Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tales to Astonish Notes

Science gone mad.
We must defend ourselves against the combined threat of the Leader and Ultron.
Pushing past boundaries of science, it's up to the brilliant minds (and muscle) of Bruce "the Hulk" Banner and Dr. Hank "Yellowjacket" Pym. Both unstable geniuses, their scientific solitude must end as they team up to outsmart their combined foes.

Enter: Jim Lawson. A young prodigy, our last hope, caught between the raging beast of repression who lives half a life, versus the psychopathically schizophrenic guy who gets small enough to fly into your brain.

When Ultron and Leader send their battalions of next level science, it's up to Lawson to figure out the math, Pym to piece it together, and the Hulk to keep the monsters as bay. Math, mechanical, physical sciences working together to hold the line. Scientific Advancement Spelled Sideways is Armageddon!

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