Thursday, February 19, 2009

the end is beginning to start to finish

And now there's a movement and gathering of confluent forces forcing me ever forward. The other ones are won and then what is left is right and mighty. Run on, hide and see that now is dropping from the face of the earth and forever cascades into upwardly mobile crystallization.

This science is not nonsense, but it screams so wrong at me. It howls at me til the skin is windsheared from the muscle and the muscle torn from the bone. Why does the universe scorch my skull?

A speeding soaring solitary confinement as the guiding mind of masses, spinning, twisting, looping around in my fractal whirlwind wake. They whip around ricocheting off the sublime confines of their spaceship selves.

The captain engages the autopilot and steps back from behind the curtain. He casually whistles and snags a coffee. A wink and a nod at the flirty stewardesses as he strolls down the aisle. He's floating forward in slo-mo cool molasses as his ass makes its way down, down, down.

The passengers are molecularily vaporized and rematerialized in fluctuating prime number sequences pulsing and pulsating the pounding beat of the sweet night. Their faces are snapshots of happiness and blurs of pain. Moody hues rippling the gaps of their captured, frozen in time smiles.

Interstellar psychology never covered this. None of the manuals or training covered the actualization that these poor souls are the banshees of space, crying lonely eternal sighs into neverever. And it's all my fault.

It was my call. My choice. Decision. Fault. Condemn and send the condolences to my former address. The mail there all gets consumed in the flames of my jetstream as I fly this mean bastard around and through and collapsed into.

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