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Star Wars: Jedi Battle Old School Script

Page 1
PANEL 1- Wide shot to show the entire city of a high tech futuristic world and atop a huge silver skyscraper (Even the flying cars don’t go this high) stand two men.

PANEL 2- Zoom in. One dressed in a dark cloak (Mal-Zey Kahnn) the other (Meh-Ran Kahnn) in his Jedi robes.

PANEL 3- Zoom in close behind Meh-Ran Kahnn. Shot from his waist with his lightsaber in the foreground and Mal-Zey Kahnn in the background. Both men hold unignited lightsabers in their hands.

PANEL 4- Similar shot from Meh-Ran Kahnn’s waist.

Page 2
PANEL 1- Shot of Meh-Ran Kahnn. A look of grim determination on his face.

MEH-RAN: Mal-Zey Kahnn! For atrocities committed against your kin and clan…

PANEL 2- Opposite of panel 1 shot of Mal-Zey Kahnn. Mal-Zey grins menacingly from beneath his hood. His smile is the only thing visible, and barely.

MAL-ZEY: What clan? They’re all dead…

PANEL 3- Back to Panel 1 shot of Meh-Ran.

MEH-RAN: And by the authority of the Jedi Council…

PANEL 4- Same as Panel 2.

MAL-ZEY: Don’t make me laugh. I know full well that they no longer support your vengeance-fueled quest to bring me in. Something about your methods…

PANEL 5- Same as panel 1 but now Meh-Ran is getting enraged.

MEH-RAN: I ORDER you to lay down your lightsaber and surrender yourself!

PANEL 6- Same as panel 2 but now with one hand Mal-Zey is pulling back the hood of his cloak.

MAL-ZEY: That’s not what you really want…you want to pry it from my cold, dead fingers…tell me, am I right…

Page 3
PANEL 1- Big panel shot of Mal-Zey with his hood thrown back. He looks almost identical to Meh-Ran with tribal tattoos around his eyes.

MAL-ZEY: Brother?

PANEL 2- Meh-Ran still enraged even further.


PANEL 3- Wide shot similar to page 1 panel 3, pulled back just a bit to see Meh-Ran’s lightsaber ignite.

PANEL 4- Wide shot similar to page 1 panel 4, pulled back to see Mal-Zey’s lightsaber ignite as well.

Page 4
PANEL 1- Meh-Ran charges swinging his lightsaber.

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey raises his lightsaber before him, but otherwise stands unmoving.

PANEL 3- Meh-Ran slams his lightsaber down and Mal-Zey blocks it. This should be a huge panel. Emphasis on the sparks between their lightsabers.

Page 5
Short but fluid shots to give that quick kung fu quality of a lightsaber duel.

PANEL 1- Mal-Zey pushes Meh-Ran back a few steps.

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey whips his lightsaber around and goes for a side shot.

PANEL 3- Meh-Ran swings his lightsaber down and blocks it.

PANEL 4- Meh-Ran whips his lightsaber up and swings for Mal-Zey’s neck. Mal-Zey’s lightsaber shoots up and blocks.

PANEL 5- Meh-Ran swings his lightsaber around tries the same attack from the other side.

PANEL 6- Mal-Zey blocks, knocking Meh-Ran’s lightsaber wide.

Page 6
More short, quick, and fluid shots.

PANEL 1- Mal-Zey thrusting his lightsaber, Meh-Ran flipping to the side.

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey slams his lightsaber down and Meh-Ran backflips, barely avoiding it.

PANEL 3- Meh-Ran leaps with an upward thrust meant for Mal-Zey’s head.

PANEL 4- Mal-Zey ducks and spins around and swings his lightsaber in an upward stroke just missing Meh-Ran and slicing some antennae and various arrays in half.

PANEL 5- Meh-Ran brings his lightsaber around and swings low. Mal-Zey leaps in the air.

PANEL 6- Mal-Zey lands atop a large rectangular device (like the massive air conditioners on top of buildings in NYC).

Page 7
PANEL 1- Meh-Ran stabs his lightsaber into the massive machine.

PANEL 2- Meh-Ran leaps into the air ripping the machine in two. Mal-Zey forward flips over Meh-Ran’s lightsaber’s arc.

PANEL 3- Mal-Zey lands in a defensive crouch with his back slightly turned towards Meh-Ran.

MAL-ZEY: Not bad, brother! If you fought like this back then maybe that wife and runt of yours would still be alive.

PANEL 4- Meh-Ran has lost it. A berserker fury has taken over. He runs at Mal-Zey.

PANEL 5- The lightsabers slam together sparking.
PANEL 6- Mal-Zey leans in close as they are pushing against each other’s lightsaber.

MAL-ZEY: That’s it brother, use that rage! Only by embracing the Dark Side will you destroy me!

Page 8
More fast and furious panels.

PANEL 1,2,3,4,5,6- Meh-Ran swings his lightsaber around. Meh-Ran lets loose with a barrage of strong blows. Mal-Zey blocks most with no problem, but the last few get a little closer than he’d like. Mal-Zey is backing up, the edge of the building is getting closer. The winds are getting fiercer as well.

Page 9
PANEL 1- Mal-Zey is blocking and looking a little nervous. He’s very close to the edge.

MEH-RAN: What’s the matter, brother?

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey is right on the edge now.

MEH-RAN: May your soulself burn in the Eternal Fires of Saizu!

PANEL 3- Meh-Ran swings his lightsaber down about to cut Mal-Zey down, or at least knock him from the building.

PANEL 4- Mal-Zey dives and rolls to Meh-Ran’s left.

PANEL 5- Meh-Ran is in mid arc as Mal-Zey brings his lightsaber around. He is aiming for Meh-Ran’s forearm.

Page 10
PANEL 1- Huge panel of Meh-Ran’s lightsaber arm being sliced in two by the elbow. Meh-Ran is holding back the pain.

PANEL 2- Shot close up of Meh-Ran’s arm holding the lightsaber as it plummets over the side of the building. It should be miles upon miles to the ground. We shouldn’t even see the ground.

PANEL 3- Close up of Meh-Ran’s face. Pain, rage, and fear.

PANEL 4- Shot of Mal-Zey with his lightsaber still ignited, chuckling to himself.

PANEL 5- Shot of the arm and lightsaber a little further than before.

PANEL 6- Full shot of Meh-Ran turning to his right to face Mal-Zey. He is extending his left arm.

Page 11
PANEL 1- Shot of the lightsaber being ripped free from Meh-Ran’s lost arm and flying through the air.

PANEL 2- Shot of Mal-Zey chuckling again, with his lightsaber raised about to strike.

PANEL 3- Close shot of Meh-Ran’s lightsaber flying up into his left hand.

PANEL 4- Huge panel of Meh-Ran slicing a gash across Mal-Zey’s chest. Mal-Zey is very surprised, to say the least.

Page 12
PANEL 1- Mal-Zey looks up and he is pissed off. But he is also smirking.
MAL-ZEY: My, my, brother…I didn’t know you had it in you to be so…brutal. I like it.

PANEL 2- Meh-Ran readies for another strike to end this.

PANEL 3- Mal-Zey throws his hand forward.

PANEL 4- Meh-Ran is slammed backwards off the side of the building.

PANEL 5- Downwards shot of Meh-Ran falling backwards.

PANEL 6- Mal-Zey readies himself and leaps off the side off the building.


Page 13
PANEL 1- Mal-Zey drops through the air feet first, streamlining his body, to catch up to Meh-Ran. Lightsaber still ignited.

PANEL 2- Side shot of Meh-Ran flailing through the air and Mal-Zey catching up as they plummet down the building past domed catwalks filled with surprised onlookers.

PANEL 3- Mal-Zey turns his body to catch the wind to slow himself, and attacks with his lightsaber.

PANEL 4- Meh-Ran blocks the blow with his lightsaber.

PANEL 5- The two men spin through the air while swinging their lightsabers wildly, blocking each other’s shots.

PANEL 6- Meh-Ran whips himself backward through the air.

Page 14
PANEL 1- Meh-Ran and Mal-Zey just miss a domed catwalk, each of them passing on either side.

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey leans forward, shooting towards Meh-Ran, lightsaber stretched forward.

PANEL 3- Meh-Ran curls up and spins over Mal-Zey’s head.

PANEL 4- Meh-Ran uncurls, and lashes out with his lightsaber, Mal-Zey blocks.

PANEL 5- Meh-Ran shoots his hand out, while still gripping his lightsaber.

PANEL 6- Mal-Zey slams against the building, letting out a loud “Ooomph!”

Page 15
PANEL 1- Meh-Ran then points and shoots his hand upwards.

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey is still woozy from the hit against the building. His lightsaber gets yanked free from his hand and flies upward.

PANEL 3- Meh-Ran moves in close and grabs Mal-Zey. Meh-Ran holds his lightsaber just inches from Mal-Zey.

MEH-RAN: I will have my revenge before I die!

PANEL 4- Meh-Ran about to strike, suddenly looks very surprised, as does Mal-Zey.
Page 16
PANEL 1- Side shot of the two slamming into a passing flying car.

PANEL 2- The car is big enough so they didn’t damage it too bad, they just smashed into the roof. It stops flying and hovers.

PANEL 3- The two men are very woozy but are getting to their feet. An alien pops out of the roof hatch.

PANEL 4- Shot of the alien. He looks pissed off.

PANEL 5- Shot of the two men from the alien’s POV. They are broken, battered, and beaten and look very, very pissed off too.

PANEL 6- The alien mocking a whistle goes back into the hatch, sealing it behind him.

Page 17
PANEL 1- Meh-Ran turns back to Mal-Zey. He reignites his lightsaber and begins walking towards Mal-Zey. Mal-Zey is looking up, discretely.

MEH-RAN: Now, I finish this.

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey holds his hand out.

PANEL 3- Shot of Mal-Zey’s lightsaber falling through the air.

PANEL 4- Huge panel of Mal-Zey, who, in one fluid motion caught his lightsaber and blocks Meh-Ran’s strike.

Page 18
PANEL 1,2,3,4,5,- Various shots of the lightsaber duel continuing atop the hovering car. Fast, furious, and just nasty fighting.

PANEL 6- Mal-Zey tackles Meh-Ran and they drop off the car.

Page 19
PANEL 1- Meh-Ran is struggling with Mal-Zey as they fall.

PANEL 2- They continue to struggle as a catwalk is approaching fast.

PANEL 3- Big panel of them smashing through the roof and hitting the catwalk. No one is on this catwalk. Meh-Ran takes the brunt of the fall.

PANEL 4- The two men lay there unable to move for the moment.

Page 20
PANEL 1- Mal-Zey is scrambling as he lays flat against the ground for Meh-Ran’s lightsaber, which is just out of his reach. Meh-Ran sees what he is reaching for and pulls him back by his leg.

PANEL 2- Mal-Zey is crawling towards it and Meh-Ran is dragging himself along using Mal-Zey’s robes.

PANEL 3- Closer and closer. Mal-Zey’s fingers are an inch away. Meh-Ran is almost lying next to Mal-Zey.

PANEL 4- Mal-Zey grips the lightsaber. Meh-Ran grabs Mal-Zey around the neck.

PANEL 5- Shot of the lightsaber igniting.

PANEL 6- Shot of a manic Meh-Ran as he SNAPS Mal-Zey’s neck.

Page 21
PANEL 1- Big panel of Meh-Ran pushing himself to his feet. The Mal-Zey corpse lies at his feet.

PANEL 2- Shot of Meh-Ran looking solemn and remorseful.

MEH-RAN: What have I done brother? What have I become? I am the true tragedy of our clan. I have let our legacy die in disgrace and hatred.

PANEL 3- Meh-Ran picks up his lightsaber.

MEH-RAN: Forgive me my clan, forgive me Meh-Li, Meh-Bya…

PANEL 4- Meh-Ran looks distantly at Mal-Zey’s body.

MEH-RAN: Forgive me brother…I’m sorry I wasn’t able to save you this time.

PANEL 5- Meh-Ran drops to his knees, lightsaber in hand.

Meh-Ran: May Tensou have mercy on my soulself.

Page 22
PANEL 1- Half page close shot of Meh-Ran driving his lightsaber into his stomach.

PANEL 2- The rest of the page is a far shot of the catwalk, centered on Meh-Ran lying dead on his side, next to Mal-Zey. Lightsaber unignited.

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