Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The superheroes are all mad

We are lost. We deny our powers, our selves, the essence of the universe that allows us to transcend realities at our leisure.

Battling our cool, building our rep, an identity beyond the confines of flesh. Avatars of fantasy, larger than we could ever be, personas of awesomeness.

I fought some baddies, skimming across the city like it was a roller rink karate wrestling match, struck along the concrete jungle gym that it is.

A body hitting the side of a building and rebounding in a metathropic wave pulse sounds kind of like thwakkk! So, the comics guys have got that right.

Or maybe it's like that because of the comics. Who knows and really who cares. Kicking ass sideways over the heads of mere mortals is where it's at.

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