Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Time Machine

George Pal



Oscar SFX

Clocks, ominous. Seasons, weather.

Right to left, scientists.

Clocks chime 8:00


Flashback to earlier meeting.

Fourth dimension.

Cannot be felt or seen.

Box as 3 dimensional.

Prisoners to the moment.

5 scientists

Can future be changed?



Time changes space.

Horse and carriage, right to left, backwards.

New Year wishers left to right. Time moves on.

Newspaper. Ways to show time.


New Years 1900

Eagerness to use invention, defy nature.

Clock and candle.

Watching life go by fast.

Perspective of patterns.

Intoxicating. Faster.

Glimpses, fashion. Mannequin, female ideal, no age.

17 years into his future.

Friends death, release from present.

23 years later. Bombing of London.

Outcome of war. House destroyed.

1966 - air raid siren, shelters.

Atomic satellite

Destruction of future.

Rock, encased. October 12, 802,701

8028th Century

Giant head, temple

Fall of another Empire

Save drowning girl.

Humans watch. Passive Eden.

Intellectually stunted.

No government or laws. No work.

Books rotted.

Machine stolen.

Girl build fire.

Pities humans.


Spirit of self sacrifice.

Beyond the idea of time. Existence.

Rings, history. War, bacteria.

Some went underground, some in the sun.

acceptable losses. Shelter brainwashing.


Literally lights the fire within the earth. Lava.

Inspires humanity to fight.

Saturday Notes

Indie Publishing

Hot to Make Books

By trial and error, i learned the overuse of alcohol to overcome my own shy resistances and the defenses of women. Daniel Pinchbeck

"...mad to live, mad to love, mad to be saved..."


"Drugs...seemed another dead end, another consumerist substitute for true feeling or communion."


Thrust Notes

Survivors of superhero battles

All memory wiped from their minds

Residual power pierces the veil

Creativity for some is life experience

Author of our own destiny

Ego blast

Rich using bodies

Reading the experience

Bodies left behind

My person was stolen from me

Embued with cosmic power

And made to do battle

The remnants, discarded

Brought back to Earth Prime

Scarred veterans of Imaginary Wars

The things I've seen

How can I go back?

Suddenly I see how they got me.

The Punisher Notes

Punisher as invisible assassin

Making sure everything goes according to book

Punisher as hipster hater

Punisher as self-hating hero

Level the playing field

Upping the ante

Making himself a martyr

Christ complex

God complex

Self above others

An ideal

Figure of death

Dealing with it

Anger over loss

Punisher idea co-opted


Soldier in need of a war

castle, protection

Keeping females safe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In The Mood For Love Notes

Distancing their emotions
The push and pull, give and take of relationships
Denying yourself
Each seeing the other side of things through their boss/friend.
Spirals, flowers, mad distance between our souls
Lines, trapped, confinement, bars, control
Rain as bars, outside yet trapped
Brought them together
Sick, medication, healing
Responsibility for another
Creativity to cover pain
Reaching out despite limiting yourself to social norms
Smoke as freedom
Emotions displayed in mirrors
Horizontal in the bedroom.
Slippers as evidence.
Testing boundaries
Writing alone
Repetition of scenes
Cycle, flirtation, affair, break up
What is unsaid
Wanting release emotional
Stone wall shot
Ring, bound
Whispered secret

Peeping Tom Notes

Who does the looking?
Reaction shots
Violent way feminine
Villains as well
Leo Marx
Disconnecting from humanity
Fetishizing control
Evil is made
Created by observation
Phallic symbols
Blind mother
Helen, writer
Celebrity death
Girl in the news shop
Lost sight because of man
Reverence to Rape
Audience to film, camera to actors, actors to each other
Showing fear to the victims. Their moment of death the final act in the father-son drama.