Sunday, March 8, 2009

Joseph Campbell DVD Notes

Reconstruction of Myth in our lives.
A lie. A metaphor.
Will to Power.
Pale Criminal.
God as Metaphor.
Categories of thought.
Theoists. Fact.
Atheist. False.
Inbetween. Agnostic.
New Myths New Artforms.
Indians vs Cowboys.
A new spirituality. The acceptance of the evil.
The badguy as the unacceptable or unbearable thoughts, feelings, and behavior of society.
Indians vs Cowboys. The battle of two forces. Spirit vs matter.

Stories as information entertainment.
People and animals. Creating equilibrium with idea of circle of life. Appreciation for both good and bad.
In accord with nature.
A balance provides power. Vision.

Buddhism as internalization.
Christianity as exile.
Acceptance vs Denial.
End of times.
Transcendent energy informs conciousness.
Love overcoming self-preservation.
Instinct proves metaphysical change.
Deeper than base emotion.

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