Saturday, February 27, 2010

End of Times

Center of Galaxy
Ophiucus (67)
8 wheel/tree of life
Divine cross & mundane cross
13,000 years
11,000 BC
3 eclipses/solar & lunar (1992-2012)
Ark Fire not water
No axle in time

SkyRunner Notes

Superheroes that exist in a society based around the lower to upper atmosphere. Hidden cities of the sky. Wind based hero. Floating islands.

Think Aerial Aquaman. Maybe a girl. Maybe use for Hawkgirl, Supergirl, and Mary Marvel. Or new heroine and have them guest star. WonderGirl. Halfway between the Earth & the Gods.

SkyShips, pirates, wild frontier. Born in a valley, raised in the sky, destined for the stars. You can drift from higher to lower, catch mapped updrifts to rise upwards, carefully piloting is necessary. Most travel is up and down, sweeping through cloud clusters, knowledge of how clouds come together is essential.

Girl, unsure of herself, but skilled, bored, capable. Reverse pirate. Peacekeeper. Non-violent, passionate, unaccepting of things are they are. A feminist, avoid confrontation, she's like the wind, sliding around attacks. She rises as heavy stone of masculinity plummet from the sky. They try and keep their socities afloat as she sabotages their efforts, keeping their destiny intact.

Book of 5 Chambers Notes

Start at death. Hunting down killers while showing excerpts from the book.

1776 - Independence. Revolutionary War.
Civil War. California Gold Rush.

Fistful of Dollars/Yojimbo
A Few Dollars More/Desperado
Good Bad & Ugly/Once Upon A Time in Mexico
Hidden Fortress/Samurai 123

Creating killers with Book. Inspiring. Culling the herd.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Forgotten childhood memories
DC Universe from Kid's perspective
Pre-teen, teen, college
SuperPets, SuperBoy, SuperMan
Innocence, Puberty, Dating
Young Adult. Quarterlife Crisis.
SuperMom. Capt. Marvel Jr.

Wizard of Oz, Wicked Queen
Female corruption
Lex Luthor, Metallo
Water, Earth, Magic

Cap & Tony

Punisher - play nice

Thrust - the Junk
Urban madness manifests
Lifting people from self-destruction
Making monsters by adding power
Causing destruction & enlightenment
Kinetic Kid

Bob Awesome
Mike Manchester: Mall Security
Mom <3
First Love

What does water carry?

Battle for Heaven within Mind
Eternal reversal

Granted Salvation
Unexpected enlightenment

Kid Flash: Mercury University
Mirrors - self reflection
Fire - passion
Ice - logic
Tricks - levity pain
Color - light reality
Top - vertigo self doubt

Batman as Bruce Wayne
Batfamily enforcers
Proactive totalitarian justice

Survivors of crossovers
Featuring main hero
House of M - Scarlett Witch
Planet Hulk
Civil War - Speedball Cap/Iron Man
Secret Invasion - Wasp

Flash Museum - Flash Science Center
Mercury University

TenTonStudios Anthology
Redneck Samurai
Blind Swordsgirl
Squirrel Girl n Speedball
Marvel Romance
Cyclops Ballad of Jean Grey
Iceman / Human Torch
Pop Culture
Young stars suppressing old school
Madonna. Music Superstars.
Kiss. Parliament Funkadelic.

Liquid Fury 12 Pages
Power Play. 9 pages
RedNeck Samurai. 10 pages
Star Wars.
Secret Identities. 2 pages

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Brooklyn Comic Events

So you want to break into comics (or maybe just socialize with creators), and the best way to do that is to network, be a friendly face that people recognize, and talk about the medium with them, mention your work casually, make friends with people. The convention scene can be too much mayhem and sensory overload puts most creators into a state of shock and awe, so the best alternative is to attend comic book events.

And if you live in Brooklyn, well you're in luck. There seems to be a new comic book event happening every other week. For instance, Tim, Reilly and I all hit up the release of Demo Vol. 2 at Rocketship Comics on January 31st. We chatted with Becky Cloonan, and although I missed Brian Wood, we made the rounds and chatted up the local talent and fans. You can see some pics from the event here.

The next Saturday at Rocketship had Ms. Raina Telgemeier doing a live visual reading and signing copies of her new coming of age graphic novel 'SMILE', while the Friday after that had Bob Fingerman and friends celebrating the release of 'FROM THE ASHES'.

While I was unable to attend those events I did jam pack one night with two events. The first was an art show for the Fantagraphics Anthology 'HOTWIRE', held at the Scott Eder Gallery in Dumbo. You can see a sampling of the artists' work here. If you love your comics alternative, then you'll love this book. The show will be on display until March 31st. It's a smaller gallery but always a fun time, as I did attend the Jim Mahfood show there about two years back which was great. And there's always free booze.

The second event that night was held at the lovely Bergen Street Comics, by far one of the most inviting and stylish of comic book stores. Ferbuary 12th saw the release of Heads Up Display's awesome puppet music video for their song 'FORMULA VS PERFUME'. The band features artist Kevin Colden and was co-directed by Seth Kushner, the photographer for Graphic NYC and Culture Pop Productions. The pair have also teamed up to create a comic SCHMUCK for webcomic collective Act-I-Vate.

This Friday night at Bergen Street Comics, February 26th at 8PM, you can meet Ben McCool and Ben Templesmith and have a few drinks with them to celebrate the release of their comic CHOKER as part of their US tour to promote the book.

If you're a little closer to Williamsburg, or just like hanging out in hipster-ville, you can swing by one of the best alternative comic book shops Desert Island to celebrate their two year anniversary featuring a 15% off sale, and get a signed copy of WE WILL BURY YOU, the historical zombie book by Brea & Zane Grant from 7-9PM.

And if you're free on Saturday February 27th, why not swing over into Manhattan to attend Mike Carbo's New York Comicbook Marketplace, which has a good selection of creators and is being held at Penn Plaza Pavilion, the former location of the National Big Apple Con, in Midtown.

While I won't be attending these events this weekend, in preparation for moving to Prospect Heights to be closer to the comic scene there, you can probably catch Write Club's favorite artist, Reilly Brown at Bergen tomorrow night, and you can count on seeing me and my cohort Tim Mucci at future events which you can find out about right here at Write Club.

See you around the neighborhood Brooklyn!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DeadBeat - Crime Scene

Crime scene. Homicide. Drug addict, 2 bullets through back into mattress. Ex-LAPD, undercover, narcotics. Interal affairs, disgraced junkie. Ripped off a local small time 'pin. Tatoo shop sister keeps him afloat, holds his hand through withdrawal, til he swings his fist. Motel alone, a syringe, un-fired unregistered 38 revolver, two in his back. Dead. Shirt off, face draped over the edge of the bed, barefoot, tattoed, one sleeve, left arm. Depiction of heaven at shoulder length, dark stomclouds, lightning, rolling waves across the bicep, ring of green grass, dark earth around the crook of his arm, star on the elbow, and flames down his forearm.

Small heart and arrow in the web of his right hand. Tiny and innocent, a reminder of the past. She died. He was too gung ho, advancing his career, having empty unfulfilling success. He volunteered for undercover, eager to make detective young. She was his high school sweetheart and LA stole her soul. Made her shoot up. She died in his arms.

A picture of him in uniform. Smiling. She's hugging him. It's a small picture frame, silver and pocket sized. It's all he has now. That and the habit. As she became memories, the dope was passing before my eyes. Criminal buddies laughing it up with him, slapping him on the back, buying shots. The junk.

He hits them, drunken rage, bloody fists and bruised chin, runs out on them, shacks up in a cheap motel and disappears. Sister finds him, total mess, back room of the tattoo shop becomes my cell. A chamber for the night tremors, a door that could be locked. She straightens him out, he's got a chance to be redeemed.

And then somebody pumps two into his body, from behind. Or on top. A smile on his face, belt undone, muscles relaxed, shoulders slack, until rigor mortis sets in. A small puncture wound in his neck, heel marks on the inside thigh. She kept her heels on as she mounts him, stroking his back as he laid dazed and feeling normal, bored and clean.

The smile didn't even leave his lips as his heart filled the sheets, the mattress with blood soaked through. A pack of cigarettes dropped just out of reach of his dead dangling hand. He looks up at us and mutters but one word.