Friday, March 6, 2009

Randomness Late Thursday Night Status Report

Just read all 146 pages of Chibi Cheerleaders From Outer Space which gets me up to date on Doug Hills awesome webcomic.

I def recommend this and it's got me jazzed about reading webcomics on my phone here. I'll do a proper review and pimp it out on the podcast I do with Tim Mucci, Write Club!

Parts 1 & 2 of Write Club! are now up at

And until we get a site up and everything I'll be setting up a section of the forum for discussions, suggestions, critiques and comments.

Expanded on my Flash pitch which builds the foundation for my ultimate plans for the Flash family, and the tests and trials Bart Allen must undergo before he truly becomes the Flash.

Still stuck on Mike Manchester: Mall Security. The intro script feels disjointed and off somehow. Probably shouldn't have done the dialogue and action seperately as it's making it hard to keep the beats on time and it just doesn't flow right. Hmm.

But developing the idea as a comic with backup features including an interdimensional battle of the bands with the All-Ska Squadron, a suspicious Temp Agency that hires for odd jobs ranging from hitman to rockstar to superhero, and the sad tale of 80's fashion and teenage timewarp displacement with Toby Tyler: Teen Out of Time.

Bob Awesome is coming together nicely in my head as I prepare the second script. I think the first episode will be four 8 page scripts which I will either do as a webcomic or prep for a live action tv pilot I'll be shooting over the summer. I'm really happy with how the first script came out and it's helped refined my ideas.

Tweaking ideas for a Marvel pitch with an awesome artist whom many know and love. Don't want to say too much about it yet, still in the earliest of early stages. But it'll def be fun and hopefully lead to other projects if I can make it really good. Talk with the artist tomorrow to lay down my ideas, will start the script this weekend.

I love that research means reading comics now.

Going to see Watchmen tomorrow night. Not sure how I feel about it. I know it'll be good, and although I loved the comics when I was 13, I think I can let go enough to enjoy the film version. Anything that spreads the word and helps the evolution of superheroes is okay in my book.

That being said, Heroes the TV show pretty much sucks. The last episode with Sylar uncovering his past was the only really interesting part. They need to do something to make this show stop sucking so bad. Everyone's switched sides so many times that you lose track of who feels what about whom.

Whatever, at least people will have a better idea of superpowers and we'll get better special effect capabilities from this whole fiasco.

I have a possible gig doing the whole paparazzi photo editing thing again, I'll find out more next week.

Still going to record a new Write Club on Tuesday, this time a shorter length, and more focused delivery of audio goodness.

I'll be in the studio lettering this weekend, and possibly checking out this guy's band/cd release party on Sat night. If anyone wants to come for cupcakes, whiskey and rock'n'roll just lemme know.


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