Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mike Manchester: Mall Security

Page 1
Panel 1. Establishing Mall Shot. A typical mall, a giant block of buildings all interconnected. This is not one of the symmetrical newer ones, but rather a mix and match of different, opposing styles and shapes. There's a section that looks like the Monolith on the far side of the roof. There's an obelisk sculpture out front by the parking. Some vehicles parked there are in mid-transformation from giant robots.

Narration: Morrison County Mall. 

Narration: My mall.

Panel 2. Headshot, head and shoulders. Mike just peering up from under his widebrimmed security hat. Young Clint Eastwood glint in his eyes, with an action hero jaw. Clean cut but a hint of stubble. It's been a manly day and it's nearly 5 o' clock shadow time.

Narration: My name is Mike Manchester, Mall Security.

Panel 3. Half length. Shoplifter, CDs spilling out from the pocket of his hoodie. The hood is up and he's just turned away from us, looking back over his shoulder. He looks like he might pee his pants.

Narration: And this punk should know better than to shoplift here.

Page 2
Panel 1. Side shot, half length. Mike running, heroic and stoic as he charges forward. The interior of the Mall is just seen in the background; a glance of a front window display.

Narration: The retailers here depend on me to keep their goods safe.

Panel 2. The Shoplifter is on the right side of the panel, throwing himself almost off the page, more spoils falling from his pockets.

Narration: I can't afford to let even one lawbreaker get away.

Panel 3. Wide panel, straight on shot of The Shoplifter, eyes popped open, legs shooting forward, Mike just behind him soaring towards us, upright and uniform clean and tight.

Narration: Every single time, they run. Do they think they can get away?

Page 3
Panel 1. The shoplifter tugs a kiosk, making the person on the stool beside it fall backwards, the kisok is pushed backwards as he shoots forward. The kiosk should have a small space right in the center. Jewelry, fake ponytails, beeper cases in neon colors.

Narration: These punks endanger the shoppers, the employees...

Panel 2. The kiosk slides right in front of Mike as we see him from behind as he doesn't break stride. The Shoplifter is getting away as we see through the hole in the kiosk.

Narration: All in an effort to slow me down, throw me off their trail.

Panel 3. Mike smashes through the hole, knocking stuff loose, the employee is on the floor staring up, as he dives straight through. His hat is being knocked off.

Narration: Most everyone here knows me by now. They know my methods.

Panel 4. The Shoplifter skids around a column, a hint of an escalator in the bottom right. Mike is tucking into a roll, the kisok still standing but a bit of a mess.

Narration: Maybe one day they'll learn and I can take it easy for once.

Page 4
Panel 1. The Shoplifter is pushing his way down the escalator. Mike is leaping to the middle area between the up and down. The customers look shocked.

Narration: Some accuse me of taking myself too seriously.

Panel 2. Jack is making fun of Mike as he runs by. Jack is leaning back on the up side, looking up at Mike, who's head is just out of frame, like he's a dumbass. He's wearing a cheesy leather jacket and has his black hair combed back. He's also got his arm around a young punky chick that works in Hot Topic, streaks of blue and a piercing or two.

Narration: Jack and Melissa. Two of my oldest friends. Well, Melissa is a dear friend. We grew up together.

Jack: Dude, you're so lame, just let the kid go. You're just a rent-a-cop. Get a real job.

Melissa: Jack, give it a rest already. Why don't you get a job while we're on the topic.

Narration: Jack, well, if I could, I'd throw him out and ban him for life. I'll never know what she sees in him.

Panel 3. Daryl, a heavier set, shirt slightly untucked, security guard has his hands out wide trying to stop the Shoplifter. His eyes are wide, hat back on his head, maybe a hint of the Shoplifter's hood as he heads for him.

Narration: At least I've got Daryl to help me keep the peace.

Panel 4. Mike on the left leaping over Daryl from the escalator midsection, Daryl on the ground, wind knocked out of him, with the Shoplifter's legs just in the right side of the panel.

Narration: Not that he's much help, but his heart's in the right place.

Daryl: Sorry Mike.

Mike: I got him D.

Page 5
Panel 1. Professor Loomis, a tall, frazzled looking scientist stands like a deer in headlights as he drags a glowing square engine behind him. The engine looks a bit fragile, shaking or vibrating oddly.

Narration: Professor Loomis and his Quantum Field Engine. Great timing doc.

Loomis: eep!

Panel 2. The Shoplifter smiles as he looks back at Mike, and shoves Loomis out of the way, Loomis off balance and now glowing as he bumps into the Engine.

Narration: This isn't just any ordinary mall. Strange things happen here.

Panel 3. Mike is seen running towards us as the bottom of the panel flashes brightly, maybe an arm extended through the energy. Loomis is changing.

Narration: Any small disturbance could have disastrous consequences.

Panel 4. A huge, hulking, ax-wielding barbarian has his arm back, dazed but ready to swing. If the arm from panel 3 could connect to the barbarian to connect Loomis' transformation.

Narration: Loomis is trying to help me figure out how to stop these incidents.

Narration: When he's not transforming into an axe-wielding barbarian that is.

Page 6
Panel 1. Mike ducks under the Barbarian's swing of the axe, he looks stern and ready to handle this. Like he's done it time and again.

Narration: I've experienced first hand what happens when things go bad here.

Panel 2. Mike snags the lid off a round garbage can as he continues to run. He's looking back over his shoulder.

Narration: By now, dealing with the extraordinary is second nature.

Panel 3. Mike turns and whips the lid like a discus towards us.

Panel 4. The lid smacks the engine, the barbarian explodes with energy, half transforming back to Loomis.

Narration: Oddly enough, a little force and violence tends to quell the bizarre.

Page 7
Panel 1. Mike turns back towards us, large in the foreground, as Loomis on the ground behind him. Dr. Means, a baroness like, black hair bound up, woman in a skirtsuit, and Dr. Ward, a balding heavy set guy, both wearing labcoats, sneak into the background from either side as they grab Loomis and the engine dragging them off.

Narration: As if that weren't enough to keep me busy, it's the little things that are becoming a problem.

Panel 2. Mike looks off distracted as he passes a trendy girls clothing store. A redhead, Megan, waves from the sideline. She's thin, wearing a tiny dress, and smiles flirtingly.

Narration: Megan has been flirting with me lately.

Megan: Get 'em Mike!

Narration: In high school she didn't even acknowledge my existence.

Panel 3. Mike looks off to the other direction where Michelle is sitting at a Starbucks table, coffee in front of her, nose buried in textbooks and notebooks. She doesn't notice.

Narration: Michelle and I have been dating since senior year.

Narration: Even though I dropped out of college, we were always good.

Narration: But now that's she's prepping for grad school...

Panel 4. Over Mike's shoulder we see the Shoplifter as he runs towards the light of the outside. He's made it to the aisle that leads to the parking lot.

Narration: Well, my focus has been off lately.

Page 8
Panel 1. Mike is still a distance behind the Shoplifter as he glances back towards Mike laughing. There is a figure in the background backlit by the sunlight. The Shoplifter doesn't see this figure but he's headed right for it.

Narration: Thankfully, I have other allies in my fight against crime and disorder.

Panel 2. The Shoplifter stumbles forward as he passes the figure, which we can just make out the midsection of, robes of a karate uniform. The figure appears to have not even moved.

Narration: And a teacher to guide the way. To remind me what I'm fighting for.

Panel 3. Over the shoulder of the figure, the light casting a shadow of power over Mike. Mike stands before the figure, as he slows to a walk, bows his head and puts his palms together in honor.

Mike: Thanks for the assist sensei.

Sensei: No problem Michael.

Panel 4. Mike lifts the Shoplifter up by the hood as he peels his face off the door to the mall.

Narration: No one escapes from Mike Manchester...

Mike: C'mon you. Back to lockdown with you.

Panel 5. We zoom out a bit and see the doors to the mall, MORRISON COUNTY MALL, written on the glass, as Mike drags the Shoplifter off. There is an ominous glow about the panel.

Narration: And Mike Manchester can't escape the Mall.

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