Christian/Long Island


Monday, April 5, 2010

TenTon 10-in-One

Collaborative effort. Script, layout, pencils, inks, colors, letters. Showing our possibilities as a fully functioning comic production house.

Autobiographical "Jam" piece.
Comicbook Rockstar
Samurai creators
10 pager
All genres
Guest pinups from F.O.O.T.T. (Friends of Ol' TenTon)