Saturday, February 27, 2010

SkyRunner Notes

Superheroes that exist in a society based around the lower to upper atmosphere. Hidden cities of the sky. Wind based hero. Floating islands.

Think Aerial Aquaman. Maybe a girl. Maybe use for Hawkgirl, Supergirl, and Mary Marvel. Or new heroine and have them guest star. WonderGirl. Halfway between the Earth & the Gods.

SkyShips, pirates, wild frontier. Born in a valley, raised in the sky, destined for the stars. You can drift from higher to lower, catch mapped updrifts to rise upwards, carefully piloting is necessary. Most travel is up and down, sweeping through cloud clusters, knowledge of how clouds come together is essential.

Girl, unsure of herself, but skilled, bored, capable. Reverse pirate. Peacekeeper. Non-violent, passionate, unaccepting of things are they are. A feminist, avoid confrontation, she's like the wind, sliding around attacks. She rises as heavy stone of masculinity plummet from the sky. They try and keep their socities afloat as she sabotages their efforts, keeping their destiny intact.

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