Thursday, February 19, 2009

TWENTYSIX: Superman, Save Their Minds

"Hey man, let me tell you, the isn't a place. It's a state of mind."

Thrust slid through the air as though soaring through zero gravity. Magnetic pulsar sheen shimmered in his wake as he tore down the city streets. His glowing red converse came down to the ground in a slo-mo warp, and with a subtle push off the pavement he skipped across our simulated world. Twisting and turning in a high-velocity spin, he slams his fist, now resonating with thundering force, into the robot's midsection.

"The key to superpowers is all in your mind. The entire fabric of reality and the myriad of dimensions exist simultaneously in the same exact location, only separated by the alternating vibrations of god's voice. Change your wavelength for mental elevation, trigger your meta-evolution."

The other robots quickly adapted to Thrust's speed. Their internal mechanisms were powered by the Atomic Perceptual Motion Machines which sat firmly planted in their chest cavity. These wicked machinations helped the machines expand their reach into the very Wonderverse itself.

Thrust quantum-slid across the magnetic fields, flexing the very bonds that held reality together. Time and space became space in time and before the robots could register it, the charcoal glow of his crimson sneakers had sliced through the atomic symbol stamped upon their chest plates.

He landed with a delicate and soundless drop into a tight crouch. His eyes glowed bright white from behind his aviator sunglasses, flashing outwards in pulses. Above and behind, springs and levers ticked, tocked, and suddenly sprung forth in a violent spray of oil and gears.

"Take your illusion and make it real. Feel that twang against your horn of light, protruding from your third eye, and running divine energies down into the reservoir at the base of your lizard brain, deep into your spine."

The sunglasses whipped off and sparking, milky light erased another robot from existence. The glasses returned to his face without his pupils being exposed for a millisecond. A quiet flopped upon the scene, freezing the last of the robots in its place. Motionless, it struggled with the impossibility of its seemingly defunct state.

Thrust stood up and stretched out his back. He drew several deep breaths, filling his lungs with fresh oxygen before speaking again.

"Rise to the SuperEgo and unite the ID. Only you can do it. And its so much easier with superpowers."

Thrust was gone in an instant, leaving behind a human-shaped crackling warble in the dead center of the robots chest.

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