Monday, December 7, 2009

WCWWFX Page 1: Why Did You Join WCWWFX?

A row of panels around one larger panel of the whole team sitting at the breakfast table. Each surrounding panel should have one team member featured with dialogue showing their personality.

Main panel
Death's Eye has his eye focused on RazaBlade's legs as she stabs some bits of fruit from out of a bowl as she sits with her legs crossed on the counter, eyes closed and looking slutty. OverCrypt looks over to his right kind of awkwardly staring at RazaBlade. TeknoGore is spooning cereal onto his faceplate, as he watches OverCrypt spoon cereal into his mouth, which falls out the bottom of his jawbone. OC is checking outStrongArm looks bashful, his body tucked in itself, shoulders down, arms inward, looking awkardly at the other side of the panel where BloodClaw slices up oranches.


Death's Eye: I mean...her god.
RazaBlade: I just wanted to kill someone.
OverCrypt: If I must walk the earth in this demonic form...
TeknoGore: TEK-NO-GORE!
BloodClaw: I needed the money.
StrongArm: Have you seen BloodClaw? Hello? O-M-F'n-G!

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