Friday, December 11, 2009

Liquid Fury - Recharge! - Intro Script

Going to add to these but the initial notes on the scenes we should add to the first 6 pages.

I have the narration in mind as Moro says how Kole is corrupted by Wulong's presence. Wulong as perfectly flawed, removed from his environment, finds peace. But that Fury, the energy is transformed to Kole, who's environment has been changed by Wulong's presence. Showing how even emotional energy is unable to be created or destroyed, just changes form. Moro has raised Kole much as Tze raised Wulong.

Page 3
Aerial shot, Moro far below, Kole flying upwards, Wulong head back, peaceful rising towards us. Looking straight down at them as they shoot up at us, off the page. Maybe a smaller side shot panel from afar to see them shooting off the ground.


Page 4
Wulong arcing high into the air, eclipsing the sun
Shadow over Kole's face, split panel page, with Wulong curved and rising upwards like a geyser, and Kole, triangular and all angles, hard lines, almost locked into the grid-like ground below him. A yin-yang design to the page, Kole the white cast among the back blackground, Wulong the black curling up into the white sky.


Page 5
Arcing back dowards, Fist slam into Kole's face, fluid flesh flowing from the mighty punch.
Multiple kicks delivered downwards into Kole's chest,

Kole spins round, hovering above Wulong as they drop. Wulong flows around Kole's straightforward strikes. They come face to face as they plummet headfirst.

Wulong drops into a roll, sliding across the ground fluidly rolling with the recoil, a drop of water splashing down.

Kole slams into concrete, shattered ground sent floating upwards, square stone smashing into the tiles upon the fighting area.


Page 6
(More shooting up into the sky)
Wulong pushes himself backwards, spinning like a tornado, whips off the temple pillar, Moro looks upward at Wulong who looks heroic and in control. Calm, collected and badass.

Kole rises up out the hole, presses one foot firmly on the ground, grinding the rubble into dust as he pushes down hard, ready to fire himself upwards.

They meet in the middle of the page and slam into each other.

We may need another page in here to show them fighting as they land so it jives with the top of current page 4.


Page 7 (current page 4)
Page 8 (current page 5)


Page 9
Wulong, victorious, looks off into the distance, standing tall and aloof, eyes closed and at peace.

Kole, broken and shattered, parts jutting from every bone, splinters and shards. He is picking himself up, we feel terrible for him. Pity hum.


Page 10
Wulong close up on left side, maybe head and shoulders from a just above and behind him POV. It's him in the top left, and over his shoulder in panel 2 we see the country spread out before him. This is our map to Will of the River story.

Small towns/farms, Village on fire next to UC building, a river extending from the lower part of the bottom left of the page to mid-way right hand side where the giant sphere, a 64 sided golf ball shaped city lies just at the end. The cities should grow in size as the go from the Farmland to the Sphere. We also see the Airship hovering just South West of Tze's, a giant temple in the dessert to the far north, and a castle below the jungles to the south.


Page 11 (current pg 6)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speed Notes

Human running: 28 mph
Horse: 50 mph
Racecar: 240 mph
Jet: 1000 mph
Space Shuttle: 17,000 mph
New Horizons Probe (Pluto): 52,000 mph

@ 100 mph
30 hours across US
14 weeks to Moon
3100 years to Neptune

Nothing faster than light
186,000 mps (670,000,000 mph)
1 second, 75 times across US

Sun 8 minutes to Earth
Years to nearest star
6 trillion miles = lightyear
Light through space takes time
4.7 billion years ago Earth formed

Solar sail = photons
Magneto Plasma Rocket = superheated plasma channeled by magnets, maximize thrust

Space & Time
Spacetime 4th Dimensional fabric
Latitude, Longitude, Height, Time
Speed of Light constant
Relative movement
Speed = distance / time
Experiencing time differently, still or moving
Special relativity
Time would slow down on closer to speed of light
Time x Time = distance (GPS) triangulation
Clock on satellite needs to be offset
Time moves slower in space
Lightspeed slows aging

Speed of light - time stops
Gravity - mass
Curves spacetime
Bent towards a heavy mass
So dense tear spacetime - black holes
Earth mass into inch across
Stars - Supernova - Black Hole
Event Horizon - Speed of Light overcome by Gravity
Center of every Galaxy

Wormhole - shortcut, distance
Portals through space and time
4th dimensional travel
Presence does not conflict science
Rip space apart

Warp Drive - moving space
Expand space behind you, compress space ahead
Altering reality, theoretically possible

Monday, December 7, 2009

WCWWFX Page 1: Why Did You Join WCWWFX?

A row of panels around one larger panel of the whole team sitting at the breakfast table. Each surrounding panel should have one team member featured with dialogue showing their personality.

Main panel
Death's Eye has his eye focused on RazaBlade's legs as she stabs some bits of fruit from out of a bowl as she sits with her legs crossed on the counter, eyes closed and looking slutty. OverCrypt looks over to his right kind of awkwardly staring at RazaBlade. TeknoGore is spooning cereal onto his faceplate, as he watches OverCrypt spoon cereal into his mouth, which falls out the bottom of his jawbone. OC is checking outStrongArm looks bashful, his body tucked in itself, shoulders down, arms inward, looking awkardly at the other side of the panel where BloodClaw slices up oranches.


Death's Eye: I mean...her god.
RazaBlade: I just wanted to kill someone.
OverCrypt: If I must walk the earth in this demonic form...
TeknoGore: TEK-NO-GORE!
BloodClaw: I needed the money.
StrongArm: Have you seen BloodClaw? Hello? O-M-F'n-G!