Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tales to Astonish Notes

Issue 1
Aliens. War vs Peace. Judgment of looks.
Snoop smeller
Space travel. Overpopulation. Finding answer within.
Prison. Living Ghost. Mind control lawyer.
Origin of Robinson Crusoe. Life of adventure.
Metors, atomic arc, shrinking, aliens testing us

Xenophobia, illusion of similarity
External leading to internal
Zealousness leads to failure
Science salvation
A tech off

A complex of some sort. A stable base of operations that should feel familiar. Jim Lawson feels more at home there. Some sort of extreme edge of a reality tear. A shape. Circle?

Ultron, Leader, Kang steal technology that "cures" the Hulk. Leads them to create monsters to defeat the present.

Bruce should be the old hand scientist. More wild and reckless. Indestrutible guinea pig and battler of the beasts. He's thankful to Jim but feels obligated to help. Kind of wants out and on his own.

Hank is just Hank. Moody, eccentric, paranoid, yet brilliant. He represents the internal, trying to repair the broken inside. Shrinking compacts his body, makes him invisible, less of him in the world.

Jim, nervous, a young "lifer" scientist, who has had some successed based on combining unorthodox sciences. He's a numbers guy and does the hard science, Bruce pushes him in the right direction, and Hank makes it happen.

Ultron: evil AI. Cyborg. Robot. Computers. 1 & 0.
Leader: pushing science too far. Monsters. Reptile.
Kang: conqueror, mastermind, general. Time travel.

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