Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shang-Chi: Action Seen Won

Page 1
Two panels.
Panel 1. Tight shot. Shang-Chi, beaten and bloody, but aglow in mystical power, a flowing tai-chi, yin-yang sweeping desgin to the image. His eyes are shot forward, focused to such a point as if stabbing his victim from afar, looking microscopically at the chi point that would take down his enemy. Rubble and debris surround him. The ground shakes about him. About to launch himself, his muscles tense, seconds from exploding.

Panel 2. Wideshot of a small Shang-Chi on the left, sideshot, as Fin Fang Foom, larger than the panel can contain. Shang-Chi has just launched himself forward, the extended outcropping of rock beneath him has crumbled.

Page 2
Three panels.
Panel 1. Above Shang-Chi, we see his back, vest with yin-yang flapping in the wind, as he drops towards Fin Fang Foom who's face takes the entire background and then some.

Panel 2. Shang-Chi close up as he lands in a run between Fin Fang Foom's giant eyes, almost growing larger in scope as we get closer in. He's screaming as his fist is brought almost too far back.

Panel 3. Shang-Chi throws his fist downwards towards us. Fin Fang Foom, who seems to have dropped in scale, arcs his head backwards in the background.

Page 3.
Three panels.
Panel 1. Shang-Chi's fist explodes with power and throws his body upwards as the strike hits the very mystical chakra point that destroys Fin Fang Foom, who erupts with raw power at the impact.

Panel 2. Shang-Chi's body whips through the air, feet first, twirlling in an upwards arc towards us, Fin Fang Foom implodes beneath him.

Panel 3. Shang-Chi straightens himself out as he begins to plummet through the air, clouds, whirling mists of ancient China, seem to carry him adrift as he descends. His arms are thrown wide, his hands open, letting the breeze course through his fingers. He has a calmness on his face, a drowzy look in his eyes.

Page 4.
Panel 1. Over the shoulder of a high caped figure. He has his hands raised, blocking the sun's glare as Shang-Chi, far above him in the sky, soars towards us. There is a sinister glint of rings on the hand.

Panel 2. Wideshot, side shot, the Mandarin throws his hand wide, casting five separate mystical energies in a diagonal strike towards the upper left of the panel. The force blows his cape open, he is braced, one leg back, preparing for the attack.

Panel 3. Shang-Chi twists and turns calmly, sliding between the blasts, he begins to flip fowards. Making himself into a weapon, hurling through the air.

Page 5.
Panel 1. The Mandarin points his other fist right at us, a blast of five other types of energy shoot forth, seeming to engulf us completely.

Panel 2. Shang-Chi drops below the blast as his foot touches down on the stone, about to flip forward to continue his forward momentum.

Panel 3. The Mandarin combines all ten energies together, his fingers spread wide like a fan, the rings all sparkling with intense fury. Shang-Chi rolls right outside the radius of the blast as he continues towards him.

Page 6.
Panel 1. Shang-Chi throws a double punch, smashing the Mandarin's fists, the gems all crackling in a build up of raw white hot power. The Mandarin stares in disbelief.

Panel 2. Shang-Chi draws back his fists, bloody from the shattered rings. He looks withdrawn. Tired.

Panel 3. The Mandarin gets sucked into a vortex of elemental energies, a swirling reverse black hole, a divine void.

Page 7.
Panel 1. Shang-Chi calmly draws back his open palms in a tai-chi move that gently collects the whirling energy.

Panel 2. Shang-Chi has one palm open at about his neck and one below about his belly button. The swirling mass is contained. A hint of the Mandarin's screaming face.

Panel 3. Shang-Chi bows his head as he turns halfway from us, the intensity of the swirl increasing as his hands come together.

Page 8.
Splash page.
Shang-Chi throws open his arms in a three quarter shot, releasing the energies, showing a benevolent dragon spirit composed of the ten energies.

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