Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sharkboy & Lavagirl

Superhero carrying female form

Running to save her

Toss her into a volcano

Villain wanting to be good. The massochistic love affair with the hero.

Lex Luthor & Amazo

Supervillain Rehabilitation Center

The Flash

Mirror Master. Quicksilver/Mercury. Transmuted matter.

Villains popping out of comic fans heads. Fiction materializing through acccidental willpower leakage. ID impulses acted out by driving others to do what you won't.

The Rogues. Pied Piper.

First on scene. The Flash arrives to the scene of a powered crime. Analyzes the forensic evidence. Runs to lab, quicker way, travel sized lab/computer. Bridge between communicators and tesseracts.

Tornado Twins. Barry needs to get to know his kids. Morning commute is between time/space. Routine of his day. Lunch with his kids in the future, visiting Iris in the present, working in the Speed Hatch.

Police scientist.

Future celebrity stalker.

Jobless bank robber.


Having power and doing good with no credit.

Having power and taking what you want.

The wrestling aspect of public hero brawls.

Strange Tales

Needs a name.

In college, gets a internship with Dr. Strange. Helping heroes deal with the transformation in the new age. Jealous disciple.


Walking by, sees her, loses train of thought, turns back to where he was going. Guess this is the spot. 177 Bleeker St. Sanctum Sanctorum.

Interns. Fire & Ice. Johnny Storm invites him out with Bobby Drake. Meet up with the X-ladies at a club.

Riding on Silver Surfer's board. Hanging off the back of Ghost Rider's motorcycle. Working out at a gym with Iron Fist and Power Man. Office of Nelson & Murdock.

Mephisto vs Dormamu

Earth/Hell/Dread Dimension


Work to make it real.

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