Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sharkboy & Lavagirl

Superhero carrying female form

Running to save her

Toss her into a volcano

Villain wanting to be good. The massochistic love affair with the hero.

Lex Luthor & Amazo

Supervillain Rehabilitation Center

The Flash

Mirror Master. Quicksilver/Mercury. Transmuted matter.

Villains popping out of comic fans heads. Fiction materializing through acccidental willpower leakage. ID impulses acted out by driving others to do what you won't.

The Rogues. Pied Piper.

First on scene. The Flash arrives to the scene of a powered crime. Analyzes the forensic evidence. Runs to lab, quicker way, travel sized lab/computer. Bridge between communicators and tesseracts.

Tornado Twins. Barry needs to get to know his kids. Morning commute is between time/space. Routine of his day. Lunch with his kids in the future, visiting Iris in the present, working in the Speed Hatch.

Police scientist.

Future celebrity stalker.

Jobless bank robber.


Having power and doing good with no credit.

Having power and taking what you want.

The wrestling aspect of public hero brawls.

Strange Tales

Needs a name.

In college, gets a internship with Dr. Strange. Helping heroes deal with the transformation in the new age. Jealous disciple.


Walking by, sees her, loses train of thought, turns back to where he was going. Guess this is the spot. 177 Bleeker St. Sanctum Sanctorum.

Interns. Fire & Ice. Johnny Storm invites him out with Bobby Drake. Meet up with the X-ladies at a club.

Riding on Silver Surfer's board. Hanging off the back of Ghost Rider's motorcycle. Working out at a gym with Iron Fist and Power Man. Office of Nelson & Murdock.

Mephisto vs Dormamu

Earth/Hell/Dread Dimension


Work to make it real.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

DC The Flash Notes

Barry stands on the outside of a bubble. All is white void. Brightly colored beacon in a sea of nothingness. He has alternated his frequency to the point of transcending human form. Now he is just as he imagines himself to be.

Alone in the void for eternity, never aging, never getting hungry, or sick. He eventually stumbles across the silvery, primordial matter, quicksilver, the reflective ink of the cosmos. Fashioning it into a device to assist in processing information, he eventually molds an area into a hatch, complete with lab and cosmic treadmill, just to stay in shape.

With this new mercurial material he is able to view and eventually interact with the DCU, which is on a lower level of exsistence than he is. Beyond death, underworld, and the furthest reaches of space, Barry Allen sits and performs experiments on a science he must develop on his own. Trapped above all matter, standing just outside the barrier of all energy, he watches and develops a plan.

He has to get Hal's help. It was his sacrifice, his turn to evil, the acceptance of carrying the burden, the responsibility to unplug existence from the lower realms of thought. It was the only way they could help this Universe grow and expand until it could find its own equilibrium. In the meantime, they'd have to find a way to keep the fire burning.

Hal relit the sun. He repositioned the galactic center towards Earth, around us. We were reshaping everything and yet I don't think even Hal could see what was happening. But I saw the pattern. I knew how they would turn on each other, suffer each in their turn. But I saw how it would help them in the end.

I need to make sure there are Flashes around to sustain the structure of this universe of ours. So, I'll build a school. Or inspire someone to build a school.

Mercury University.

DC Superman Notes

Lex Luthor reprograms Amazo to not only counter and replicate superpowers, but the intricacies of the human mind. Lex's new role as philosopher/psychologist/sociologist allows him the opportunity to serve his fellow man.
Seemingly he tries to help by uncreating supervillains by granting them fulfillment with the risk of personal injury to themselves or others. Every villain is given exactly what they want.
And so, undoes the concept of superheroes by creating a utopia where every individual takes personal responsibility and even Lex, having started the plan with sinister intentions, is converted. Superman smiles, "About time Lex."
Inspiring the pinacle of mankind towards the betterment of his people.

Raw power, contantly held in check, under control, contained within one man. He hammers down the rough spots allowing the heights of humanity to be reached by those with mankind's best interests at heart.

Action Comics.
First punch thrown by a superhero, ripples through time, til today, dramatic dynamics displayed to process some raw angst. What is the psychological reasons behind wanting to be a superhero?

Missing father figure. Search for identity. Wanting to stand out, yet be accepted. To be praised for higher ideals and held in awe for our strength or skill. Given some matter of gift to tackle some larger concept that plagues us.

Superman. Alien. Vs. Lex Luthor. Man.
Science as utopia. Are superpowers worth losing your entire civilization?
Science as dystopia. Mad with power, greed for more, the lure of knowing more. Control.
Individual power physically vs Individual power of thought.
Masculine. Feminine. Egg ship, egg head.
Superman the internal, Lex the external.

The true joy of damage and battle. Smashing and lashing out. Release. The feeling behind every thrown punch. The joy of even receiving the punch. The status quo maintained. Both sides conflict with each other to evolve themselves. One must up the ante.

Superman's annoyance at Lex's persistance.

Both spent, Lex and Clark in the rubble.

Superpowers as infantile desires.

Man of Steel.
Everyone's so grateful despite the destruction. But something catches his ear. Someone yelling about him destroying his car. Supes fishes it out of the river, where he had tossed it at Lex, and brings it to his driveway to help him restore it. They talk about the man's life. Supes relates, but mostly just listened.

Superpowers as tools of creation.

Man of Tomorrow.
Superman realizes that what he should be doing is reaching out to people. So he schedules his day accordingly, so he knows when he's have to help stem the flow of lava at this volcano on Thurs, between 1-2pm. And that a certain experimental substance is being transported out of Metropolis tomorrow morning. He literally plans his day out one day earlier so he has enough time to sit and talk with people one on one.

Superpowers as social interest/self fulfillment.

Last Son of Krypton.
Having spoken with millions of people over a few years, Superman becomes weary, and needs to vacation. His journey winds him up at the site where Krypton stood. Here he muses over the dilemma of feeling human and thinking kryptonian. Of the rawness of humanity, the cold clinical detachment of Kryptonian. Superman's weakness is seeing others hurt. Empathy. Krypton as direct but not cold, calculated interpersonal relationships.

Superpowers as god.