Friday, February 13, 2009

kurt and lauren

lauren and kurt


she superspeeddorked me out and I loved it


check the bolt, left hand, ring finger. mine.


who chalks the chalkmen


bats pounds boston


Scott and Jacob Javitz

lauren at breakfast

lauren. breakfast. lazy day.

me at breakfast

there was an empty seat across from me

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legionnaires motherfucker

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hulk Vs

Thor & Wolverine

Everyone should see this and then come back and discuss.


As a fan of Wolverine and Thor, Marvel, Animation, and quality comic book projects this has got everything.

The characters are as true to the comic book versions as ever put into motion. Deadpool had me laughing throughout. The violence was a bit intense. It was edited well so that a lot was implied but man they showed some familiar Marvel characters taking some brutal hits from the Hulk.

On Special Features there's a Son of Asgard Thor coming of age animated movie preview. Looks awesome. Exactly what the Thor/Asgardian aspect of Marvel needs. A solid foundation of its own mythology retold and explored anew.

Wolverine and the X-Men preview, which I've seen some episodes but wasn't too taken in by it. Nice addition to the X-Men lore but not interesting enough for me. (Hard to match Batman Brave & the Bold for cartoons these days, but that's another post)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bob Awesome Notes

Bob Awesome and the Bowling League

New kid starts. We need to flesh out who the newcomer will be in the situation. Maybe he's the guy that works the desk, deals with the shoes. A running gag of "you don't want to know what happened to the last guy".

Bob who used to work there now just hangs out at the bowling alley throwing balls all day. If we want to keep it PG we can have him drinking root beer floats at the food counter run by the daughter of the owner.

She'll need a good name. I'll think on that.

The Devil Ron said he wants selling hotdogs there. Maybe have him in different outfits and different roles depending on the episode.

Nick O'Time is the Jughead to Bob. Not sure what to do with him. Maybe have him work behind the scenes resetting the pins, make him more the smart yet clueless type. Always in a good mood despite Bob's crankiness.

Smoke, the janitor, is always in a haze in the bathroom. The wise oracle of the group. Maybe only Bob talks to him and sees him.

Everything should seem routine, even when a creature emerges from the portal.

We need a bowling alley and an open field to shoot.

Through the new kid we can have the others fill in Bob's backstory. Bob's sort of the Fonz, but brooding. Consigned to his fate as protector he has no ambition to do anything with himself. I like the idea that he wanted to be a stand-up comedian but we can work another talent he wanted to develop but wasn't given the chance as in the original script.

If we can swing it we can do flashbacks to Bob before the powers gave him the duty. Telling stories about Bobn we see him from his friends' perspectives.

I have the first shot of Bob laid out which I'll flesh out. But this should be a good start.

Max Crash and Third Degree Burn we can work in later.

SubText Notes

Writing and photos. Find a cheap printing format for digital images and words. Lay it out on the Mac in the studio.

Ask photographers from work if they want to submit images. Short stories from each writer I know.

Fanzine to shamelessly promote all my friends and put my writing out there. A new magazine that showcases writing, art, photos. Find places in the area to put it out for free. Galleries.

Fine tune this idea more. January 2010 launch.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NYCC Post-Con Organization

Get a hold of yourself. I realize what has happened. How much exploded across this past weekend. Get a grip. Put it down.

I gotta quit smoking. And I need a nap. It's 6:47am and I'm watching DVRed Adult Swim. The inspiration from the Con still resonates. I need to make a plan.

Here goes.

Continue work on the pitches. The Flash with Phil, Strange Tales with Reilly, and Superman with Burnham.

Next wave Tales to Astonish. Hulk & Wasp. Ask Khoi after scripting.

Mercury University with Doug. Bart Allen becomes Zoom. The flipside to the Flash legacy, meant to balance out and help carve the future out of the formelss void.

Need an original third.
Mike Manchester: Mall Security (Oni Press)
Twentysix: Superhero romance (Slave Labor)
Pop Culture: Titanium (Dabel)

God I feel sick. Eyes dropping, drooping low, can't hold the skull.

Finish SSP's Novel, read Boston's Scripts. Talk with Tim about pitch. Dark Horse. Adventure Horror. Jung or Keruoac. On the Road meets Lovecraft.

Script short film Ex. Write outline for Bob Awesome. Plan ideas for Adult Swim pitch. Liquid Fury cartoon. More animated movie, but scripted three acts to break up for TV. Lil League.

Liquid Fury Animated.
Dark loner. Empty world. Flashbacks to childhood.

Start Tower of Brahma chapter 57. the Twelve. This is nearly the end. I'm re-writing my future. I rewind seconds back, and catapult forward, always lurching, rocking, swinging into the future. You should see me dance.

Get Valentine's Day gifts. She's yours. Make the first one special. Kiss her at midnight. No need to wear the Punisher shirt or go see Eternal Sunshine alone this year. An Awesome 80's Prom it is my dear.

See Dark Knight and Iron Man. Compare and contrast and explain why Iron Man is far superior.

Start project: Save DC Comics on the TenTon Forum. One sheet illustrations with four action panels and a series outline with four short stories describing the action.

Build up fan base among DC fans and together we can change DC comics to be what we want it to be rather than to be left in the hands of business men and raving fanboys.

At the rate of me inadvertantly (occasionally blatantly) insulting professionals I'm going to have to crazy talented and smart about this.

But fuck it, I'm doing it my way.

And as Boston always says: there's always film.

Let's do this thing.


Ps- Story ideas
Star Wars. Doctor's take on brain damage between trilogies as they took away personality and individuality.

Justice League as child gods.
Batman - spoiled rich kid
Superman - do-gooder poor kid
Wonder Woman - international brat
Green Lantern - military brooder
Flash - midwestern blue collar
Aquaman - new England dreamer
Atom - distracted scientist

Justice League High.
Lil' League
Kids re-enacting major DC history
Continuity sculpted to a simple mass of imaginary reality

Justice League as Lost/Heroes
Group coming together. Unsure of how they got powers. Wanting to do good. Deciding how to fix the world. Call it 2012.


Supervillain plot to strip heroes of powers. Orchestrated by the superheroes. Seeing the spread of powers and the damage that could be done, they began an endless cycle of moral combat that could slow the coming destruction.

The world has ended. We fight to slow it down. Lost in the moment, we don't think of the future, we linger in the past.

Heroes is such a bad show. Sigh.