Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pitch Notes


Strange Tales - Reilly. Damnation/Salvation.
Tales to Astonish - Baroody. Hulk/Ant-Man.
Tales of Suspense - Khoi. Cap/Iron Man. SHIELD/Stark.
Journey Into Mystery - Thor. Mythology. Hercules. Ares.

Weekly book. 8 pages. Free. Ten pages total. One ad and credits. First week free. Fourth week collected. $5.

One a week free. Can get free preview and buy last month's collected. More incentive for people to give away. Hit magazine stands again. NYC as feature will help spread the word.

Shang-Chi - Asian Mythology
Ka-Zar - High Evolutionary
Speedball - Anti-Anti Hero comics
Slapstick - Spoof of Marvel Icons

Flash - Phil. Science. Quantum mechanics.
Superman - Burnham. Sociology. Personality templates.

Mercury University - Doug. School. Heroic Journey.
Kid Eternity -


Personal Project.
Superhero Dating.

Script Riffing.
Warren Ellis.
Alan Moore.
Garth Ennis.
Brian Bendis.

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