Friday, December 19, 2008

Comicbook Marketing Notes

First problem is relevance and relatibility.
Marvel characters by themselves have become brands.
New, everyday characters who work for these larger than life celeb/gods.

Four Marvel Books, with retro name, and pulp like sensibility, sold around the city, affordable short stories. Smaller size, more graphic images and text, bridging the gap between comic and novel. Illustrated weekly novellas, collected monthly in a $5 slick packaging, and quarterly as a $10 graphic novel.

Stories will focus on everyday characters: college student, scientist, intern, receptionist, for the Marvel Empires such as Stark Industries, Shield, Fantastic Four Inc. Two major characters featured along with the main new character. We can see the Marvel Universe as it would look from our perspective.

Strange Tales - Dr. Strange & Cameo
The intern of Dr. Strange, Dean Walker, who is the pawn of mystical forces all vying for dominion over Hell. Ghost Rider helps him descend into Hell to face Mephisto, Silver Surfer carries him into the stars towards Eternity.

This book will showcase stories venturing across the Marvel Universe. It will help establish the characters that are darker, more human and flawed. Continuity-wise it will clear up matters over the Underworld and how other dimensions relate. Establishing Hell.

Tales to Astonish - the Hulk & Yellowjacket
Mad science attacks us from the future. The Leader, Kang, and Ultron all orchestrate our armageddon with their science unbound! Jim Lawson, working on his phd, can help bridge the science of Bruce Banner with Henry Pym's, to avert our annihilation!

Using real science and imagine it being twisted by mad genius and cold robotic logic. To show the limits of knowledge and how the status quo must exist to maintain balance. The Hulk representing the outward anger, Yellowjacket the inward quiet rage. Questioning science.

Tales of Suspense - Cap/Hawkeye. Iron Man/
High Adventure.
Tom Shield Recruit. "Cousin of Cap"
Kenneth Stark Intl Liason. "Jackass suckup"
Together they work together to round up rogue science experiments gone horribly wrong.

Governments and corporations, working together to stop anything that upsets their control over the world. The lies and double dealing becomes unveiled as these two see the inner workings of such powerful non-entities, from day to day office work, to battling in remote locales.

Journey Into Mystery - Thor
Mythology. For history buffs, this will include short adaptations and re-imaginings of ancient myths. Thor teams up over the ages with various heroes.

Various mythological heroes and themes explored. Sword and sorcery, barbarians, historical, Jungian archtypes battling our inner demons. Morality tales.

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