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Mike Manchester: Mall Security Intro & Issue #1 (original script)

Mike Manchester is a high-octane, action packed, adventure comic that incorporates all aspects of popular fiction, including but not limited to: kung fu movies, comic books, pulp novels, sci-fi TV shows, as well as historical references. The true goal of this comic is to present wild and outrageous stories where absolutely anything can possibly happen with the turn of a page. And these insane situations are based around a small town where the only excitement is the local mall. Specifically based around one mall security guard, MIKE MANCHESTER. A security guard who loves his job and his life. A life that revolves around an odd cast of characters. But there are two cast members that are the most important pieces of this puzzle. Michelle, who comes in a little later in the series, and Megan. Michelle is Mike’s girlfriend from high school. Megan was Mike’s fantasy girl, the one who got away. This love triangle is the ongoing main plot thread. MIKE MANCHESTER: MALL SECURITY is all about relationships, friendship, morality, monsters, kung fu action, aliens, sentient machines, and the madness that is the one-day sale.

Mike Manchester - Marc Blucas. Tall (6’2”), very neat uniform, short hair, not a muscleman, but in shape.
Megan Meadows - Above avg. (5’9”), should length red hair, full figured, fashionable and trendy clothes.
Jack Jenkins - Tall (6’), messy, mid-length leather jacket, crazy t-shirts, hair a little long on top, and spiky.
Daryl - Average height (5’8”), a little heavy, out of shape, uniform a little messy.
Dr Loomis (Doctor Trapezoid) - Average (5’7’), wild hair, thin.
Dr Means (Rocket Queen) - Above average height (5’9”), Lara Means from Millenium.
Dr Ward (Master Blaster) - Jason Alexander. Short (5’3”), balding, a little pudgy.
Dexter – Average (5’7”), skinny, and slightly dorky. Charlie Kosmo.
Al - Average height (5’8”), very, very heavy, very messy, stains on his uniform.
Shoplifter – The kid from Can’t Hardly Wait that steals everything. Red hair, black hooded sweatshirt.

Upcoming characters:
Michelle Matthews - Average (5’4”), brown short hair, glasses (trendy, not dorky), khakis and sweaters.
Jennifer Jacobs – Alterna-chick. Hot topic kinda girl.
Sifu - Short (5’3”), old Chinese man, with a long white beard.
Bobby – George. Video Game Guru.
Tobey Tyler – Teen Out of Time. Corey Haim.
Frank Ford – The Most Famous Man Alive.
Rose Petals – Karaoke Diva
The All-Ska Squadron – Superhero ska band
Samuel Shepherd: Store Detective – A young Samuel L Jackson. (Omar Epps?)


Mike Manchester: Mall Security

Page 1-
CAPTION: Meet three scientists on their way to the West Coast in search of greener pastures (and greener bank accounts)…

We see a stretch of road that goes on for miles, either side complemented with endless rows of corn. The sun is huge in the sky. There is a beat up old car smoking on the side of the road. The hood is up and there are three people at the scene. DR LOOMIS, a thin dorky guy with wild hair and glasses, DR MEANS, an all-business woman with a suit-skirt and her hair tied back, and DR WARD, slightly overweight, balding and short. DR LOOMIS has his head tucked under the hood, DR MEANS is sitting on the back of the car (almost like she’s suntanning) looking bored, and DR WARD is pacing and yelling.

CAPTION: Dr. Ward…


CAPTION: Dr. Loomis…

DR LOOMIS-You said this would be safer. That the Company would trace the plane tickets.

DR WARD starts furiously wailing his fists around.


DR LOOMIS-Actually it’s a radiator.

DR WARD-ARGH! WHATEVER IT’S CALLED! (To DR MEANS) How much cash do we have left?

CAPTION: And Dr. Means.

DR MEANS(bored)-After your Rutti-Tutti-Fresh-n-Fruity breakfast…eight dollars. Oh, and the Company credit cards have been cancelled.

DR WARD starts to wail his fists furiously again.

DR WARD- And how much farther to California?

DR MEANS(not paying much attention)- About four hundred miles.

DR WARD agains wails his fists around in fury, this time til he runs out of breath. DR.WARD spots a sign that reads ‘Morrison County Mega-Mall 3 Mi.’.

DR.WARD-Grab the gear. I have a plan.

Page 2
Exterior shot of a fairly grand mall. Not the mall of the future but it’s still a nice place to shop. The parking lot is congested. Zoom inside to see MIKE MANCHESTER in his full security guard gear walking along by the railing.


Page 3
Mike stops in front of GIRLFRENZY, a trendy girls clothes store. Mike watches a girl with red hair; MEGAN. She is working in GIRLFRENZY and not noticing MIKE as he watches her. JACK walks up, punches MIKE, leans against the railing and looks in at MEGAN too. MIKE and JACK talk.

JACK: Hey Mikey ya loser, how’s Michelle?

MIKE: Wha? Oh, Jack, it’s you. How’s Jennifer?

JACK: (Looking over at MEGAN.) She’s fine. So you and Michelle getting along these days?

MIKE: I know what you’re trying to say, so stop being retarded.

JACK: Who me? I’m just asking about the well being of my good friend Michelle. Oh hey is that Megan, the girl of your dreams? Wowzers…

MIKE: You’re not funny. And for the record she’s not the girl of my dreams.

JACK: That’s not what you wrote in your diary in 5th grade. “Oh Megan my love, my red-haired angel, my…”

MIKE: I can’t believe you’re still quoting my diary. That used to embarrass me up until the end of High School but c’mon we’re twenty-three years old. Hasn’t it gotten old by now?

JACK clasps his hands together and bats his eyes.

JACK: “Oh Megan, if you’d only notice me, then we could be together forever!”

Page 4
MIKE’S not looking at JACK or acknowledging his taunts.

MIKE: Why don’t you go get a real job and stop hanging out at the mall all day?

JACK: You mean a real job like a mall security guard? I can wear a funny hat and pretend I’m important? Ooh, where do I sign up?

MEGAN sees MIKE and JACK and starts heading towards them. JACK looks at MEGAN, then MIKE.

JACK: (singing) Oh loverboy! And if he doesn’t answer? I say ‘Oh looverboyyyy!’ And if he still doesn’t answer? I simply say…’Bayyyyybee, my sweet bayyyybee’.

MIKE pushes JACK away. JACK is laughing as he walks away. MEGAN walks up to MIKE and is staring oddly at JACK.


MEGAN waves and looks slightly confused.


MIKE: Hey. Sorry about that. You know how he is.

MEGAN: It’s ok. I always see him hanging around the mall being dumb. It’s good to see that you guys are still friends, though.

MIKE: We’re not friends. Jack is about as far from my friend as possible. Bane of my existence, yes. Friend, no. How are you doing though?

Page 5
A SHOPLIFTER runs between MIKE and MEGAN. The SHOPLIFTER knocks MEGAN to the ground as he rushes past. MIKE stunned helps MEGAN to her feet. DARYL calls over the walkie-talkie.

DARYL: (walkie-talkie) Mike! We got a shoplifter out of CD Barn!

MIKE glances over his shoulder and sees the SHOPLIFTER heading for the escalator.

MIKE: I got him Daryl. He’s going for the escalator.

MIKE looks up at MEGAN.

MEGAN: Go get him.

MIKE smiles and takes off after the SHOPLIFTER.

Page 6
The escalator. The SHOPLIFTER pushes his way down and MIKE slides down the center right behind him. MEGAN watches MIKE as he chases the SHOPLIFTER over and through many obstacles. Big shot of MIKE and SHOPLIFTER racing neck and neck from either sides of the mall. MIKE is in the foreground.

Page 7
The SHOPLIFTER flings a CD at MIKE and it’s just about to hit a lady in the head, when MIKE dives forward taking the hit. MIKE takes off after the SHOPLIFTER as he makes his way to the center of the mall. The SHOPLIFTER is heading right towards O.B. Ellis’ Dept Store, where there’s a big crowd and a sign that reads ‘One Day Sale’. MIKE spots the center fountain piece; a large art deco sculpture with revolving rings. Almost like an atom design.

Page 8
Big splash. MIKE leaps into the air, grabs a ring and swings around over the customers’ heads and flying tackles the SHOPLIFTER in front of O.B. Ellis’ Dept Store.

Page 9
DARYL runs over, huffing and puffing.

DARYL: Woohoo! That was awesome! What’s the score now, 38 for 38?

MIKE: 37 out of 38. Remember my first day?

DARYL: Oooooh yeah. How could I forget? That section is still being fixed up.

They bring the SHOPLIFTER on the elevator, and back to the Security HQ on the bottom level. There are hardly any people or stores on this level. Just a Post Office, and other misc stores. They bring him in to AL. AL is a large, jolly man sitting in front of rows of tv screens monitoring parts of the mall and parking lot.


AL: Another bust for the Terminator!

DARYL and AL high-five. MIKE doesn’t seem to notice.

Page 10
MIKE begins filling out paperwork as AL puts the SHOPLIFTER in the corner seat they save for these occasions. MIKE notices MEGAN on one of the video monitors. DARYL sees where MIKE’S attention is.

DARYL: Hey, go for it. I’ll take care of this.

MIKE: No. I…

MIKE: You sure?

DARYL nods.

MIKE: Thanks D.

MIKE pats him on the shoulder and runs out to the elevator. As he does he passes the three scientists, DR LOOMIS, DR MEANS, and DR WARD all carrying big metal cases. They head into the men and women’s bathroom respectively. They’re looking around very suspiciously.

Page 11
MIKE darts out of the elevator and runs up to MEGAN outside of GIRLFRENZY.

MIKE: Phew…

MEGAN: You ok?

MIKE: Yeah, I’m just…uh…well…

MEGAN: Out of breath?

MIKE: (Smiling) Yeah.

MEGAN: That was pretty crazy. A whole lot of effort for a few stolen CDs.

MIKE: Well, it’s my job to protect the people in the mall, and their merchandise. That includes the owners of CD Barn.

MEGAN: I meant him. That was a lot of effort just to escape with the new Snoop Doggy Dogg CD.

MIKE: Oh…uhh…well…
Suddenly, a loud noise rumbles out. MIKE grabs the walkie-talkie.

MIKE: Daryl?! AL?! What’s going on?

DARYL: (V.O.) Mike? You won’t believe this. There are supervillians at the foodcourt.

MIKE: Daryl, stop screwing around…

Shot of DARYL yelling into walkie-talkie.

DARYL: Mike! There are supervillians at the foodcourt!!!

Page 12
Big shot of the former scientists at the food-court, DR LOOMIS, DR MEANS, and DR WARD. Now the three are dressed in makeshift supervillain costumes made from labcoats, goggles, loud shirts, and strange gadgets. DR LOOMIS is standing passively in the back next to a medium-sized, trapezoid-shaped engine. DR MEANS is floating in the air with a rocketpack on her back, thick mechanical gloves, and a similar designed helmet. DR WARD has a large laser connected to the back of his wrist with small cables running to a slim mechanical backpack. DR WARD is blasting tables and chairs with the laser on his arm. The shoppers are running for the exit.

DR WARD: Everyone be still! My name is Master Blaster! These are my associates Rocket Queen, and Dr.Trapezoid. There is no escape! Dr. Trapezoid has taken care of that! (Aside to LOOMIS) You did take care of that right?

DR LOOMIS: My Quantum Field Engine is working fine, it’s got the entire building encased in a Isolated Quantum Field that no one will be able to penetrate. (Patting his trapezoid-shaped machine) But I’m not sure we should be doing this…

Shot of the people as they stop short of the door. There is a yellow energy covering blocking their path. Outside shot of Mall covered by a massive yellow trapezoid made of energy. DR LOOMIS is nervous and protests very meekly.

Page 13
Back to MIKE and MEGAN.

MIKE: Sorry to do this again…

MEGAN politely nods and watches as MIKE runs off to the food-court. He meets DARYL by Nacho Horn. DEXTER the Nacho Horn employee is hiding behind the counter. People are fleeing in terror.

DEXTER: Mike? Daryl? What’s going on? I can’t possibly serve yummy crunchy Nachos under these conditions!

MIKE: Dexter, just lay low. We’ll handle this.

MIKE and DARYL stand crouched with the villains in the background. DR MEANS flies off with a bag.

MIKE: Daryl, you head back to the elevator and back to the security office. Call the police. While you do that I’ll provide a distraction.

DARYL: Mike are you sure? I mean, that thing that guy’s got looks pretty nasty.

MIKE: Don’t worry, I’m just gonna distract him for a few seconds so you can get downstairs. On three. 1,2,3! Go for it!

DARYL runs off, and MIKE gets up.

Page 14
MIKE stands in front of DR WARD.

DR WARD: Put all your valuables in the bag people!

MIKE: Sir, I’m going to have to escort you out of the mall.

DR WARD: What? A security guard? HAH! Escort this chump!

DR WARD takes a few shots at MIKE, which he nimbly dodges, leaping over tables, chairs, etc.

DEXTER: (from his hiding spot behind counter) Eeep! (faints)

Page 15
DR WARD gets furious that he can’t hit MIKE, and starts blasting everything in sight. MIKE runs along the tables and DR WARD blasts them as MIKE’S feet leave each one. DR LOOMIS looks very nervous.

DR MEANS: I’ll get him!

Page 16
DR MEANS flies by MIKE and tries to knock him off the tables. Instead MIKE ducks and grabs DR MEANS’ feet, just as DR WARD blasts the table MIKE was standing on.

MIKE: Going up!

After whipping around the foodcourt trying to shake him loose, she tries to pry him free by flying fast down the mall.

Page 17
Shot of DR MEANS and MIKE as they shoot up to the second level and almost into the railing. When that fails she attempts to kick him off. They go soaring coming very close to hitting people, signs, and stores.

MIKE: Ma’am, flying is prohibited in the mall!

Page 18
MIKE damages the pack, she loses control crashing into the fountain. MIKE leaps off at the last moment. DARYL comes out of the elevator and runs up.

DARYL: Mike! You ok? I called the cops and they’re on their way.

MIKE: Ok, let’s go help people find cover away from the food court.

Page 19
Jack is hiding behind some tables while DR WARD is yelling at DR LOOMIS.

DR WARD: Go get the bag of money!

DR LOOMIS: No, this isn’t right.


JACK runs in from seemingly nowhere and tackles DR WARD. In the struggle DR WARD fires a few stray blasts. One blast blows up the soda dispenser at Nacho Horn just as DEXTER comes to, then he faints again.


Another blast just misses DR LOOMIS as he dives clear. The blast instead hits his Quantum-Field-Engine, sending it flying past Nacho Horn (and DEXTER) in the back towards the doors to the inside of the mall. The Q-F-E starts to glow ominously.
JACK and DR WARD look at each other, still grappling.


JACK: No, what?

DR WARD: (to DR LOOMIS) What did he do?

DR LOOMIS: I don’t know, but it’s not good.

Shot of the Q-F-E glowing even brighter.

Page 20
JACK, distracted for a moment, loosens his grip and DR WARD pushes him off. JACK falls back and smacks his head. They both get up to their feet, although JACK is a little bit disoriented. MIKE runs up as DR WARD readies a blast.

MIKE: JACK, get down!

MIKE runs and pushes JACK out of the way. The blast grazes MIKE’S arm.

Page 21
JACK, rubbing the back of his head, looks down at MIKE holding his wounded arm.

JACK: What the Hell did you do that for? I had in under control. Gotta always run in and save the day huh?

MIKE: Just shut up and help me up.

DR WARD: (coming closer) Hey.

JACK: No. Help your damn self up. I didn’t need your help, or ask for it. This is my mall and I’ll…

MIKE pushes himself up to his feet, then gets in JACK’S face.

MIKE: Your mall?! Just because you waste more time here than anyone doesn’t make it your mall! I’m so sick and tired of your macho tough guy bullcrap!

DR WARD: (closer) Hey!

JACK: Look who’s talking Mr. Hero-of-the-mall! You’re a security guard Mike! Not a cop, or some secret agent, or a superhero! A security guard! That’s it!

MIKE: And what are you? A lowlife waste of space, who makes fun of other people so his own pathetic existence doesn’t look so GOD DAMN PATHETIC for a few minutes!


Page 22
MIKE and JACK both look over at him. There is fury in their eyes.


JACK kicks him in the stomach and when he bends over MIKE uppercuts him, knocking him out flat.

MIKE and JACK stare each other down. DARYL runs up.

DARYL: That was awesome! What a plan! Make him think you were fighting then take him out when he least expected it.

MIKE and JACK still staring each other down.

JACK: Yeah…

MIKE: Great plan.

Page 23
MEGAN runs up and MIKE’S anger is gone.

MEGAN: Mike, the police are stuck outside the energy covering the mall. No one can get in or out.

MIKE turns to LOOMIS.

MIKE: How do we shut it off?

DR LOOMIS: We might not be able to. And we might have a bigger problem. Look.

The Q-F-E is generating a large portal of energy.

Page 24
Out of the portal of energy step an Asian pirate, a Viking, a gunslinger, and a knight in partial chainmail. Small horizontal frame of MIKE and JACK’S heads looking ahead with LOOMIS, DARYL, MEGAN, and a fainting DEXTER in the background.

MIKE: This’ll be interesting. You ready for this?

JACK: Come get some.

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