Thursday, February 19, 2009

TWENTYSIX: Run For Your Life

"For Christ's sake Artemis, just drop it! Let me track Velocity Girl on my own, please!"

I dropped and rotated through a multitude of realities until I found this one. I don't mean to run away from our fights but I just can't stand it anymore. I'm sitting in silence as she drones on and on about some nonsense that can't possibly apply to me. I'm a goddamn hero honey. No, no, please let me wash the dishes while a universe perishes under the might of Sol, the Sun God.

Soaring straight, and up, I look for another reality, one with a bit more pep.

"You can't run forever Raptor! That's my job!" Great. Now she's flying off into the night sky and I can't even get a word in edge-wise. Sometimes this whole thing just seems impossible.

Reminds me of Eve Impossible. Beneath all her disguises and gadgets there was no discernable personality, just a daddy's girl, eager to please.

Vibrating inwards I land on the WorldCycle and lose myself in shot after shot of carbonated quantum particles. This go-round she's the bartender and I can see she's preparing the 'you're-cut-off' speech.

Omniman materialized as he molecularily collided with the empty space next to me at the bar, possibly drawn by the vapors of my dimensional wake.

"Omniman! Now there's a motherfucker who knows what he's doing."

I shot my arm out towards the bartender, pointing wildly in her direction. "This bastard saves every single one of us every moment of every day, and not ONE goddamn complaint. Fucking hell mate!"

Omniman stood silently on the edge of my mind, blurry yet stoic.

"I'm not Omniman. I'm you."

I wiped the quasars from my eyes and saw myself for the first time.

"You've spent your life running. Ducking and dodging the beam. You kept shifting away from us for so long that you lost touch with those around you, lad. Come back to us. Run towards something."

My eyes raced around the scene examining it molecule by molecule, picking up every proverbial stone and looking under.

"What is going on?"

The light caught me unawares and slapped me in my frontal lobe, smooshing it inwards and then snapping again forward, sprouting out a Unicorn's horn, dripping off into the ether as a single, solitary drop.

I landed in her arms, the cold desert air around us. She was cradling my head as we sat upon the sand. The air was crisp as it chilled the warm earth beneath us.

"Don't worry baby. I've got you. Come back to me."

The sun blazed defiantly behind us, Ayer's rock doing its best to eclipse it's power. Before us lies the moon, reflecting like a silver puddle shimmering in the dusky horizon.

"It's the drugs baby, not you. You can beat this."

Her words came into focus and my superheroic exploits blurred around my mind. I had found my way home.

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