Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cosmic Death of ZomboT

Space. Ufo. Metal. Unfazed.
Robot. Driven mad. Unable to process humanity.
Hates its emotions from frustration. Bitterness. Distance.

Grave. Death. Rest. Awake.
Zombie. Screaming pain. Endless hunger for brains.
Hates itself and struggles against the beast. Wants to consume.

Couples on dates, picnics, drive ins, make out point.
Robot creaking horror. Stomping through nature. Tearing out their hearts. Crushing their bodies.
Destruction. Feelings.

Anyone, everyone, random attacks in swift succession, turning all he kills into the undead, who consume all in their path. Plague. The mind.

The woods razed, the cities devoured, their paths cross. Zombie runs, Robot stomps on. Hellfire guitar solo breakdown. Napalm tearing of their bodies, melting tin & searing rotten flesh. A fist of flame rises upwards from the crack in the earth, and crushes both halves together.

Stars aligned and the Underworld shined, a burst of light bounced between, an instant connection with the center of the world. A true monster is born.


Wolf Gods & Feral Priests
The last boy alive.
Savage Fenris, chosen vessel for ancient power.

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