Thursday, April 1, 2010

Strange Tales: Healing Hands of Shang-Chi & Outline

Peaceful hands, the final form, created by Shang-Chi, his soul evolved. He hides in Brooklyn, near the Navy Yards, rumored to fend off ancient attacks. He lays low, waiting for the great evil to arise, teaching innocents the ways of tai-chi, making them strong enough to survive what will come.

The Mandarin, rings forged in a single band, great arcane energy spilling forth as Fin Fang Foom rises from the depths. A monster movie from Brooklyn into Manhattan. Kung Fu can only do so much, but can the Intern of Dr. Strange really be the key?

Flowing 70's style, red flowing jacket, wife-beater underneath. Bruce Lee meet Jet Li by way of Chow Yun Fat as a buddhist healer, repenting his violent past and seeing the peace he can spread through the superhuman community. Rechannelling the energy that is manifesting in the bodies of these ordinary humans.

70's flashback. Ghost Rider ala CHIPs/Peter Fonda meets Knight Rider. Luke Cage. Young. Keeping it real. Jive turkey. Iron Fist, sideburns and bellbottoms, hippy disco. Dazzler. Misty Knight.

Present. Cold, damp, wood, training dummy in the dark. Fists turning into palms and smooth gestures, sliding across the wood, serenity flowing into his movements. Then sudden grip, vice-like fingertips, rips it into splinters. His past not that far behind.

Training the future. A half-brother. Guilt over Moving Shadow. Father dead and gone, only in his dead sons body. Younger, faster, undead diabolical madman, clutching at life as he decimates, murdering all who enter his path.

The kid is difficult, promising, gentle, abrasive, and sixty other kinds of human. Aligned with Chinese mythology, divine intervention, chosen tool of destiny. Picked for his utter uniqueness and perfectly simple nature. His sense of the spectacle and its total enjoyment of adventure.

He seemed like he would enjoy it the most.

Redeeming heroes, preaching peace, defusing situations with his mere presence. What new influence, spiritual power beeming from his person, brought upon this transformation? A hidden secret. Sacrifice to set things right. He left another world as it expanded up out of this dimension. A reality where life was Happily Ever After.

Their kids all lived, they live together, happily married and functional. No one died and came back. Life was good, death prevented at all costs, saving babies from burning buildings and superhero ideal.

Dean brings his friend along for a ride out into Clinton Hill. They chat at Square Root Diner, hit up DopeJams, walk by the BQE and arrive at Shang's temple. A surprise visit reveals Manny's destiny.

Expanding storylines. Everywhere Dean "Walks", a new story opens. Unfolding universes. Storybook popup pulp.


SHIELD, slick, his cousin. Unknown Joe gets caught up in spyworld. Define HYDRA.

STARK. Financial. Business. Connected.
RICHARDS. Science. The field. Academia.
NAMOR. Secretly an atlantean. Surfer. Cali.
INHUMAN. Otherwordly. Hot. Badass alternative.

Running errands for Strange, dropping off packages at Nelson & Murdock, a reminder of an appt with the Doctor. Meeting one on one with all superhumans. To have an open discussion of a coming event. The rise of an alternate reality that will peel off the current 616 universe, shedding yet evolving. Training a replacement doctor. Redeeming Son of Satan's kid.

All Daimon Hellstrom's idea. Son of Satan meanwhile does Strange's dirty work. Killing those that need killing, rising to power behind the scenes. Retaking Hell for his own. Making coherence and Unity from Marvel's Darkness. Mephisto. Satannish. Cytorrak. Hoary Hosts. Getting affairs in order for the afterlife.

Hellstrom stays behind in evil power to save his son, guarantee that he'll be the Sorceror Supreme of M2. Son of Satan the true supervillain on par with Doom, Mandarin, Namor, Osborne. Loki. That bastard would have to go.

Satanna. 70's flashback here?

Research M2 Universe.
Spider-Girl. J2. X23.
ShatterStar. Rictor.
Paradise Arcadia Nirvana.

Tony Stark. Bucky. Beta Ray Bill. Silver Surfer messenger.


Dean. Strange. Wong. Mordo. Clea. Dormmamu.
Fantastic Four. Shield. Avengers. Jarvis, butler.
Nelson & Murdock. Daily Bugle. Rick, photo editor.
Harlem. Heroes for Hire. Brooklyn. Shang-Chi.
Brooklyn heroes vs. Mandarin & Fin Fang Foom.
Real life. Apt. Roommate. Tea with the Doctor.
Night Nurse, check up. Son of Satan Strikes.
Road trip. Deliver something sensitive. LA.
West Coast Avengers. 80's. Washout. Heroic ideal.
Satanna. Satannish. Son of Satan. Son of Son of Satan.
Ghost Rider. Inferno. Hellride. Satan.
Mephisto. Blackheart. Heirarchy.
Silver Surfer. Rising from Hell back into NYC. To Moon.
Inhumans. Watcher. Thanos. Infinity Gauntlet.
Dormmamu & Dread Dimension.
Battle for all dark realms. Prince of Darkness. Son of Hellcat. Higher realm, nirvana alternate universe.
Mom & Dad. A reality where he lived. Happily Ever After.

Tower of Brahma - I Saw A Mountain - 62a (of 64)

Valhalla. The point where two opposing forces begin to seperate, water vapor eradication of eternity, one drop at a time, a shimmering sphere wall, ever expanding.

Charles Crown stands before the crack of all reality. A dividing of houses, life crumbles all about him, shifting rifts tearing itself apart.

Fuck, he sighs.

That's what it all meant. He's the one who first sees the bubble begin to burst. Nothing special, just happens to be him. No great destiny other than being first in line at the dotted line, the parting of two parallel dimensions, Strange savage arayan norweigan wolfgod, and myself.

The Spider sheds its skin, leaving behind a venomous grin, seeping with sinister lies. The weapon with which to kill the serpent. But first, escape.

Run for your lives boys, this chapter is at an end.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Silver Surfer
Dr. Strange

Redefine. 3 page pitch.

Dumb superhero
New age intellectual
Occult teacher
Mythological prince

Son of Satan. Valkyrie. Hellcat.
Gargoyle. Moondragon.

Betty Ross
Shala Bal

Undying Ones.

Red Hulk
Baron Mordo
Tiger Shark

Marvel Cosmos
Skaar, Daken, Franklin Richards, Bucky
Spider-Girl, Baby Cage, Henry

Zombies, Apes

Ghost Rider
Black Widow

West Coast Avengers
Drama, reality show, celebrity

Los Angeles

Public do-gooders

Invisible. Sue Storm. Dr. Doom. Namor. Silver Surfer. Mephisto.

Dr. Doom foiled. Watches Sue.
Mole Man, kids, business.
Negative Zone Day Alone.
Storm & She-Hulk. Emma Frost.
Haiti relief. Namor. Humanity. Air Water. Silver Surfer calls Sue to
cosmic level. Galactus.
Avengers Picnic.


Strange Tales
Dr. Strange, Hellcat, Son of Satan
Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Namor

Mephisto, Satannish, Celestials, Watcher

Howard the Duck
Spidey & DD

Civil War

Squirrel Girlfddddf

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