Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tower of Brahma - I Saw A Mountain - 62a (of 64)

Valhalla. The point where two opposing forces begin to seperate, water vapor eradication of eternity, one drop at a time, a shimmering sphere wall, ever expanding.

Charles Crown stands before the crack of all reality. A dividing of houses, life crumbles all about him, shifting rifts tearing itself apart.

Fuck, he sighs.

That's what it all meant. He's the one who first sees the bubble begin to burst. Nothing special, just happens to be him. No great destiny other than being first in line at the dotted line, the parting of two parallel dimensions, Strange savage arayan norweigan wolfgod, and myself.

The Spider sheds its skin, leaving behind a venomous grin, seeping with sinister lies. The weapon with which to kill the serpent. But first, escape.

Run for your lives boys, this chapter is at an end.

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