Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Time Machine

George Pal



Oscar SFX

Clocks, ominous. Seasons, weather.

Right to left, scientists.

Clocks chime 8:00


Flashback to earlier meeting.

Fourth dimension.

Cannot be felt or seen.

Box as 3 dimensional.

Prisoners to the moment.

5 scientists

Can future be changed?



Time changes space.

Horse and carriage, right to left, backwards.

New Year wishers left to right. Time moves on.

Newspaper. Ways to show time.


New Years 1900

Eagerness to use invention, defy nature.

Clock and candle.

Watching life go by fast.

Perspective of patterns.

Intoxicating. Faster.

Glimpses, fashion. Mannequin, female ideal, no age.

17 years into his future.

Friends death, release from present.

23 years later. Bombing of London.

Outcome of war. House destroyed.

1966 - air raid siren, shelters.

Atomic satellite

Destruction of future.

Rock, encased. October 12, 802,701

8028th Century

Giant head, temple

Fall of another Empire

Save drowning girl.

Humans watch. Passive Eden.

Intellectually stunted.

No government or laws. No work.

Books rotted.

Machine stolen.

Girl build fire.

Pities humans.


Spirit of self sacrifice.

Beyond the idea of time. Existence.

Rings, history. War, bacteria.

Some went underground, some in the sun.

acceptable losses. Shelter brainwashing.


Literally lights the fire within the earth. Lava.

Inspires humanity to fight.

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