Thursday, March 12, 2009


Calls forth a fallen hero as a guide through various Universes.

Justice League. Blue Beetle.
Superman. Superboy.
Flash. Impulse.
Deadman as only Friend.
Dating an Amazon.
Friends with Jimmy Olsen.
Night photo editor.
Days free to HeroWatch.
Hidden Sun. Aztek. Q.
Beetle reborn.
Lightning Marvel Power.
Etrigan. Cliff Steele. Tim Hunter.
Amazon Soul. Hades. Zeus.
Amazons and Mythological Heroes.
Kamandi. Hang out. Listen to rock music.

Kid Infinity. White haired chaos magician. Dark hero.
Vertigo Universe. Tricks KE! into taking over his role in the VU, seeping his chaos into the DCU.

Deadman appears beside fallen heroes. Kit Carter. Dies in Justice League battle. Taken to Rock of Eternity. I thought he was one of yours with that bolt on his chest.

Kid Infinity and Kid Eternity form Kid Humanity.

Promo poster.
In the center is a Blue Bolt of Energy, big and blocky, but still chaotic. Half of Kid Infinity and Kid Eternity on both sides. The representative of Vertigo and DCU combined. Title across the chest as the figure is arched backwards yelling out name.

Kid Infinity satdning before portal. Cliff Steele, Shade, Tim Hunter, Swamp Thing shadows.

Captain Marvel as Shazam! Resurrecting Kid at Rock of Eternity! Deadman floats besides him. Captain Marvel Jr. off to one side.

Amazon, Jimmy Olsen, and Anarchy help KE! as he is bloodied and battered. They stand defensively as they look to the right and up, prepared to defend him.

Blue Beetle, Animal Man, Aztek. Kid Eternity standing awkwardly surging with power in front as the heroes spring forward behind him.

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