Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Flash - Donald Allen

he runs to save her, he knows he's not fast enough, superspeed be damned. sorry Dad.

GL Behind Bars

I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me

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Son of Satan

he's his own worst enemy, who survives the battle against yourself

Blip Magazine

Marvel's Video Game Maz circa 1983. Learn how to beat Centipede.

177 Bleeker

Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum

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longshot hurt

He's afraid to get hurt emotionally

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Write Club! Top 10

Flaming Carrot
Kingdom Come
All-Star Superman
Storm Riders
Shade the Changing Man

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Marvel Romance: Dazzler/Iceman

A split Marvel book like Two-in-Ones, Strange Tales, etc.

Dazzler is Sex in the City with a modern hipster vintage Soho twist. Trying to make it as a singer in the city as a young hot mutant with sound to light powers.

Angel as hunky millionaire. Longshot as downtrodden hipster who needs you but is bad for you. Guitarist in band romance. Mojo-verse plot to assassinate her, make her an icon. Shatterstar as her child. Longshot sending her kid into future. Remembers but pretends to have lost his memory.

Iceman. Luckless romantic. Polaris. Mystique. Human Torch. Spider-Man. Guy's Night Out. Iceman is Dazzler's roommate. West Village apt. Why Iceman doesn't drink flashbacks: Wolverine drinking contest.

Tornado Twin Notes

Dawn Jae Allen.
Donald Wallace Allen.

Children of Barry Allen & Iris Allen.
Iris native to 30th Century. Grew up in the 20th Century. Barry Allen was of Godlike status.

Sacrificed himself in the Crisis of Infinite Earths. Returned in the Final Crisis. Saw the birth of the new cohesive DCU.

The Flash maintains it's powers through vibrations. Green Lantern defines it's limits through will. Superman's power energizes it (Superman also becomes perfected man psychologically, sociologically, emotionally, ideal). Wonder Woman provides the Myth and Warrior Spirit. Aquaman lords over the seas. Atom patrols the subatomic. Hawkman maintains regality and vigilance.

The 30th Century reality has suffered many distortions because of these crossovers. Like a warbling thread it is pulling taught, refining the wild alternative realities into a single moment. Where DC 1,000,000 the 30th Century and the DCU all implode in an epic core universal story.

The Tornado Twins are executed as traitors to EarthGov. The Khunds. Portrayed as terrorists. Iris West Allen, Editor for Daily Planet. Dominion forces controlling EarthGov.

Don dreams of saving Dawn in the final moment, donning his father's costume, a father he never knew, a hero from the past.

Don survived by Carmen Johnson and son Barry II. Dawn unmarried. Forced to watch execution.

The twins, only heroes a few times, were normal kids, but never fit in. They had no father, and Iris, a strong woman from the 20th Century, raised them right. Other kids ignored them and they had a secret world between them. The first linked minds with superspeed. They would have adventures on other planes of reality all in a glance towards each other.

Iris kept busy but was a good mom, always there as often as she could. But she trusted them, and they never disappointed. Kids minds were always lightyears ahead of them, and their power to move fast, slowed the world down around them. They saw more, processed more, and so were gifted students in all subjects.

No one saw the world like they did. But they tried to lead normal lives. They married and had kids.

Don's son is Bart Allen. Mother is Meloni Thawne.

Dawn's daughter would grow up to be Xs, the superspeedster of the Legion of Superheroes.

Barry Allen II in Legion of Superheroes Giffen run.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Write Club! Ep 5 Links