Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sun Notes

Ever flowing, pulls on the mind
Opposite of the moon
Expanding universe
Speed of light

Sheet of ice
186,000,000 miles diameter
1/5 inch thick
Billionx3 watts

Prism breaks sunlight
Chemical formula
Information in nature

Ripples from supernovas
Clouds turn to stars
Gravity hydrogen

Pieces of debris
Once part of a whole
Now scattered in a ring
Solar system

Liberates energy with first fusion
Heart - core half mass, 2% of volume
Protons hydrogen to helium
Extreme conditions
Positive and positive
High temp high pressure
15,000,000 degrees celsius

Lost mass equals energy
Energy = Mass x Speed of Light x Speed of Light

11 years cycle peak solar max
Magnetic field strength
Magnetism versus fusion

Flash/Cobalt Blue

Stolen Identity Paranoia

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