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Mike Manchester: Mall Security Issue #2 (original script)

Page 1
CAPTION: This is Bobby.

BOBBY is playing video games. We see him from the back close up.

CAPTION: He’s beaten every game here…

BOBBY: Oh yeah, eat fireball suckers! And now to finish you off…

CAPTION: At least twice.

Pull back more and see people running back and forth screaming outside the arcade.

CAPTION: He takes his video games very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he is oblivious to life outside of his arcade.

BOBBY: The piece de resistance! FLAMING HEAD PUNCHY!

All the power suddenly goes out. The emergency lights kick on. Back up some more and BOBBY falls to his knees.


Overhead shot of BOBBY arms stretched to the Heavens, head back and screaming…


Page 2
Full splash page of MIKE, JACK, DARYL, MEGAN, and DR. LOOMIS looking out in the mall with time-lost warriors going berserk. TITLE.

Page 3
The plan.
MIKE: Daryl, I want you to take Megan and run down to O.B.Ellis’. Grab as many people as you can and hide them in there. You know how to work the security gates right?

DARYL: Yeah.

MIKE: Good. There’s a backup generator for the big stores so the gates should be fine. Jack, you and me are gonna hold off as many of these guys as we can until uh…I’m sorry I don’t even know your name.

DR.LOOMIS: It’s Loomis, Dr. Ernesto Loomis.

MIKE: Ok, while we hold these guys off you get that machine of yours fixed and get these guys outta here.

DR.LOOMIS: I…just want to apologize for the mess…I didn’t do enough to protest this inane idea…I should have…

MIKE: Look, no one’s seriously hurt…yet. You want to set this right, you shut that thing off. Alright everyone…get going.

MEGAN: Mike…

MIKE looks over at her.

MEGAN: Mike…be careful.

She grabs his hand and squeezes.

MIKE(Smiles): You too. Daryl, keep her safe.

DARYL: Will do Mike.

DARYL AND MEGAN run off taking the sides skirting the battle.

SHANG TZE watches MEGAN intently as she goes.

MIKE: Ok Loomis, you take cover, we’ll clear a path to your machine.

LOOMIS nods. MIKE and JACK plan an attack.

MIKE: Ok I think we should…

JACK: I’ll take the cowboy.

JACK charges.

Page 4
JACK charges, grabs a gunslinger’s gun and hits him with a right cross and knocks him out. JACK turns as a Viking horde charges. He whips the gun around in his hands and fires. With each shot a sword or axe goes flying from one of the Vikings’ hands. MIKE shakes his head and charges out and dodges scimitars and daggers, and lands a few kung fu kicks and punches.

JACK: Yo, check it out.

JACK nods towards another battle, as he stands back to back with MIKE exchanging blows with pirates.

Page 5
The VIKING KING, and SHANG TZE THE PIRATE CAPTAIN are fighting an epic battle. The VIKING KING is a gigantic monster of a man, with a huge broadsword. SHANG TZE isn’t as big as the VIKING KING but he is huge nonetheless. And what he lacks in muscle he makes up in agility. Their swords are clanging against each other in a graceful dance of death. LOOMIS is inspecting his damaged machine in the background. Zoom in on him.

LOOMIS: This is not good…this energy signature is highly unstable. The slightest rupture to the casing…

Suddenly the VIKING KING’S sword comes flying in and the pommel smacks LOOMIS in the head knocking him out cold.
DEXTER comes to, and stares in slack jaw wonder.

DEXTER: Hello? Mike?

Page 6
Over DEXTER’S head we see JACK, MIKE, and SHANG TZE as well as the hundred or so vikings, pirates, and knights are engaged in a major league rumble. A flaming arrow hits Nacho Horn, setting it ablaze, and DEXTER stumbles over the counter and bumps into the Quantum Field Engine as the VIKING KING gets slashed by SHANG TZE and is sent crashing into the QFE. The VIKING KING and DEXTER both glow and then disappear. The SHANG TZE sees this and skulks over, and stands over the QFE.

Page 7
MIKE and JACK are battle-weary. MIKE, holding a sword fending off attacks, and JACK is blocking with a battle-axe.

MIKE: We can’t hold this pace up. Sooner or later we’re gonna…

A viking takes advantage of MIKE’S diverted attention and slashes him with his sword. MIKE drops to a knee.

JACK: MIKE! Son of a…

JACK dodges the viking’s second slash and JACK stomps on his sword ripping it free from his grip. JACK then pummels the viking with a series of punches. The viking hits the floor, and JACK picks up his sword and is just about to drive it into the viking’s chest as MIKE grabs his arm.

MIKE: Jack…don’t…I’m alright. C’mon…we have to check on Loomis see if he figured a way to stop this.

JACK: Right.

JACK stabs the sword next to the viking.

Page 8
MIKE and JACK look around for LOOMIS and the QFE.

MIKE: Where the hell is he?

JACK: There.

MIKE and JACK move some flipped tables and LOOMIS is lying there, knocked unconscious.

MIKE: Dammit!

JACK: Whoever snagged it couldn’t have gotten too far.

MIKE looks around and sees only the Vikings, Gunslingers, and Knights. No pirates are left.

MIKE: Where are the pirates? They must have taken Loomis’ machine.

MIKE’S walkie-talkie screeches to life.

DARYL: Mike! It’s Daryl! They’re coming in before the gate’s all the way down! Mike!

A loud squealing noise erupts from the walkie-talkie before it falls silent.

MIKE: Oh God, Megan…Daryl, no…

MIKE tears off towards O.B.Elllis’ Department store, with JACK in tow. MIKE is leaping over warriors in mid-battle.

Page 9
MIKE runs up as the security gates slam down.

MIKE: NO! Open these gates!
MIKE begins to bang on the gate. SHANG TZE sneers at MIKE. He says something in Chinese and then turns. His underlings turn and walk away. One is carrying the QFE; one of the others is carrying MEGAN. She is bound and gagged.


JACK runs up.

JACK: What’s up?

MIKE: They took Megan. And Loomis’ machine. Who knows what they did with Daryl. Dammit. We need to get in there! C’mon!

MIKE takes off with JACK following again.

MIKE: We have to get to the stock doors before they seal those too.

JACK stops MIKE short as a massive pirate jumps down in front of them.
The Pirate growls at them.

Page 10
BOBBY runs in and punches the pirate in the head.


MIKE and JACK look down in amazement.

MIKE: Bobby?

BOBBY is in a fury attacking the pirate. MIKE AND JACK run into the service doors. They make their way down the bare internal mall hallway, then turn and pass through a back door and through a stock room with people and employees cowering.

Page 11
MIKE and JACK burst through the swinging doors out of the stock room to the sales floor. SHANG TZE’S men have cleared the Men’s Department, tossing all the racks of clothes aside. The Pirates have set the QFE on a display next to SHANG TZE, and MEGAN on his other side.

Page 12
MIKE points to MEGAN.

MIKE: Let her go.

MIKE takes a few steps closer.

MIKE: Now.

The Pirates all look at SHANG TZE. SHANG TZE bursts out laughing. His crew follows his lead. SHANG TZE motions to one of the Pirates. The Pirate reaches behind him and drops DARYL to the floor. DARYL is knocked out and bleeding from the head. Not too severe, but he’s out cold.

MIKE: This is your final warning. Turn the girl and the machine over to me.

SHANG TZE’S face becomes a scowl. JACK charges right for SHANG TZE who throws a boot right to his jaw knocking him back. MIKE stares SHANG TZE down and two Pirates grab and restrain JACK.
Page 13
SHANG TZE motions and a Pirate steps forth from the back. He has a huge scimitar, and is more than twice the size of MIKE. SHANG TZE commands him in Chinese.

The Pirate runs forward sword raised and slams the sword down. MIKE stands perfectly still until at the last moment he sidesteps, the blade just barely missing him. The Pirate, with his sword buried in the ground, looks up at MIKE inches from his face, and MIKE smashes his nose in with his elbow. The Pirate hits the floor, bleeding. MIKE rips the sword out of the ground and points at SHANG TZE.

MIKE: You.

SHANG TZE whips his sword out of it’s scabbard and steps into the circle of Pirates. The Pirates begin chanting ‘SHANG TZE’.

SHANG TZE: You will die.

Page 14
SHANG TZE lunges forward, MIKE parries. MEGAN looks on terrified. JACK watches, struggling to free himself from the Pirates’ grip. It looks like MIKE is losing. A few slashes on MIKE’S arms and cheek. MIKE ducks and SHANG TZE slices a head of a mannequin. MIKE spins and kicks him in the midsection.

Page 15
SHANG TZE and MIKE exchange blows and their swords clang together. Both men push against their swords to trhow the other off balance. Their faces are less than a foot apart.

SHANG TZE: I must thank you. Thank you for bringing me to your world and handing me this magic. Already it has imbued me with the power to learn your speech. Once I kill you…I will use the magic in that box to destroy and conquer this world, and others if I wish.

SHANG TZE: And while I lay waste to all that I see, and take what I will from the grip of a million dead men, your wench will be my personal entertainment. Till I grow bored of her and leave what’s left for my crew.

The Pirates cheer.

Close up of MIKE’S face; he’s obviously been brought to a breaking point and pushed way past it.

MIKE: Over…my…dead…

MIKE pushes SHANG TZE back and leaps in the air, sword in both hands, raised way above his head.


Page 16
MIKE slams the sword down, SHANG TZE blocking awkwardly, obviously not expecting such a fight. MIKE continues to assault him with a barrage of powerful blows. It seems MIKE has the advantage, but then SHANG TZE sees his opening and backhands him. MIKE is sent crashing to the floor. MEGAN and JACK both flinch. SHANG TZE is standing above MIKE. MIKE lies dazed on his side holding his jaw.

SHANG TZE: I give you this, pup. You have more fight in you than I expected.

Page 17
SHANG TZE turns and begins to walk back to the QFE. He places his hand upon it. Energy glows around him.

SHANG TZE: Perhaps I may spare your life, and merely cut off a limb or two if you were to tell me how to operate your Sorcerer’s Box. Its raw power surges through my bones.

SHANG TZE looks back over his shoulder at MIKE.

SHANG TZE: No? Oh well. I wasn’t going to spare you anyhow. I will just have to handle this myself.

SHANG TZE motions to two Pirates and they lift the QFE and bring it in the center of the circle. The two Pirates run back to their place. SHANG TZE raises both hands above his head. MIKE looks up, very surprised.

Page 18
Full splash page of SHANG TZE slamming his hands against the QFE. THE Quantum energy courses through his body.

Page 19
SHANG TZE removes his hands and stares down at them. The QFE is pumping a stream of pure Quantum energy into him.

SHANG TZE: The power! I never imagined.

A wave of his hand and the celing is decimated. Another wave and a portal opens and spouts a hellish flame. SHANG TZE smiles a twisted and evil grin. He points at one of his crew and the energy unmakes him into swirling energy. SHANG TZE laughs. Shot of SHANG TZE coursing with energy, and MIKE pushing himself up to his feet.

SHANG TZE: And now, pup, I shall send you to a thousand Hells.

SHANG TZE turns to face MIKE who is now standing there defiantly.

SHANG TZE: So, the pup faces his death as a man.

Page 20
MIKE kicks the scimitar up into his hand and hurls it through the Q.F.E. A large panel in the center of this page shows the Q.F.E. as it explodes with Quantum energy and it dissipates in a large circle. The energy dissipates throughout the mall. A shot of the time strewn warriors as they fade from existence as the energy passes through them.

Page 21
SHANG TZE looks around, enraged by his defeat and lunges for MIKE and his hands are mere inches from MIKE’S neck as he fades away and passes through MIKE harmless as a ghost.


Page 22
The field goes down and people rush in. Police, fire department, etc. MIKE unties MEGAN and they hug each other, then look at each other as the hug becomes an embrace. JACK looking at MIKE is smiling, then looks towards the doors and the rushing people. His face goes slack.

Page 23
Enter: MICHELLE. A splash page of MIKE & MEGAN in the foreground, silhouetted, and MICHELLE. She looks very surprised, but not angry.


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