Thursday, March 12, 2009

Animation Examination

Wonder Woman.
Pg-13. Battle scenes. Classic origin. Feminist agenda.
Superhero human warrior.
Risque humor.
Fish out of water.

Superman Doomsday.

Hulk Vs.
Funny. Violent.
Son of Asgard.

Green Lantern Teaser Doc.
Alan Scott.
50's era. Pilots.
Hal Jordan. Space.

Giving people origins one at a time. Planting the seed in consciousness. Off planet. Police force. Good cop.

GL Corp. Messed with costume. Voice actors.

Justice League: New Frontier.
Too close to art in the book. No fluidity.

Batman Brave & the Bold.

Bruce Timm.

Batman Gotham Knight.

Adult Swim.

Batman Adventures. Superman Adventures. Justice League. Batman Beyond/Static Shock. Justice League Unlimited. Legion of Super Heroes.

Animation vs Live Action.
Mythic vs Realistic.
Analog vs Digital.

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