Thursday, March 12, 2009

Animation Examination

Wonder Woman.
Pg-13. Battle scenes. Classic origin. Feminist agenda.
Superhero human warrior.
Risque humor.
Fish out of water.

Superman Doomsday.

Hulk Vs.
Funny. Violent.
Son of Asgard.

Green Lantern Teaser Doc.
Alan Scott.
50's era. Pilots.
Hal Jordan. Space.

Giving people origins one at a time. Planting the seed in consciousness. Off planet. Police force. Good cop.

GL Corp. Messed with costume. Voice actors.

Justice League: New Frontier.
Too close to art in the book. No fluidity.

Batman Brave & the Bold.

Bruce Timm.

Batman Gotham Knight.

Adult Swim.

Batman Adventures. Superman Adventures. Justice League. Batman Beyond/Static Shock. Justice League Unlimited. Legion of Super Heroes.

Animation vs Live Action.
Mythic vs Realistic.
Analog vs Digital.


Calls forth a fallen hero as a guide through various Universes.

Justice League. Blue Beetle.
Superman. Superboy.
Flash. Impulse.
Deadman as only Friend.
Dating an Amazon.
Friends with Jimmy Olsen.
Night photo editor.
Days free to HeroWatch.
Hidden Sun. Aztek. Q.
Beetle reborn.
Lightning Marvel Power.
Etrigan. Cliff Steele. Tim Hunter.
Amazon Soul. Hades. Zeus.
Amazons and Mythological Heroes.
Kamandi. Hang out. Listen to rock music.

Kid Infinity. White haired chaos magician. Dark hero.
Vertigo Universe. Tricks KE! into taking over his role in the VU, seeping his chaos into the DCU.

Deadman appears beside fallen heroes. Kit Carter. Dies in Justice League battle. Taken to Rock of Eternity. I thought he was one of yours with that bolt on his chest.

Kid Infinity and Kid Eternity form Kid Humanity.

Promo poster.
In the center is a Blue Bolt of Energy, big and blocky, but still chaotic. Half of Kid Infinity and Kid Eternity on both sides. The representative of Vertigo and DCU combined. Title across the chest as the figure is arched backwards yelling out name.

Kid Infinity satdning before portal. Cliff Steele, Shade, Tim Hunter, Swamp Thing shadows.

Captain Marvel as Shazam! Resurrecting Kid at Rock of Eternity! Deadman floats besides him. Captain Marvel Jr. off to one side.

Amazon, Jimmy Olsen, and Anarchy help KE! as he is bloodied and battered. They stand defensively as they look to the right and up, prepared to defend him.

Blue Beetle, Animal Man, Aztek. Kid Eternity standing awkwardly surging with power in front as the heroes spring forward behind him.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Comicbook Confidential Notes

Directed by Ron Mann

William Gaines.
Father folded comic pages into comic books.
Slam Bradley. Superman.
From characters to artists.
Will Eisner.
Literary form. Pretention.
Frustrated writer/painter.
The Spirit. Newspapers. Pulp Magazines.
Romance, crime, funny animals.
The bomb looms.
Entertaining Comics.
Al Feldstein/William Gaines. Writers.
Springboards, plot, written.
"Guy murders his wife and eats her"
Older adults from time in service.
Wertham, Comic confidential.
Storm troopers & fodder
Kurtzman, Mad Magazine
Showcase DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Underground Comix
Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, Robert Crumb
Greeting cards. LSD. San Fran.
Posters. Head shops. Comix.
Zap Comix. Haight & Ashbury.
Freedom of creativity.
Breaking every taboo immediately
Path early in life, can't stop now.
Spain, Trashman, 68 convention
Ripoff Press
Fabulous Furry Freak Bros
Gilbert Shelton
Active rather than passive
Disney, Parody, Air Pirates
Overground comics
Trots & Bonnie
Female comix
Zippy Pinhead
Bill Griffith

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Joseph Campbell DVD Notes

Reconstruction of Myth in our lives.
A lie. A metaphor.
Will to Power.
Pale Criminal.
God as Metaphor.
Categories of thought.
Theoists. Fact.
Atheist. False.
Inbetween. Agnostic.
New Myths New Artforms.
Indians vs Cowboys.
A new spirituality. The acceptance of the evil.
The badguy as the unacceptable or unbearable thoughts, feelings, and behavior of society.
Indians vs Cowboys. The battle of two forces. Spirit vs matter.

Stories as information entertainment.
People and animals. Creating equilibrium with idea of circle of life. Appreciation for both good and bad.
In accord with nature.
A balance provides power. Vision.

Buddhism as internalization.
Christianity as exile.
Acceptance vs Denial.
End of times.
Transcendent energy informs conciousness.
Love overcoming self-preservation.
Instinct proves metaphysical change.
Deeper than base emotion.

General Notes

Orpheus. Devil. Beating the devil. Deal. Faust.

Father Son bonding. Driving through post-apocalyptic America. Really just a figment of the Kid's imagination come to life in the breaking apart of reality. Post-post-apocalyptic. What happens when all reality breaks down with no one left to percieve it into being. Muscle car in a lake of lava, Titanium leaps into the flames, melting as he does, plummeting to the center where he connects with the female half of fire. The melt into one being. The Kid then treks to find the female half of his being.

Pop Culture.
Explosion of celebrity culture. Scientology army, Kabbalah mystics, doing battle before our eyes. Preparing for the endgame. Individual with so much amassed publicity that she explodes, transcends form to be an all-devouring mass.

A road trip from West Coast to East Coast and beyond into Europe. Hunter S. Thomson writer, guitar player, conspiracy theorist. Driving a muscle car cross country as they escape the blobs mass, devouring the country.

Playing guitar into the mass, swallowed whole. Driving over the bridge, an eye rises up out of the east river, a massive dormant godbeast awakes. The blob covering it, blanketing the earth, absorbing the souls into a wonderland of delight. Heaven on earth sucking people up as hell rises from the earth.

A cosmic god stirs beneath us and aches to be hatched and uncurl from the world and stretch out into the universe.

Paris Hilton sells her soul. Cult of Paris builds up energy. Tom Cruise vs Madonna at MTV Music Awards. Britney erupts into devouring mass. Writer, guitarist, and conspiracy theorist at Whiskey A-Go-Go. LA becomes a state of emergency, the world ends before their eyes. They steal a car and head to Vegas. Vegas to Arizona. Up into Midwest. Chicago. New Jersey. NYC. Long Island.

Montauk Lighthouse. The beast towering above America, a blob of pink trying to cover it, battleships come from the ocean and fire at them both. Rescue to Europe. Hint of new situation arising on the new half-earth.

Society pressed into Europe. Panic, riots, deconstruction of civilization. Removal of pop culture and its effects.

Bob Awesome
Max tricked into joining the cast. Trapped nowhere protecting a portal to anywhere. Power, speed, and vision but bound to a place outside of time. Max is Bob's chance to break free. Be with the girl he loves in New Mexico, another protector in another reality.


Page 1
Panel 1
Peter Primate is standing among a crowded sidewalk, jungle lining the edges of the buildings, a special lamppost lane where monkeys swing by. He's Puny Primate, glasses and fragile old camera, tucked inbetween apes, gorillas, baboons. He looks annoyed as he tries to walk along towards us.

Panel 2
Peter Primate leaps towards the handles on the lampost and almost too gracefully swings through the crowd. He adjusts his glasses with one paw, and holds the camera with his tail.

Panel 3
Spider-Sense goes of as he looks over his shoulder up at us. Monkey oook face.

Page 2
Panel 1
The Green Gibbon soars by laughing. Close up full body shot! Wild eyed and manic! Not attacking however.

Panel 2
Spider-Monkey swings behind a billboard as he watches Green Gibbon fly off away down the block. He's maybe got his glasses off, and shirt lifted up to show the costume, maybe mask in his tail.

Panel 3
Spider-Monkey whips out from behind the sign in full supersimianhero style.

Page 3
Panel 1
Spider-Monkey swings down the street, spinning around the smoke trail from Green Gibbon.

Panel 2
Spider-Monkey flips through the air upside down as follows the trail over a rooftop water tower.

Panel 3
Spider-Monkey's shocked face

Page 4
Panel 1
Green Gibbon has transformed (or mid-transformation) into the BABOONDER! The Beyonder Marvel Apes style. I was thinking of his casual retro attire. Out of style a bit.

Panel 2
Spider-Monkey hanging off the side of the building, staring over at the Baboonder, the cityscape in the distance between them.

Panel 3
Spider-Monkey and Baboonder transcend reality with a wave of his monkey's paw. An extreme close-up of the paw and the power cosmic. Reality warbles behind them as Spider-Monkey is thrown off balance.

Page 5
Panel 1
Baboonder and Spider-Monkey float above the scene. It's Spider-Monkey's supporting cast. Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Betty Brant, J Jonah Jameson, Flash Thompson, Liz Allen, Harry Osbourne. Gwen Stacy centered.

Panel 2
Peter Primate taking photos, going out on a date with Gwen, Aunt May & Uncle Ben together working in the kitchen, if his life had not gotten bad.

Panel 3
Reaction shot of Spider-Monkey.

Page 6
Panel 1
Green Gibbon, heading the Simian Six, all attack Spider-Monkey.

Panel 2
Gwen Stacy being tossed off the bridge, Spider-Monkey leaping after her, Green Gibbon hover from above.

Panel 3
Spider-Monkey swings below her catching her.

Page 7
Panel 1
Baboonder holds out his paw, shows how things would be if he wished himself free of the powers.

Panel 2
Realities start to converge, other animal universes beging to merge with them.

Sinister Six as different animals?

How his life is complcated. The Baboonder wants to show him what? Alternate realities?

Kid's show Spider-Man with animal badguys. Kraven a lion, Lizard, Chameleon, Dr. Octopus, Electro Eel,

Green Gibbon's Monkey Paw wish. Not Spider-Monkeys. Baboonder apologizes, showing him the life he can never have, then pull it away from him.

Spider-Monkey swinging through alternate Marvel Realities. Spider-Man 2099, animated, old school, all animals, finally coming to Spider-Monkey holding the Monkey's Paw. Whatever that is.

That paw of the Baboonder. Alter reality with it. Monkey's Paw. Three wishes. Money/son's death. Son's return/Zombie. Return to status quo. Spider-Monkey wishing. Green Gibbon Wishing. Gibbon as trickster god.

Show Spider-Monkeys day to day, highlights with ape twist, wishing it different. The alternate realities endless. Each universe has it's own infinite realities.

Fate controls us, fight that at our peril.

Robbing museum, Simian Six, take on more powerful animal totems. Monkey's Paw, grabs it by accident. Wishes he would do things different.