Friday, January 9, 2009

Marvel Chronicle Notes

Marvel Comics#1 Oct. 1939
Human Torch
Masked Raider

Outsiders of normal society. Earth, Fire, Water, Air/Metal. Savage, Prince, Robot, Cowboy.

Sub-Mariner. Half human. World War 2. America as enemy. The Angel. Crime-fighter. Cape of Mercury.

Hitler Invades Poland September 1st. First World Science Fiction Convention. Gone With the Wind & Wizard of Oz. Manhattan Project.

Tales of Suspense 4 Notes

Invisible Army, science control military, trojan horse

Wife and kids, family used as force, revolutionary
If evil sticks to the plan, plays the game, it can be charted and countered.

Spacemen, luck vs caution, knowledge vs experience
Plants as dominant life form
Appearances can be deceiving

Ham radio geek military info

Robots male ego job providing freeing man from drudgery into artistic pursuit. Anger over the threat, fuels creativity. Enlightenment to larger picture allows individual to turn around and craft a path opposite the previous thrust of creativity. A balance here could provide a equilibrium to mankind's mental state. A harmony of opposing forces, stably burning.

Size difference, scale relations, stories told, thought to be interconnected, operating at different levels of reality.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

laser vision

new look 2009 model

kevin & magda

stars & bolts

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tales of Suspense Notes 2

Aliens, fake projection by scientist, world peace
Janitor time travel forethought ambition morality
Failed space travel, anti-propaganda, president
Dictator, controlled by plants
Robot racism, camps, assassin power down

Anti-technoligical message. Science as propaganda, promoting peace. Prison as eden. Puppet power pawn deflate. Tom and Zack fighting off attacks from Kang. Shield Agent and Stark Techxpert, taking out runaway technology.

Tom "Cap's Cuz" tries too hard. He's too eager. Wants approval. Zack is too cocky, too invested in his own skills to think outside himself. Both self-centered, learn the human fatalities of superhuman attacks.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Every other day writing

Should be every day.

But I've been working despite the loss of my PowerBook. My phone's been running a little hot lately. So I decided to stay in tonight. I couldn't do it. I went out to Odessa to get food and that was rough enough.

I just freeze up in public. So aware that I'm not comfortable, thinking of how I walk, sit, talk, breathe. Examining how I must appear to those around me. Unable to just relax and be natural, every moment is spent dissecting my very being.

So it gets hard to relate because I assume I'm vastly superior to others because of my intense self-awareness. No one else can see the structure that our interactions, our social lives, our whole damn society rests upon. I get so much information from casual conversation, I interpret actions to fit a preconcieved notion, and then I propagate my own intense misery.

I take small slights in major ways, holding grudges and bitterness. I used to anyways. I'm trying to leave that behind me. I realize it's me, it's a self-fulfilling prophecy. I can't relate because others are human beings, part of mankind, and therefore society, which we all know is the true enemy.

The fabricated rules of norm which we all must adhere to don't apply to me. I've stepped outside reality and watch the game from afar. I have very little interest in returning to the game as well. I just don't see the point.

And hopefully this point will arise now. I'm prepping myself for a grand adventure, and will hopefully return to a new, more stable, lifestyle when I get back. Working on Tower of Brahma chapter 55, 9 more to go. Scary that after 5 years it'll be done. Wrote an awesome bit about my dad which was accidently discarded by my rogue thumb. Wound up as my last post.

Still working on the comic pitches but I have so much passion for these ideas that I want to really develop them. For anyone reading this, please post a comment to let me know if you read comics and if not what would give you incentive to start?

Would making them cheap, disposible, and based in specific areas of New York City, picked up from subway stations, or band flyer tables, etc., would that make people give reading them a shot?

I just also have to say I love polish food and 50's comics.


Tales to Astonish Notes

Issue 1
Aliens. War vs Peace. Judgment of looks.
Snoop smeller
Space travel. Overpopulation. Finding answer within.
Prison. Living Ghost. Mind control lawyer.
Origin of Robinson Crusoe. Life of adventure.
Metors, atomic arc, shrinking, aliens testing us

Xenophobia, illusion of similarity
External leading to internal
Zealousness leads to failure
Science salvation
A tech off

A complex of some sort. A stable base of operations that should feel familiar. Jim Lawson feels more at home there. Some sort of extreme edge of a reality tear. A shape. Circle?

Ultron, Leader, Kang steal technology that "cures" the Hulk. Leads them to create monsters to defeat the present.

Bruce should be the old hand scientist. More wild and reckless. Indestrutible guinea pig and battler of the beasts. He's thankful to Jim but feels obligated to help. Kind of wants out and on his own.

Hank is just Hank. Moody, eccentric, paranoid, yet brilliant. He represents the internal, trying to repair the broken inside. Shrinking compacts his body, makes him invisible, less of him in the world.

Jim, nervous, a young "lifer" scientist, who has had some successed based on combining unorthodox sciences. He's a numbers guy and does the hard science, Bruce pushes him in the right direction, and Hank makes it happen.

Ultron: evil AI. Cyborg. Robot. Computers. 1 & 0.
Leader: pushing science too far. Monsters. Reptile.
Kang: conqueror, mastermind, general. Time travel.