Thursday, April 2, 2009

Marvel Romance: Dazzler/Iceman

A split Marvel book like Two-in-Ones, Strange Tales, etc.

Dazzler is Sex in the City with a modern hipster vintage Soho twist. Trying to make it as a singer in the city as a young hot mutant with sound to light powers.

Angel as hunky millionaire. Longshot as downtrodden hipster who needs you but is bad for you. Guitarist in band romance. Mojo-verse plot to assassinate her, make her an icon. Shatterstar as her child. Longshot sending her kid into future. Remembers but pretends to have lost his memory.

Iceman. Luckless romantic. Polaris. Mystique. Human Torch. Spider-Man. Guy's Night Out. Iceman is Dazzler's roommate. West Village apt. Why Iceman doesn't drink flashbacks: Wolverine drinking contest.

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