Sunday, March 8, 2009

General Notes

Orpheus. Devil. Beating the devil. Deal. Faust.

Father Son bonding. Driving through post-apocalyptic America. Really just a figment of the Kid's imagination come to life in the breaking apart of reality. Post-post-apocalyptic. What happens when all reality breaks down with no one left to percieve it into being. Muscle car in a lake of lava, Titanium leaps into the flames, melting as he does, plummeting to the center where he connects with the female half of fire. The melt into one being. The Kid then treks to find the female half of his being.

Pop Culture.
Explosion of celebrity culture. Scientology army, Kabbalah mystics, doing battle before our eyes. Preparing for the endgame. Individual with so much amassed publicity that she explodes, transcends form to be an all-devouring mass.

A road trip from West Coast to East Coast and beyond into Europe. Hunter S. Thomson writer, guitar player, conspiracy theorist. Driving a muscle car cross country as they escape the blobs mass, devouring the country.

Playing guitar into the mass, swallowed whole. Driving over the bridge, an eye rises up out of the east river, a massive dormant godbeast awakes. The blob covering it, blanketing the earth, absorbing the souls into a wonderland of delight. Heaven on earth sucking people up as hell rises from the earth.

A cosmic god stirs beneath us and aches to be hatched and uncurl from the world and stretch out into the universe.

Paris Hilton sells her soul. Cult of Paris builds up energy. Tom Cruise vs Madonna at MTV Music Awards. Britney erupts into devouring mass. Writer, guitarist, and conspiracy theorist at Whiskey A-Go-Go. LA becomes a state of emergency, the world ends before their eyes. They steal a car and head to Vegas. Vegas to Arizona. Up into Midwest. Chicago. New Jersey. NYC. Long Island.

Montauk Lighthouse. The beast towering above America, a blob of pink trying to cover it, battleships come from the ocean and fire at them both. Rescue to Europe. Hint of new situation arising on the new half-earth.

Society pressed into Europe. Panic, riots, deconstruction of civilization. Removal of pop culture and its effects.

Bob Awesome
Max tricked into joining the cast. Trapped nowhere protecting a portal to anywhere. Power, speed, and vision but bound to a place outside of time. Max is Bob's chance to break free. Be with the girl he loves in New Mexico, another protector in another reality.

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