Thursday, January 7, 2010


LF t-shirts
AB bumper stickers

Kill 4 pilots for movies. Shorts.
Revenge body swap
Honorable Samurai -righteous, humane, reliable, respectable & wise

Lost style brought out by brash next generation rival
Evil General sitting and waiting, letting minions drum up a challenge
Grandmaster Kang, teacher to Tze & Zhao

LF short post WotR
Ultraman, Godzilla, Catgirls, Schoolgirls, Robot, Mech
All break out of the lab where Wulong smashes the airship into United Corp. Wulong learns of Tze's quest for more power. Zhao vs. Japanese Heroes

LF Strength of the Stream
Wulong on a ship, Rough waves, dragon helmed wooden ship, beaten and tired. Hiding beneath a blanket. Bounty hunters as the come into port at Hong Kong. Marketplace chase. Toshiro. Wulong saves Toshiro. Gets away.

Wulong along lake, camping out. Toshiro and more bounty hunters. Toshiro kills Gyzer. Gyzer to Toshiro. Yama/Ying. Raiko/United Corp. Kaego/Kole.

ShenXian Mountain - loses to Kole

LF Eternal Water Falling
Jian, Wei Lin, Mao
Swordsman/Soldiers, Temple/Monks, Fortress/Emperor
Revenge vs Duty, Peace vs Involvement, Structure vs Politics
As Kole rises to battle gods, so Wulong goes to test the mettle of the people of his country. Its hidden masters, its righteous priests, its superior numbers. Once fallen, risen, the fall is purposeful. 


Wednesday, January 6, 2010