Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Speed Notes

Human running: 28 mph
Horse: 50 mph
Racecar: 240 mph
Jet: 1000 mph
Space Shuttle: 17,000 mph
New Horizons Probe (Pluto): 52,000 mph

@ 100 mph
30 hours across US
14 weeks to Moon
3100 years to Neptune

Nothing faster than light
186,000 mps (670,000,000 mph)
1 second, 75 times across US

Sun 8 minutes to Earth
Years to nearest star
6 trillion miles = lightyear
Light through space takes time
4.7 billion years ago Earth formed

Solar sail = photons
Magneto Plasma Rocket = superheated plasma channeled by magnets, maximize thrust

Space & Time
Spacetime 4th Dimensional fabric
Latitude, Longitude, Height, Time
Speed of Light constant
Relative movement
Speed = distance / time
Experiencing time differently, still or moving
Special relativity
Time would slow down on closer to speed of light
Time x Time = distance (GPS) triangulation
Clock on satellite needs to be offset
Time moves slower in space
Lightspeed slows aging

Speed of light - time stops
Gravity - mass
Curves spacetime
Bent towards a heavy mass
So dense tear spacetime - black holes
Earth mass into inch across
Stars - Supernova - Black Hole
Event Horizon - Speed of Light overcome by Gravity
Center of every Galaxy

Wormhole - shortcut, distance
Portals through space and time
4th dimensional travel
Presence does not conflict science
Rip space apart

Warp Drive - moving space
Expand space behind you, compress space ahead
Altering reality, theoretically possible

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