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Cowgirls & Spacemen Script Page 1

Page 1
Panel 1
An older framed picture sits hanging on a gaudy wallpapered wall. It's an old school picture with cheesy laser background. The young girl in the picture has a bad haircut, braces, and wears a fringe leather vest with a sheriff's badge on her chest. It's awkward and she looks goofy, yet very happy.

N: My name is Wilhemina Santos.

Panel 2
We catch a glimpse of Billi as she slams up to the right of the picture which is being zapped by a laser blast from the other side of the wall. She's got her back to the wall, a cowboy hat, and a much more cool looking cowgirl shirt on. (Something that recalls the old dressy cowgirl look of 50's country singers, I'll see if I can find reference.) She's tough looking and hardly fazed by the blast. She's looking to the left where there's a ledge and the other room is hinted at. She's got an old school revolver in her hand.

N: Most folks call me Billi.

Panel 3
Billi jumps up and begins firing over the ledge as laser blasts whiz by her. Side shot. If possible add cowboy memorabilia in the background.

N: I'm a cowgirl, descended from a long line of gunfighters.

Panel 4
A dome headed spaceman with perfectly coifed hair and heroic chin, dressed in a fancy uniform laughs as he deflects her bullets with a raised arm, letting them bounce off an energy shield.

N: I don't care what planet a man's from.

Panel 5
Billi slides across the floor firing one shot at us.

N: This cowgirl ain't going down without a fight.

Panel 6
The bullet ricochets off a piece of the Spaceman's armor (codpiece?) and shoots up into his domed face, smashing the bottom of the globe and the top, and exploding blood within what's left.

N: God damn Spacemen.