Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Battle of the Band Notes

All-Ska Squadron.
Dexter on trumpet. Works at Nacho Horn. Swaps quantum placement with Viking King.

Hal on guitar. Works at music shop. The brains behind the band.

Bobby on trombone. Short, video game obsessed, odd and violent.

Rick on drums. Quiet and stealthy. No one knows where he comes from or what he can do.

Abe lead vocals. Ska hardcore, leader of the band. Gung ho, mike in hand, checkered vans, fedora and sunglasses.

Sal on bass. Works in the bookstore. Knows everything about anything. He always has an answer.

They play against the other mall band.

Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hardcore/metal/rap band.

Mutants and aliens, led by Rodney, who works at Record Store and MCs with his silent DJ accomplice. Supervillain and ninja.

Displaced bands as reality polarization makes it so the college is shifted among the stars, and the bars buried deep in the darklands. Travelling along Morrison County is to cross levels of hyperreality. A meta-shift making time and space alternate.

The band must battle endlessly against the sinister plans of the WOMD and continue to play to keep the universe moving. Order vs Chaos.

Different towns as different realities.

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