Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Comicbook Confidential Notes

Directed by Ron Mann

William Gaines.
Father folded comic pages into comic books.
Slam Bradley. Superman.
From characters to artists.
Will Eisner.
Literary form. Pretention.
Frustrated writer/painter.
The Spirit. Newspapers. Pulp Magazines.
Romance, crime, funny animals.
The bomb looms.
Entertaining Comics.
Al Feldstein/William Gaines. Writers.
Springboards, plot, written.
"Guy murders his wife and eats her"
Older adults from time in service.
Wertham, Comic confidential.
Storm troopers & fodder
Kurtzman, Mad Magazine
Showcase DC Comics
Marvel Comics
Underground Comix
Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, Robert Crumb
Greeting cards. LSD. San Fran.
Posters. Head shops. Comix.
Zap Comix. Haight & Ashbury.
Freedom of creativity.
Breaking every taboo immediately
Path early in life, can't stop now.
Spain, Trashman, 68 convention
Ripoff Press
Fabulous Furry Freak Bros
Gilbert Shelton
Active rather than passive
Disney, Parody, Air Pirates
Overground comics
Trots & Bonnie
Female comix
Zippy Pinhead
Bill Griffith

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