Sunday, January 31, 2010

SkyWindCloud Notes

From Valley to Space.
Finding Mother figure.
Coming of Age.
Male distrust.
Cat-Sneaky/Witch. Bird-Flight/Princess.
Cloud Kingdom.
Race of CloudRunners.
Gliding, soaring, flight.
Air Pirates. Ships on updrafts.
Becoming Goddess.

Climbing trees. Rock climbing. Surfing.

Thief. Witch. Princess.
Cat. Owl. Dog.

Ma'at. Goddess of truth and order.
Thunderbirds. Invisible birds. Feathers birth birds.
Thunder, lightning, rain.

Flood. Bandits. City.


Auto Cinema

Easy Rider
Vanishing Point
Two Lane Blacktop
Crazy Mary & Dirty Larry
French Connection
Starksy & Hutch
Knight Rider
Fast & the Furious
Initial D
Death Proof

Defining Vertigo Runs

Alan Moore - Swamp Thing
Grant Morrison - The Invisibles
Warren Elis - Transmetropolitan
Garth Ennis - Preacher
Bill Willingham - Fables
Neil Gaiman - Sandman
Peter Milligan - Shade, the Changing Man
Brian K. Vaughn - Y the Last Man
Mike Carey - The Unwritten
Brian Wood - DMZ